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Sprites The Passion - a land of love and sweetness.

Danny Ω

The Destroyer
Say hello to the Hallow alt to go with the Wicked, which is, the Passion! Today is a fitting day to release this, as it is Singles Valentine Day.
themes: love, passion, hearts, and (fire, slightly)
colors: purple, pink, red, orange

Blocks & others
Violet Ice Block.png
Violet Ice BlockPink Ice Block
Love Grass.png
Passion GrassHallow Grass
Love Seeds.png
Love SeedsSpreads the Passion
Violet Solution.png
Violet SolutionSpreads the Passion
Placed Minerose -  Right.png
Placed Minerose - Up.png
Placed Minerose - Down.png
Placed Minerose -  Left.png
MineroseFound growing on the surface and below in the Passion.

All underground enemies drop
Love Piece.png
Love pieces.
SpriteNameNotesDropsHealthDamageDefenseKB ResistAISpawn conditions
Redbreastian Plume.png
Redbreastian Plume, Megaphone, Fast Clock
170401845%VultureSurface (Day)
(THE SPRITE must be here to
show full size.
Hippocampus sCALE.png
Hippocampus Scale
420 blaze it692565%UnicornSurface
Love Bug.png
Love BugCritter.
(when bug netted)
5000FireflySurface (Day)
Passionate Repeater
Possessed enemy. Fires phasing arrows.
Nazar.200402048%Repeater (described in notes)Underground
Prince CharmingPrince's Sword (10%), Aurora's Crown (0.2%)570 (150+420)252295%Unicorn -> Fighter (you need to kill his hippocampus steed)Night
Love Wurm Head.png
Love WurmNone.25050 (head), 20 (body) 26 (tail)8, 15, 9100%WormUnderground
Cupid Cloth.png
Cupid Cloth (12.5%)
150201085%Cupid (flying+shoots on intervals)Night & Rain
Passion MimicWIP.3500903490%Biome MimicUnderground

Redbreastian Plume.png

Redbreastian Plume
Pixie Dust of the Passion.

Hippocampus sCALE.png

Hippocampus Scale
Unicorn Horn of the Passion.


Crystal Shards of the Passion.

Love Piece.png

Love Piece
Soul of Light of the Passion.

Cupid Cloth.png

Cupid Cloth
Special crafting material which will soon have some recipes.

Passionate Water.png

Passionate Water
Spreads the Passion
Crafted from 10
Bottled Water, 2
Redbreastian Plume.png
Redbreastian Plumes, 1
Love Seeds.png
Love Seed.


Summons a redbreast light pet

Redbreast Wings.png

Redbreast Wings
Time: 2.22
Height: 70
Speed bonus: 115%

Cupid's Arrow.png

Cupid's Arrow
Damage: 15
Knockback: 1.5
Velocity: 5
Causes a heart bomb to fall from the sky. It travels at 20% less speed than holy stars, but deals 25% more damage than them.

Rose' Thorns.png

Rose's Thorns
Damage: 29
Knockback: 3.5
Mana: 6
Use time: 11
Velocity: 15
Shoots rose thorns, which latch unto enemies and inflict Bleeding for 11 seconds.

Rosy Dart.png

Rosy Dart
Damage: 14
Knockback: 4
Velocity: 5
Unaffected by gravity, homes in on the enemy.


Damage: 42
Knockback: 2.5
Crit chance: 4%
Use time: 24
Velocity: 20

Love Bullet.png

Love Bullet
Damage: 7
Inflicts Stunned for 1.5 seconds.

Cupid's Lyre.png

Cupid's Lyre
Damage: 36
Knockback: 0.5
Mana: 6
Use time: 12
Velocity: 5
The same as the Magical Harp.


Light+dark shard item.
Damage: 51
Knockback: 0
Use time: 12
When swung, it fires two beams that travel straight forward (light) or straight backward (dark) they both infinitely pierce.

Mimic drops

Heart Roller.png

Hearty Roller
Launched Flail
Damage: 50
Knockback: 2.75
Use time: 15
Velocity: 17

Heart Cannon.png

Launches Crystal hearts. Basically a hardmode star cannon, in which if you put in the effort, you have an insane weapon.
Damage: 86
Knockback: 1.5
Critical strike chance: 10%
Use time: 12
Velocity: 18

Heart Scepter.png

Damage: 47
Knockback: 3.75
Critical strike chance: 4%
Use time: 12
Mana: 14
Hearts fall from the sky, towards the cursor.


Reach: 32
Hooks: 3
Velocity: 15

Hallowed-tier gear
Bosses drop
Loving Bars.png
Loving bars.

Chaindrill & Praxer
"Not to be confused with the Drax Axe."
Same stats

image (19).png
Damage: 60 (90)
Knockback: 3.5 (3)
Critical chance: 4%
Use time: 22 (15)
Rapidly fires hearts at the cursor, 3 every swing.

Breaking Point.png

Breaking Point
Damage: 41
Knockback: 7
Crit chance: 4%
Use time: 25
Velocity: 5.9

Passionate Repeater.png

Heart's Bow
Damage: 46
Knockback: 1.75
Crit chance: 4%
Use time: 16
Velocity: 10

Love's Wheel
Stacked to 3.
Damage: 62
Knockback: 7.75
Use time: 18
Velocity: 15

Hearty Scepter.png

Hearty Scepter
Damage: 83/50
Knockback: 1/2
Mana: 8
Use time: 15
Left click to release a single heart, which stays on the mouse pointer, beating 6 times per sec (aka the use time), and consuming mana on each beat. The sound wave travels 20 blocks away and pierces.
Right click to quick release love pulses, which home.

Composed of Mask, Helmet, and Headgear.
Defense: 48/37/30
Loving armor

Loving Mask
+15% melee damage
+8% melee speed
+6% melee critical strike chance

Loving Helmet
+14% ranged damage
+10% ranged velocity
+5% ranged critical strike chance

Loving Headgear
Increases maximum mana by 80
+17% magic damage and magic critical strike chance

Loving Chestplate
+10% damage

Loving Leggings
+5% critical strike chance
+10% movement speed
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