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The One Game-One Song Project


Skeletron Prime
TL;DR: Comment a song that you like from a game that could replace a song from terraria and it may be added to this pack

"What the hell is this exactly?"
For some time i've been tinkering with the idea of a resource pack that has music from many games, but with the distinct rule of only having ONE per game as to include the biggest amount of titles possible. I've progressed very slowly by adding a song every now and then.

There are 2 issues, however:
1: Texture packs can't change game songs, only sounds, this is rather easy to overcome but it means that installing the pack takes a bit more effort.
2: It's hard to choose just from memory.

"Cool and all, but what do you want?"
So with this post i want to address the second one, i'd be thankful if ppl could comment some good songs that fit the theme of already existing songs in the game and could work as a replacement, remember, only ONE per game (you can post more than one if they are from different games, but, you know, don't spam). Also, point out any mistakes like missing songs for no apparent reason or missplaced links, etc.

"Then, what happens after the song is submitted, how are songs chosen?"
This will work in Drafts, once all songs are replaced the first draft will be out, then once more songs are replaced another one will be made, and so on.

If 2 suggestions conflict with each other, either because they target the same Terraria track or because they are from the same game, a poll is made to decide the winner, even then, the losing track can always be part of a future draft.

Finally, songs may still require some back and fort to be decided, songs with lyrics are unlikely to fit the game, and something that of the hard metal genre wouldn't be suitable for, let's say, Ocean Day's song. So it's mostly common sense, but don't be discouraged to post one you like, there's no penalty for posting unfitting songs.
Songs from the same series but different game will be polled and given an third option to accept both (maximum of 2 per series allowed). Songs from the same brand but that are wildly different in genre will not count towards the series limit, within reason.

REMINDER: The songs in the draft are the songs that came in first for that spot, you can still submit songs for that spot, songs without anything after their name don't have any candidates.

- Click here for the wiki where there is a list of the songs and what they are used for

