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The One Game-One Song Project


Official Terrarian
This song fits well for the Underground imo. I know there's already two candidates but I'll leave it here anyway.


Skeletron Prime
This song fits well for the Underground imo. I know there's already two candidates but I'll leave it here anyway.
np, i might submit the loosing submition myself for another (candidate free) variant of the underground since both are pretty good
ALSO, there are 2 minecraft related candidates, but just like i did with Mario, i won't be counting it since they are VERY different games

Derpling Ω

Queen Slime candidate:
I know we already have two mario related songs but the Paper Mario series is different enough that I feel like it might be worthy of an exception (especially this particular entry as it's musical style is pretty unique and it's highly unlikely anyone else will pick it due to how... unpopular it was)

I picked this song because it just sounds like a slime theme due the bizarre and silly selection of instruments they used but also sounds serious enough for a boss which can potentially stomp you into the ground with pure chaos.

Windy Day candidate:
I'll be honest, I'm not sure why I picked this one. It might be a bit too... tranquil and eerie for a windy day theme? But something about it does work. I'm not sure how to really describe it. I didn't use this in my personal wavebank so I can't say how well it suits the event ingame.
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Back with a few more ideas.

For Underground Crimson, I pick "Curse Zone" from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. It captures the eerie, unnatural and horrifying tone of the Crimson.

Old One's Army can be "Blue Skies and a Battle" from Fire Emblem: Three Houses. A big battle song that isn't too dramatic.

Lastly "Slot Machine" from Star Fox is my candidate for Slime Rain. It's the kind of goofy, nonsensical song that fits for this event. Maybe too goofy but whatever.



This could be surface Corruption, even though it has a theme more befitting of a boss. (Though, I was also thinking of it being Boss 3, but i haven't heard Apocalypse so I won’t try to contest it with instrumental Thorns yet.)
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