The Passing of an Icon: Leinfors


Oh that's awful... I only know him as the guy who changed some stuff in Terraria but I'm sure he had a huge influence on many people. Very sorry to hear this


Rest in peace :(
I don't think I ever interacted with Leinfors, but I loved watching all of their interactions with the Terraria community. Thanks for all that they have done, and thanks for helping developing one of the greatest games of all time. Always be nice to each other <3


Leinfors was always interacting with fans and willing to help, and you could see that here. A very sad and shocking announcement.


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It's pretty devastating to hear that a member, a well known member of the Re-Logic Team has unfortunately passed away. He was really well known throughout the Terraria Community, so much so that the community appreciated him. But unfortunately, his time had came too soon. Rest In Peace Jason, may you fly high and rest peacefully. My prayers go out to his family. 🙏

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My condolences to all of his friends and family. I never talked to Leinfors, but I always smiled whenever I saw him around. He was such a bright person, and did so much for the game and community. He truly loved this game, and his passion shined. May he rest easy, he'll have an ever-lasting impact on the game and community alike--a very, very positive one.



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Rest in peace Leinfors and thank you for everything, the forums will never be the same without you.
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