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Discussion in 'Mobile General Talk' started by 505Games, Jul 25, 2016.

  1. TheAlphaWolf70

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    Yo if you actually can mod, mod my Xbox with it will ya?
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    You're not the only one :sigh:
  2. The Pokemaniac

    The Pokemaniac Terrarian

    (end my suffering)
  3. Manman

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    Honestly all I want for Terraria 3ds is online multiplayer, but that's probably never going to happen.

    Of course I want at least some content or items from the newer versions like 1.3 or 1.2.4 but yeah, I mostly want online multiplayer.

    I know that the 3ds and new 3ds are very RAM deficient, but I would at least like online multiplayer, if it's even possible.
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  4. Doylee

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    Do some reading and some specifications checks before you make baseless claims like that next time please.

    First of all, no, we do not condone or allow users to partake in discussion of modding their Console or mobile devices on these forums.

    Second of all, did you do any reading here? If a proffesional game studio can't put it on 360, what makes you think a lone modder can for Console?
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  5. MrRudi

    MrRudi Developer

    From a personal standpoint, I just wanted to pop in and thank everyone in this amazing community for their feedback, compliments, bug reporting, input, creativity and overall just fantastic support for the effort to bring this beautiful game to consoles the best it can be. As we pass the torch to Pipeworks (pretty soon) I hope they will get the same kind of support as we have had over the last years. It was a crazy ride with lots of highs and definitely some lows but even the members of the community that are 'not a fan' I want to thank for always keeping us on edge and - in their own way - trying to improve the Terraria experience for everyone.
  6. Oakato

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    I really hope Starbound (and heck, Terraria: Otherworld *hint* *hint*) hit Vita, but I'm not hugely optimistic. Chucklefish is publishing Stardew Valley and so far they haven't committed to a Vita build of it, and they haven't spoken about Starbound on Vita in years. Granted, they haven't said it isn't happening, so there's still hope.
  7. Foreboding

    Foreboding Terrarian

    Say someone had an Xbox360 and a PS4, could they transfer their worlds and characters (or at least worlds because you can put the items in a chest) to the PS4 from the Xbox360? In the post it says something about cross-saves and i was wondering what that is. I don't know why I'm concerned as I play it on PC anyway.
  8. Timothy the Engineer

    Timothy the Engineer Steampunker

    Oh My goodness, this is going to be epic. xD
  9. The Pokemaniac

    The Pokemaniac Terrarian

    (and some one will have to pay for my suffering)
  10. Arkhayla

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    Welcome to the community Pipeworks! And thanks for the kind words @MrRudi.

    I look forward to where the game is going in the future and hope the improvements and changes turn out beneficial for everyone.
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  11. Shadow04

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    Guys I'm sorry but rant alert

    505 games you may be right about not supporting old gen devises anymore but think of all the people who love Terraria and have Xbox360 or PS3 who simply can't get next gen. Now when you think about it that's a lot of people and you are saying how the old gen consoles are 12 years old when the Xbox 360 is younger that! 505 games you are making loads of major Terraria console fans like me upset because we can't continue to support it for 360 and PS 3 so while you make your decision think of all these people who can't continue to support this game on console. ;(:merchantcry:
  12. Satsuki Hime

    Satsuki Hime Terrarian

    You can go from 360 to X1 and PS3 to PS4. Sony won't allow Xbox to PS cross anything.
  13. Nobody Important

    Nobody Important Terrarian

    Oh calm down. So the developers are leaving you with a somewhat stable 1.2.4. Is a buggy, maybe even nonfunctional 1.3 better than that? Yeah I didn't think so. It's not the end of the world.
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  14. Aurora3500

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    Despite not owning any Console/Mobile versions of Terraria personally. I'm very excited to see these platforms get the experience 1.3 has to offer! It is very exciting to see that 1.3 will be available for more people soon!

    It will be interesting to see how Pipeworks Studio will handle "Reseting" the code for these systems. It sounds like a huge task, but will pay off a lot it sounds like. It is also interesting to meet some of the people from Pipework today. It's nice to meet you @ecavalli and @ClearConscious today!
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  15. Doylee

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    You make it seem like they don't care about you folks who haven't upgraded. Considering the fact they are going to push a final update out to fix all the major bugs, that shows they care enough for its userbase. The simple reality is that the Xbox 360 and PS3 are old. They hail from a generation where AV cables were still a thing before USB.

    Sure there are a lot of people who haven't upgraded, but Xbox One and PS4 have been around for nearly 3 years now, it's not like they or you didn't know that this was going to happen eventually. There's a reason Original Xbox games aren't being made anymore, and 360 is now at that point.
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  16. Satsuki Hime

    Satsuki Hime Terrarian

    How many NES games were being made three years into the life of the SNES? Or, PS2/3, 3/4, Xbox One/360? None. AFAIK, Terraria and Minecraft are the only two games still being supported this long at all. It sucks for those that can't move up. But it's inevitable. They would have to develop and mail out expansion boxes of some kind to get 1.3 to work, and nobody is going to do that.

    Save money. Watch for deals on used consoles at Gamestop, even trade in your current consoles.
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  17. Loki

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    Doesn't appear that way, no. For DS, I suspect we know why:

    Where did 505 say anything about expanded worlds or multiplayer or really anything one way or the other for 3DS? I missed that part. :p

    And yes, the 3DS - even the N3DS - is the most RAM-deficient platform on which Terraria can be played. RAM is the key rate-limiter across all versions of the yes, that will always be a potential concern on 3DS, period.

    Make it Better =/= completely breaking the game and/or rendering it a gameplay experience far from what is acceptable (again, taking their post for what it says).

    I mean, I get it - you have been very consistent with your message. Let's see what @Deanzor comes up with on that front before conclusions are fully jumped to? I know he has heard your concerns and desires. :)

    Seems less a "decision" and more a necessity based on what they said. I know that doesn't help - but I don't see a lack of caring or support for a game that has updated continuously since 2013 and will continue to do so on newer tech moving forward. Even MS themselves effectively and publicly "abandoned ship" on 360 in late April of this year. As a 360 owner since release (ah, all those RRODs :p ), it is sad for me to see it go....but it lasted WAY longer than most consoles I experienced in my lifetime. For example, the NES launched in 1985....and the N64 in 1997....that shows that the "old gen" had a lot of legs to it vs the old days - but all technology has its ultimate limits. That is as true for Terraria as it is anything else really (See: the ancient potato PC players that had issues when 1.3 dropped).


    All that said, every single version of Terraria out there is a pretty solid experience. It is hard to look at the game on "X platform" for what it is instead of what it isn't - but what it is is a fun, engrossing experience that sucks up hundreds of hours. I've watched my kids and all of their friends spend hundreds of hours playing 3DS Terraria with each other - again, for what it is, and they are having a blast. Anything further 505 can do to make it better is 100% welcome, but I'm just saying its pretty darned good as it stands.

    I really appreciate how level-headed everyone has been so far - I think everyone gets that this falls in the "unfortunate, but necessary" area...which doesn't lessen the sadness, but does make it more able to reach closure in the end. Thanks for that. :)
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  18. Oakato

    Oakato Terrarian

    So what are your suggestions for Vita players to "upgrade" to? A tablet so you can play an even more limited version of the game with worse controls? `:confused:
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  19. Leinfors

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    Old 3DS and new 3DS are the same system. Xbox 360 and Xbox One are not. They aren't comparable situations.
  20. Smith27

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    Oohhhhh Yessssssss xD
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