Official The Path Ahead: Major News Updates for Console & Mobile

Discussion in 'Mobile General Talk' started by 505Games, Jul 25, 2016.

  1. Abyss Raider

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    You guys weren't lying. That was an enormous amount to take in. It was a lot of extremely exciting stuff to take in on top of that. Thank you for sharing all of this with us!
    I'm sad to see Engine and Codeglue leaving, as I know they have put so much time and effort into this franchise as well, so I want to thank both teams for everything they have done to bring this wonderful game to the console and mobile audiences, I really love what you guys have done! :dryadpassionate: On that note, hello Pipeworks! I'm excited to see what this team comes up with, and I welcome you all with warm, open arms! The rework sounds extremely interesting, and I can't wait to see what else they bring to the table!

    Well with so much interesting stuff, I think it's safe to say the hype is going to be real. 2017 is shaping up to be a great year, what with P5, Horizon, and now the expected release of 1.3? I don't know if I'll have the time in my schedule to do all this, but I'll definitely make time any way possible to enjoy all that you guys are bringing to console with this update (dev items, here I come!!)

    Thank you so much for all of this information, guys! I've always said again and again that Re-Logic and their affiliates are some of the greatest development companies out there, and you guys just continue to show why that statement is more than just a fact. I really appreciate all you guys have done, and I can't wait to see how this all shapes up in the future. Thank you, with huge hugs to everyone who has had a part in Terraria. :dryadhappy::dryadpassionate:
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  2. Yui Komori

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    DANG IT! Now I'm going to have to get an XBOX 1 or just hope my bro will let me use his PS4....CRAAAAAAAAAAAP! :C
  3. RafaelHydra

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    You guys hyping up about the news and I'm still here trying to figure out how the actual heck the XBox and the PS are that old. Time sure does fly by.
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  4. Sword Ace

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    HOLY CHEESE! This amazing news! Take that, people who thought that "mobils cannot handle the amount of data as 1.3!!!!" It won't affect me, because I have a computer now, but if I still played on mobile I would be celebrating. Welcome, Pipeworks!

    I hope this means that enemies on mobile will eventually have the same stats as on PC normal mode. (They're very close, but the melee attacks of bosses are way too low.)
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  5. TheAlphaWolf70

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    Please. I'm begging you with all my heart, please just try and get 1.3 on last gen. If a mobile can handle it then last gen CAN handle it. Xbox 360 has more capabilities for games that console, whether its over 10 years old or not, just please. At least make 1.3 the final update. Im actually crying right now, not all of us can afford current gen yknow. Just...please.:(
  6. SSShakuras

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    Old Gen Console ? Seriously ?
    PS Vita is from December 2011 and there are NO further generation in sony handheld system.

    EDIT :
    Heck, Vita is actually a console of the eighth generation like the PS4 & the XBone
    a ( ).
    You guys just don't want to bother with the Vita and that's all there is.
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  7. Loki

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    Vita is on par with a PS3 (especially in regards to RAM - 512mb - which is where Terraria is a hungry beast that needs more with each successive update). Which is why it can run a more console-true version whereas 3DS has to defer to the mobile codebase as its foundation. That said, we already saw how close Vita is to memory limits already with the earlier crash bugs. My understanding from speaking with 505 is that 1.3 would nearly certainly just break it full stop. Unfortunate, to be sure....but unavoidable.

    It's not when it came out that is the factor here - it is hardware vs software demands.

    If you compare like-like tech eras, then it wouldn't. If you are comparing a 2016 smartphone to a 2004 console, then yeah - technology and micronization has come a LONG way. At that time, Android and iOS didn't even exist yet. The Motorola Razr was all the rage then. This is just how technology is - and its a wonderful thing overall. ;) Mobile has come a LONG way, whereas old gen consoles - by definition - have stayed stagnant in their hardware specs.

    Sure - here are the biggest ones that I have spoilered to save people from long load times:

    Solar Compare.jpg

    Hallow Compare.jpg

    While I don't know for certain - the 3DS is already pretty strapped in regards to memory and such. I would wager a guess that we will see at least a bit more, but that it has to be near its limits (I can certainly feel in when I play on my old 3DS with my kids on their N3DS)....but I would have to severely doubt 1.3 given the news in this thread and that those old consoles (and modern phones even) are more powerful than 3DS - even N3DS.

