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    mobile phones don't have dedicated RAM for games like consoles do. I seriously doubt Terraria mobile uses much RAM at all. probably around 200mb IF that much.

    the truth is, no matter what they tell you, this was a business decision. it no longer makes sense to support and optimize their code for older hardware. and I completely understand and I applaud them for still releasing an update, even if just to fix the remaining bugs. I'm happy to know they're working on bringing newer hardware up to par with PC.

    I hope you guys decide to support the NX when it comes out! I love Nintendo consoles! :)
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    Ooohhhhhhhh yesssssssss Our After this I Stay Super Addict I Stay Playing Every Day
    Answer Me A Question It Will Cost More Space ? In Memory Type Before Free Space Required Minimum 550 MB was now will be how much?
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    No justice just more sales.
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    I agree that it was probably a business decision (cost cutting) that ended support for PS3/360/PSV. If you read the OP, they admit that they're moving development of the Terraria ports to what is essentially in-house at 505 Games. That's presumably so they don't have to keep an external studio like CodeGlue and Engine on contract for years of support. As they're switching studios, they need to rewrite the ports (again, confirmed in the OP) so that they can update them without having the original programmers. 505, recognizing that they're unlikely to sell hundreds of thousands of more copies of Terraria on PS3/360/PSV, decides to drop them as they don't feel they're worth the new port fees and extra optimization for updates.

    As for an NX release, given how low priority the 3DS/Wii U versions seem to be (neither are even mentioned in the OP), I wouldn't buy Terraria on it expecting it to be supported.
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    You will still work on otherworld right? Not the consoles?
  6. MrRudi

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    We will still work on Otherworld, but after the next update no longer on any version of Terraria.
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    Do you think Otherworld could run on Vita?

    Not for this forum, but is Engine still working on Mighty No. 9 for 3DS/Vita?
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    GG rest in pepperonis 7 gen maybe the option to get a job next year in the summer can get me a xbox s
    my enthusiasm for job money next year::D
    my enthusiasm for the discontinuation for 7th gen:;(
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    Wait what i must be in a coma or something i knew that 1.3 is coming to mobile next despite the comments from people like "hurr hurr phones cant handle 1.3" but also mobile port team changing?

    *The new devs are experienced Terraria players and passionate about the game = F***ing awesome this port needed such kind of devs i kept looking at minecrafts pe team and kept wishing terraria mobiles devs were the same.
    Also this means there will be less wrong things in the mobile port like wrong music playing or item having wrong info etc.

    *Reset = Freaking yes the current terraria is good but i want a more pc looking terraria on my phone with better graphics and pc sun! Wish they show pics soon comparing old and new mobile terraria.

    *Multiplayer, ui design change may happen = *heart attack*
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    "Where did 505 say anything about expanded worlds or multiplayer or really anything one way or the other for 3DS? I missed that part. :p

    And yes, the 3DS - even the N3DS - is the most RAM-deficient platform on which Terraria can be played. RAM is the key rate-limiter across all versions of the yes, that will always be a potential concern on 3DS, period. "

    @Loki No, 505 never said specifically that they'd do this or that, but when people asked about these missing core features, they have always maintained the 'we'll see what we can do in the future', or 'they [these features] are still on the table' or whatever. They didn't outright say 'this isn't going to be possible on the 3DS'. They would have known then and there if it was possible or not. They wanted the sales.

    They've also said that there's 'talks of a future update for larger worlds & online multiplayer, but would have to be exclusive to New 3DS' or something along those lines. They just want people to keep buying the game in the hopes of an update!

    The New 3DS has 2 times the RAM of the 3DS. Why can't you guys just update the game for New 3DS players? That would make a lot of people happy. Every other version of Terraria is updated for newer iterations of their respective hardware. New version for Xbox, PlayStation, iOS. So it just seems very underhanded and like you only care for the money - and not for the quality of the product/care for consumer. If you were to update for 3DS, you'd seem way less like money grabber, and it would probably even help your future sales!

    No, they are indeed the same system. That means you already have all of the code available. You don't have to rewrite it for a new console, just update what you already have. Again, this obviously only comes down to money being priority above all else. No care for the people buying your product.
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    Welp i spoke too soon. 4j your our only hope please keep updating 360 minecraft! Btw rip all my xbox 360 characters.;(
  12. MrRudi

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    We are, yes.
  13. Oakato

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    Just going to skip that first question, huh? Haha, I don't know if that's a positive or negative sign.
  14. Kazzymodus

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    I very much doubt it.
    Title RAM (Minimum) RAM (Recommended) VRAM (Minimum) VRAM (Recommended)
    Terraria (v 1.3) 2.5 GB 4 GB 128 MB 256 MB
    Starbound 2 GB 4 GB 256MB Not provided
    Stardew Valley 2 GB Not provided 256 MB Not provided
    *Information taken from their respective Steam pages.

    The PS Vita has 512 MB of RAM and 128 MB of VRAM. It has only a quarter of the RAM required to run the PC versions of all three of these games at a minimum level. Yes, of course you could get that memory requirement down a lot if you were to port it with Vita compatibility in mind, but there's no way you're going to get it down to 512 MB RAM.

    This is just to reiterate that this is not just Terraria that Vita has issues with, it's pretty much all modern games: while the Vita is 'only' five years old (which is still quite a lot) compared to the 7th gen consoles eleven years, it's still a 2011 handheld, so definitely outdated when it comes to contemporary PC games.

