The Passing of an Icon: Leinfors

I can't even remember the last time I logged into this account but I had to. Leinfofs thank you so much for helping develop this wonderful game and thank yoi for being such a kind and wonderful person. May you rest in peace and your family find strength.
Whenever you needed a friendly word or a perfectly placed joke to cut the tension, Lein was there. If you ever needed support and to feel like you had a friend in your corner, Lein was there. When the great debate arose, again and again, whether chicken nuggs required sauce or what the best drink at Taco Bell was, Lein was always there.

It’s so hard to comprehend that he won’t be there anymore.

I will miss you Lein. I hope your heaven is purple and black, has zero lettuce, but tons of Baja Blast Zero, and filled with the knowledge that you have impacted so many people positively.
I guess I may as well ask now, since it may help to know, and it seems nobody else has brought it up.
What came about to cause Leinfors's death? Or is it unknown?
this is actually sad. But how in the absolute hell did a 40 year old die? I'm very curious, but I respect privacy; so I shall leave my curiosity to question. And now, we shall put our F's in the chat for him.
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There will be no State of the Game this month. It was scheduled to go live today, but obviously, this is not the time. We will fill everyone in on what's going on next month. Please feel free to ask any questions, share memories of Leinfors, or just to grieve together here in this thread.

We love you all - thanks for your support in this devastating time.​
Thank you for letting all of us be informed about this misfortune. I may not know Jason personally, but as a family of Re-Logic, he will be missed dearly. You have my moment of silence and grief for him and my wishing for happier times to come soon to all his loved ones.

With much love...
Oh man, does this hurt. I wish him well for sure. You, your team, and Jason's Family should take their time and mourn. I wish him well in the afterlife, may he rest in peace.
F's in the chat for him; i bet he's the reason behind the Cobalt Naginata buff, which i honor heavily.
I hope he's in the Omega VIP section of heaven.
rest in peace leinfors, even though my only interaction with you is when I suggested adding a dyable hair dye slot, it was nice knowing your impact on this game :)
i don’t remember having any interactions with Leinfors when I was more active on the forums, but I do remember seeing him around, and I remember thinking he seemed like a rlly cool, chill dude who put a lot of value on treating the people around him with kindness. that says a lot about the kind of person he was to me.

Even though I never knew him personally, im saddened by this loss. TCF definitely won’t be the same without him.
the care and dedication that he put into his work on terraria and in the community will not be forgotten.

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