    That said, let's get word from 505 on both so that I am not speaking out of turn. :)

    We should have a news update on Otherworld within the next few weeks. I wouldn't speculate or assume anything for now until that comes.

    I know the old gen stuff is painful - those old boxes had a good run, and 1.2.4 Terraria is still a damned fine and fun game (heck, 1.1 was in and of itself!).
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  8. Nobody Important

    Nobody Important Terrarian

    Woah. Rebuilding it from the ground up? I'm no expert but would this mean that the amount of bugs in the mobile version would be reduced?

    While it's unfortunate that the previous generation won't be able to work with it (not like it would have worked well before we got this news) this is amazing.
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  9. ExoticCharm

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    If I'm not mistaken, even the PC version needed to update the minimum system requirements when 1.3 was released. This news of old gen versions not getting 1.3 shouldn't really be a surprise. Given how long the current consoles have been out and considering how many free content updates the old gen versions have had compared to what other games do, then I think this is a fair path to take.
  10. PigronMage91

    PigronMage91 Terrarian

    Well, i guess once i collect all the items in 1.2.4 my terrarian will sit in the cloud abyss until i get an Xbox One.
  11. Nodever2

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    Super excited!!!! Looking forward to playing Terraria 1.3 with my little brother on the Xbox One!
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  12. No mans sky

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    RIP Old gen console

    Other than that I worry just a tad. Its coming to console which is great you know but.. After a couple of tries fighting the moon lord with an xbox one controller I had difficulties.... And a lot of dying.. Lets see how this goes out anyways
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  13. Warpshard

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    I do have to agree with what other people are saying. The current Gen consoles have been out for nearly three years, so the fact that support for the previous gen has continued is impressive. If you haven't upgraded at this point, then now is probably the time.
  14. ecavalli

    ecavalli Community Manager - Pipeworks

    Wow. I knew Terrarians were an awesome group of people, but this warm welcome is overwhelming. I'm almost blushing!
  15. Oooo, how exciting.
    too bad I still have a 12 year old console...
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  16. A Wittle Gold Bunny

    A Wittle Gold Bunny Official Terrarian

    Finally, it's here. The news at least.
  17. GoldenTerrabyte

    GoldenTerrabyte Official Terrarian

    So, 1.3 for Wii U as well? Is that what I'm getting?

    And, farewell to Engine and CodeGlue! You did your job well, and you'll continue to do so towards the end I'm sure! I remember the old days when I would speak directly to CodeGlue to get bugs fixed, and I'll continue to do so for 3DS!
  18. mlgtoast64

    mlgtoast64 Terrarian

    2 questions:
    1: Can you give us an estimate on what type of device we would need to support 1.3 Mobile? I would assume about an iPhone 5C, at least.
    2: When you do release it, how would you fight the massive Moon Lord with a small phone screen? Will there be an option to zoom out more?

    1.3 Mobile and Console HYPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  19. Jokerzrus

    Jokerzrus Terrarian

    Glad to see the new devs are based out of Eugene, Oregon. Go ducks! Lived here my whole life. Can't wait to see 1.3 on consoles
  20. Tamorr

    Tamorr Terrarian

    Well this wasn't all that surprising to me, and to be expected. I may not own a current gen console as of yet; but 1.2.4 is a decent stopping point for my poor white box. I would rather them doing what they are going to do mentioned above. The fixes to make for leaving the current version a bit better off.

    I am actually happy about it. I would take bug fixes over breaking my console. I mean I can get the stylist, and that is what matters to me. If I want to play the newer version I would play PC or when I eventually get a newer system, buy the game again. But for me that is a ways off, and quite satisfied on how far they have come and what they did throughout the process.

    So good work, and best wishes to the new team in getting the current gen moving forward.:dryadpassionate:

    I'll just continue playing the game as is. Since I enjoy where it is at anyhow.:dryadhappy:
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