    Don't be fooled into thinking that Terraria or Starbound or Stardew Valley have low specs because they're two-dimensional sprite based games: PS Vita can for instance handle the beautiful graphics of LIMBO (512 MB RAM on PC), but wouldn't be able to run say, the comparatively very simple graphics of a ported version of Undertale (2 GB RAM on PC), just because of the memory limitations.

    EDIT: Just to hammer the point home, if it were not for storage limitations, PS Vita could theoretically run Half-Life 2.
    Mobiles might not have RAM dedicated to games, but recent models commonly have more, or at the very least just as much RAM as 7th generation consoles do. Even then, I strongly doubt Terraria only uses 200 MB of RAM, although I can't provide you any real figures.

    The only business decision made here if whether or not the working, playable and fun 1.2.4 version of the 7th gen consoles, PS Vita and older mobiles should be replaced by a to 505 Games' own admission highly sub-standard 1.3 version. You don't even need to take into account the required resources to see what the sensible choice is here.
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  15. Android Fan

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    Its funny how i decided to buy terraria on google play and this news instantly come :D

    Looks like i will need to upgrade to a 2gb ram android in 2017 and btw i hope they add graphic options like in pc version... and more things in menu it kinda looks empty for such game as terraria.

    Will the carrot item from pc collectors edition make it to terraria mobile reset + 1.3?

    Will we android players have pc exclusive items and the old mobile exclusive items? can google play users get the apple and amazon pets?

    so many questions!
  16. Leinfors

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    The 3DS version also suffers tremendous limitations, both in design and graphics, to accomodate that functionality. It also runs on something more resembling the Mobile level of play, not Console.

    Of course, 3DS was always like this, from the beginning, and that was the proposed standard of performance at all times. But downgrading ports like the Xbox 360 or PS3 to fit with the increasing needs will be received no better. You can't decr

    Because the 3DS is not a new system, as I said. Its the old system with slightly bolstered hardware that plays the same games.

    If quality wasn't a concern, then they could just force port 1.3 content into these versions that are barely functioning as is, and say "good luck folks". No, there is a choice here. A choice between a functional version, cut off at the version its at, or a non-functional version, constantly crashing "ostensibly updated to 1.3" version. Quality over quantity seems to be the policy being followed here. As for the 3DS thing, you can't just "update it for only the new 3DS". That isn't how it works.

    You can believe its a money grab, but if that was the case, then why bother trying to clean up the bugs in the existing versions? There is a lot here about making sure the current ports are covered as best as they can be. If it was just about the money, then why do that at all? Wouldn't a money grabber just say "good luck" and leave them exactly as they are?
  17. CheatFreak47

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    The sheer amount of butthurt on this thread is rather astounding.

    People. The 360 and PS3 are OVER a decade old. Hate to say, but it's time to move on. You don't get to buy a console and get updates for your 15$ port of a game on it when they put out a new console and they port it again. You want unending support for your platform? Get a computer. Simple as that.

    What you're asking for is essentially, unreasonable, not only from a business standpoint, but also from a technical, hardware level point as well.

    Business wise, it's outright ridiculous. Why should 505 waste the effort and money required to port their new engine to older consoles when sales of games on older console digital storefronts are dwindling as the consoles themselves have become obselete, both technically and surpassed by their successors. On top of that, the older hardware is worse than that of the new generation, so it takes a lot more effort to get everything going at an acceptable framerate, than on the newer more powerful consoles, which leads into this: Terraria my be a 2D game, but that doesn't mean a whole lot when you look at the overall complexity of Terraria as a whole.

    Just look at any one aspect you would assume to be rather simple and you'll quickly realize the rabbit hole is dug deep at every point. Something as simple as drawing a single block is incredibly complex.
    Let's break down the average number of states a single dirt block has in 1.3:
    • Shape ( Full Block, Half Block, or one of 4 different angles: 6 total states)
    • Painted (Deault or one of 30 different colors: 31 different states)
    • Actuated ( On or Off : 2 states)
    • Type of Grass ( None, Normal, Hallowed, Corrupt, Crimson: 5 states )
    This means a single dirt block has at least 1860 different possible states counting just the above criteria,
    and that's not even counting different variants of sprites each state has for the sake of variety, and additional shapes based on neighboring dirt blocks and how the shape changes when it's next to blocks of other shapes and such. There's even more there than I explained. And take into account the 100s of blocks in this game, how some of them interact with wire directly and all sorts of other attributes, and you'll quickly find yourself at the bottom of that rabbit hole without a single way out. And... also, out of ram.

    The jist of it is, It seems simple on the surface, but when you dig deep, it's anything but a simple game, mechanically. And the more complex it is, the more work and time it takes to make everything work. And I think it's perfectly reasonable for 505 to not want to have to support 2 dying platforms with their rewrite.

    Terraria 1.3 has gone through a lot of changes at it's roots, from how dyes are rendered, better optimized water code, to new graphical effects, new enemy AI, new, more complex wiring mechanics, and new events that push the game engine itself to it's limits. And it's all stuff that actually made terraria itself even harder to run on PCs. So much so that the tech requirements went up significantly when 1.3 came out.

    Simply put, Terraria isn't the simple game it once was. You can't run it on a console with 512MB of dedicated ram.

    You don't like planned obsolescence? Tough luck, that's life, If you want something that'll last, join the PC Master Race.
    At least you get control with your wallet over how quick your stuff becomes obsolete there.
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    OHHHHHH Hello Dr.Alphys
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    I'm super hyped for this update :D
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    Not a console user, but it's a great advancement for Terraria and Relogic, also the other comp[anies too :)
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