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The next large update is coming... soon... I hope...

This mod is still largely unfinished and was originally built privately and without regard to stolen artwork or code. I scanned the files to remove stolen artwork, but I may have missed something. If you see any artwork or code that originally belonged to you and wish to see it removed, please contact me on the forums or at my discord (OpticalStarline#7662), and they will be removed immidiately.

The Odds and Ends mod is a primarily content-focused mod that is balanced with vanilla Terraria. It, to my knowledge, does not have interference with any other mods. The Odds and Ends mod includes a post moon lord "Ultrahardmode", which is largely unfinished. It also contains an extension for the Throwing class, giving it more weapons and armor to make it more viable during the game, some bosses, a few custom prefixes, and a bunch of different items and weapons.

Items include:
- 10 armor sets
- 92 weapons
- An item allowing for control of the time of the day
- Biome specific hard mode souls
- Unique boss drops

- 217 total items

NPCs include:
- 8 bosses
- 1 miniboss
- 15 UltraHardmode NPCs

- 52 total NPCs



Mutater - Spriter

A special thanks should go to:

Jopojelly - for helping solve my stupid mistakes.
Direwolf420 - for doing much the same as jopojelly.
Dark;light - for being one of the most tolerant people on the TModloader discord for my dumb mistakes.
Everyone on the closed beta server - for letting me know how much work had to be done.
Blahblahbal, Zoodletec, and Laugic - for inspiring me
W1k - for being a cool dude and helping me figure out boss ai.

Please Check out the discord: Join the Odds and Ends Mod Discord Server!

Physical mod download: Unavailable (Mod has returned again to closed beta testing. If you would like a beta please contact me on discord)

Feel free to give feedback either on the discord above or the thread below.
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The v0.0.3.2 Update will be coming soon, most likely by the end of the break! As well as bug fixes, there is also an expansion to Ultrahardmode, adding a more definite progression and a bunch of new monsters and items. A few sprites are also gonna be added! For now, I leave you with a preview...


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With even more time comes even more progress. Mutater has been putting lots of hard work into the mod, and it's well on its way to be released to the public soon!
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