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  1. Proto Persona

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    4GB of RAM is going to be an extremely expensive phone. Mine has 2GB and it's rather new. I'd say 2GB should be a safe bet on a new device for Terraria. I'm not a dev though, so your guess is as good as mine.
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    Terraria has never had cross save capability between different hardware companies. Each version is coded somewhat differently so that it functions on the different operating system. I don't know if it will be true after the 1.3 update for Mobile, but Mobile Terraria has always been a very parsed down version of Console Terraria. Often certain mechanics, like watches, are missing due to hardware limitations. If they break away from this then I don't see how past save files will be able to port over anyway so really I'd assume there's no possibility of him porting over his character from iOS.

    Unfortunately hardware requirements haven't been released for the new Mobile version yet so nobody can really answer your question. Sorry to disappoint.
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  3. Saintaqua

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    oh thanks for the information I will bought a new phone if my phone specification is not enough to play terraria 1.3
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    but get terraria on pc its so much better eccspecially now its gonna get new updates plus its really cheap, a long time ago in 2011 my brother got it on sale for $2.50

    I got it for $10 so again extremely cheap.

    man my iPad just shattered and couldn't get anyone to fix it so I decided to get the game on steam on my pc.

    already got crimson armour, but it feels so weird having such little damage and defence but its pretty good to play the game again especially now I get to finally kill that moon lord once and for all to finally get the endgame armours, ahh feels good, plus all the new things they added like you know the crossover between dungeon defenders 2 the new events and npcs and weapons and armour and a whole lot, its pretty damn good

    I LOVE TERRARIA EVEN MORE NOW :rslime::kingslime::rslime:

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    that sucks.

    get the game on pc or ios then

    or just get a PS4

    but I would suggest not getting it on psvita the controls are horrible, you know since its a vita not terraria's fault just because its a vita lol

    I WOULD suggest getting it on ios, the game is only like 8 bucks and the 1.3 update is coming out for it at the end of June I believe.

    or get it on pc, I think from


    chippy gaming video the game it runs fine with a really cheap laptop so you don't really need a great laptop
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    S-So, no lunar events to mobile!? Nuuuuuuuuuuu
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    How come the 1.3 update isn't coming to PS3, honestly I find that :red:ed.
    The smartest thing you guys have done was add Terraria on console but what is the point of having Terraria on PS3 if your not going to add one of the biggest updates that PC had???
    PS. I know this is the chat for Xbox 360 but I couldn't find the chat for PS3 :)
    And I'm not telling or asking you to take Terraria off PS3 I'm just asking for 1 thing, please add the 1.3 update to PS3 me and my son like playing it together but now he is number out because it isn't coming out to PS3 just Xbox 1 and PS4
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    Well, to put it simple, both Xbox 360 and ps3 are 12 years old. I think of it like this. Would you update a console almost no one buys? Or would you update a console almost everyone buys?

    And here's the main reasons that was given by @Unit One who quoted from @ClearConscious
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    Well you have a point but still they should add it because I have a bunch of friends that have a PS3 or Xbox 360 and not just on the consoles in real life too
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    And PS. I would update it because I know a lot of people still play ps3 and Xbox 360.
  9. Loki

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    Where did you draw that conclusion? 1.3 is coming to mobile - unless you have a device that cannot handle whatever the final hardware requirements turn out to be.
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  10. Cuberria

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    So, what you guys are saying is that 1.3 is coming to wii u?
    My son is getting pretty upset and thinking that 1.3 isn't coming to wii u.
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  11. Unit One

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    The Wii U will not be receiving any more updates, and will not be getting the 1.3 update. You can read more here: Wii U Update and 3DS News
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    Man still waiting for 1.3 mobile :confused: . I guess it will be worth our while if they add controller support , the touch screen is pretty annoying and maybe multiplayer xD
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    Aw I have Ps3 and nobody wants to buy a new terraria....
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    Aw I have a ps3 and nobody wants to buy terraria on pc...
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    Finally... I get to do more stuff when I cannot access my computer.
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  15. ItsRedTurtle

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    Im so happy that 1.3 is almost there! But Q2 is almost over, will it be late? I would love to know that can i play it after my vacation.
  16. savvasl

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    Agreed. It is about time xD
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  17. The TechnoMancer

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    You too, huh? `:)
  18. savvasl

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    Well yeah :) It will make my life easier xD I wish there is controller support thought :p
  19. Nike Leon

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  20. Proto Persona

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    PC already has full controller support actually.
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