Expand below for the active polls, they are time sensitive so it is recommended to check often.
  • <Nothing here rn>
  1. Overworld Night > Under Cover of Night - Halo
  2. Eerie > Acres of Broken Glass - Portal 2
  3. Overworld Day
  4. Boss 1 > Come On - Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga
  5. Title Classic > My Burden is Light - Oneshot
  6. Jungle Day > The Waters Cleansed - Ori and the Blind Forest
  7. Corruption
  8. Hallow > Trailer Theme - Dweller's Empty Path
  9. Underground Corruption > Ripple Star Catacombs - Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards
  10. Underground Hallow > Ancient Ruins - Slime Rancher
  11. Boss 2 > Forget About Freeman - Black Mesa
  12. Underground > Mines A - Spelunky
  13. Boss 3 > Apocalypse - Axiom Verge
  14. Snow
  15. Space Night > Moonsong - Cave Story +
  16. Crimson > Chrysopoeia - Minecraft
  17. Boss 4 > mus_point_zero - Monolith
  18. Alt Overworld Day
  19. Rainy Day > Reach for the Summit - Celeste
  20. Underground Snow > Frosty Fruits - Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze
  21. Desert > Burrowing - Ori and the Will of the Wisps
  22. Ocean Day
  23. Dungeon > The Crypt - Dead Cells
  24. Plantera > Gut Punch - Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass
  25. Boss 5 > Oh No! WASPS!! - Bug Fables
  26. Temple
  27. Eclipse > Your Consenting Mind - Spooky's House of Jumpscares
  28. Rain sound effect¿?
  29. Mushrooms > Daddy Long-Leg's Surprise - Noita
  30. Pumpkin Moon
  31. Alt Underground > Endure - Himno
  32. Frost Moon > Olaf's Theme - Advance Wars 2: Blackhole Rising
  33. Underground Crimson
  34. Lunar Event > Thermodynamic Equilibrium - Risk of Rain 2
  35. Pirate Invasion > Guardian of the Mask - Rayman 2
  36. Hell > Into Sandy's City - Doom II
  37. Martian Madness > Meltdown - Madness: Project Nexus
  38. Moon Lord > Ultra Necrozuma Battle Music - Pokemon UltraSun & UltraMoon
  39. Goblin Invasion > Rhino Rampage - Spider-Man: Miles Morales
  40. Sandstorm > Main Menu - Brawl Stars (5:33)
  41. Old Ones Army
  42. Space Day > Nutty Noon - Kirby's Return to Dreamland
  43. Ocean Night > Cavi Cape - Mario & Luigi Bowser's Inside Story
  44. Windy Day
  45. Wind sound effect¿?
  46. Town Day > Home - Undertale
  47. Town Night > Greenpath - Hollow Knight
  48. Slime Rain
  49. Overworld Day Remix
  50. Title Intro Journeys End
  51. Title Journeys End
  52. Storm
  53. Graveyard > Hot Demon Man - Escaped Chasm
  54. Underground Jungle
  55. Jungle Night
  56. Queen Slime
  57. Empress of Light > Collapsing Time Rift - A Hat in Time
  58. Duke Fishron > Main Menu Theme - Just Cause 3
  59. Morning Rain
  60. Title Console >
  61. Underground Desert > Don't Play the Flame Game - Ark: Scorched Earth
  62. Otherworld Rain
  63. Otherworld Overworld Day
  64. Otherworld Overworld Night
  65. Otherworld Undeground
  66. Otherworld Desert
  67. Otherworld Ocean
  68. Otherworld Mushrooms
  69. Otherworld Dungeon
  70. Otherworld Space > Apotheosis - Journey
  71. Otherworld Hell > Duress - The Binding of Isaac Rebirth
  72. Otherworld Snow
  73. Otherworld Corruption
  74. Otherworld Underground Corruption
  75. Otherworld Crimson
  76. Otherworld Underground Crimson
  77. Otherworld Underground Snow
  78. Otherworld Underground Hallow
  79. Otherworld Eerie
  80. Otherworld Boss 2 > Death Match With Thorna - Xenoblade Chronicles 2
  81. Otherworld Boss 1
  82. Otherworld Invasion
  83. Otherworld Lunar Event
  84. Otherworld Moon Lord > Big Arm - Sonic Generations
  85. Otherworld Plantera > Rip & Tear - Doom (2016)
  86. Otherworld Jungle
  87. Otherworld Wall of Flesh > Dharkon - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
  88. Otherworld Hallow > Nameless Song - Dark Souls
  89. Unknown >
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The Destroyer
This should replace the main menu’s song(both menus the new one and old one) I mean this is a pretty good song and think it brings some very adventurous vibes... to me anyways


Skeletron Prime

For Space, day or night
Since there is already another kirby song, i'll make a special poll to allow including both songs, since they aren't form the same game.
Since the objective of this project is representation, putting 2 songs from the same series isn't the most efficient way to do things, but the poll will have an option to accept both regardless

Derpling Ω

My current custom wavebank uses this as it's Dungeon theme and it works super well. The whispering and overall dark tone of it feels made for the dungeon (and even the area it originally plays in in Dead Cells has vibes of the Terraria Dungeon as well):

And this is what I use for Boss 4 (Golem/Cultist). I picked it because it sounds fast paced without really sounding like a finale theme and the compressed vocals also really give the sound of a ritualistic boss fight (which both of those bosses are):

And this is what I use for Boss 3 (Destroyer/Brain/Torch God/Frost Legion). It suits the Destroyer perfectly with the sirens in the first few seconds and overall droning mechanical sound it has. It also works well for the other three bosses/events Boss 3 plays in, too:
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Eater of Worlds
This one conflicts with a previous submition, but there's already a poll in progress so it will be put on hold atm.
I have to look for a better solution that these polls since i can only do one at the time.
I don't understand, they are two seperate games.


Skeletron Prime
I don't understand, they are two seperate games.
Yes, i updated the description, since the project's objective is to represent multiple games, avoiding multiple songs from the same series would be for the better
HOWEVER, the poll will have a 3rd option to include both if people so choose.
This is just so we don't have many songs of the same style, since there wouldn't be much point to making it one song per game if just the title's difference is enough to count as a different source.

But yeah, both will be allowed if people vote for that option, idk if more of the series will be allowed tho and i may just cap it at 2 or 3 per series, we'll see down the road if this becomes an issue or not
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