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    What does that mean?
  2. Fortanono

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    So... a new biome, a new weather event, an upgrade to a Moon Lord tier weapon...

    Why don't you just call it 1.4? I mean, it'll make the trolls less mad about the time it's taking. There seems to be enough content to justify it as well! Super excited.
  3. InstaFiz

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    It means:
    If Red of all people, someone who rarely speaks on this forum, made an announcement about 1.3.6, then is it a sign of the update being close to release?

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    Oh! I hope it comes around Christmas time!
  5. thatmagicstore

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    ...or you know... BEFORE THEN!? Cause that would just be sweet.
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    Yeah. But if it where around christmas, it'd be like a present.
    Still though, im fine if it comes out early.
  7. TheWorfer27

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    Sorry to block swap your bubble, but it's not coming this year unless Chippy is lying to us all
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  8. InstaFiz

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    Hey, I was just clarifying what someone else said. I’m not sure when it’s coming out, but I’m not gonna assume anything.
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    *Echo* oh.
  10. Daniel16

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    I love the Oasis.It would be cool to see some new fish,Maybe a sand fish that can be used to make a potion to see through the sand storm.
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  11. Samaldafadra

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    I agree SO MUCH with your statement :)
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  12. Proto Persona

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    Chippy is not an official source of information. Unless he has some official source of information then he is just going off of rumors, same as everyone else.
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  13. InstaFiz

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    To be honest, I wouldn’t call it 1.4.
    So far, this update just brings some new minor stuff to the table. Nothing game changing. 1.3 was a complete, awesome revamp, with hundreds and hundreds of new stuff. That, my friend, was game changing.
    For 1.4, I’d say it would have to be almost as big as 1.3. It was already confirmed to bring creative mode, in fact.
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  14. Sigma90

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    It'll either be early November or sometime next year. Re-Logic will understandably want a break over Christmas. They won't drop a release right before Christmas in case there are bugs that require urgent attention. Early November gives them a bit of time to squish the showstoppers before they have a break.

    Again, this is just my thoughts and is not official nor confirmed. :)
  15. Ilmarinen

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    That's been my experience too. Generally if Relogic doesn't release an update by late October then it'll be some time early after the first of the year. The only two exceptions that I can think of were the two Christmas themed updates.
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    What's this ? :dryadwhat:
    Sans titre.png

    edit: That MIGHT be a scorpion, but I'm unsure
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  17. Ilmarinen

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    It's clearly a rubber chicken resting on that small cactus.
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  18. Necrius

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    Scorpion for sure.
  19. Proto Persona

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  20. Incinerate

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    I lived to see REDIGIT reappear and announce a new biome.
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