Official The Path Ahead: Major News Updates for Console & Mobile

Discussion in 'Mobile General Talk' started by 505Games, Jul 25, 2016.

  1. Proto Persona

    Proto Persona Brain of Cthulhu

    Too early to say really. I'm sure Pipeworks will let us know the details about that closer to when Mobile is gonna be released.
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  2. CabalisticKoala366

    CabalisticKoala366 Terrarian

    Ok, so a lot is happening and new updates are being released for the consoles except for one. I've looked everywhere but I can't seem to find a straight answer for what's going on with the Nintendo Switch version of Terraria.

    Terraria for Nintendo Switch was supposed to releases last year but now we don't even have a release date. I'm sure I speak for all my fellow Nintendo Switch Terrarians when I say that we would very much appreciate some answers.

    I hope I don't come off as hostile or rude but there's a whole community here waiting on you. Just think how much more money you could be making with Terraria for Nintendo Switch.
    All I'm looking for is at least an explanation if not a forecast or estimated date of arrival.

    Me and every other Nintendo Switch Terrarians would really appreciate some answers.

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  3. Proto Persona

    Proto Persona Brain of Cthulhu

    The Switch version is planned to be released at the same time as the mobile update. The last announced plan was that the devs are gonna finish hotfixing the PS4/XB1 versions and get them stable. Then development will move on to porting 1.3 for Switch and mobile. You're looking at a few months at least until the game hits the Switch. No matter how much money they might be losing right now, you don't want the game ported over in its current state anyways.
  4. CabalisticKoala366

    CabalisticKoala366 Terrarian

    Ok. Thanks so much for your response. I really appreciate it :-D
  5. njoerdhr

    njoerdhr Terrarian

    So, what's the update on the mobile version now that the PS4 and XBONE have their 1.3 update released?
  6. Proto Persona

    Proto Persona Brain of Cthulhu

    From the 1.3 PS4 launch thread:
  7. njoerdhr

    njoerdhr Terrarian

    That last part, "We're also resolving a few other things for the next PS4 & Xbox One patch before doing final testing & submission." Does that mean they're doing one more patch for consoles before they do testing and submission for mobile?
  8. Proto Persona

    Proto Persona Brain of Cthulhu

    I hope so. There are still some very big problems on consoles right now.
  9. Loki

    Loki Consigliere Staff Member Re-Logic Administrator

    Final Testing & Submission = the last bit before you send an update up to MS/Sony. That doesn't mean this specific one would be the last fix wave.

    That said, at SOME point, the team will need to pivot over to mobile/switch for a bit... but as @Proto Persona notes, there are some big ticket items out there that still need addressing before that can happen.
  10. njoerdhr

    njoerdhr Terrarian

    I get it meow. Thanks Proto and, as always, Loki, for clearing that up.
  11. Thorthegreat12

    Thorthegreat12 Terrarian

    ;)Super keen for the Switch version! Hope all goes well ;)
  12. TerraDream274

    TerraDream274 Plantera

    seems like the mobile and switch versions were left out in the darkness. we need some enlightenment devs. :sigh:
  13. Thorthegreat12

    Thorthegreat12 Terrarian

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  14. TerraDream274

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  15. Random kid

    Random kid Terrarian

    I’m so happy that mobile will be seeing 1.3:DI also own a Wii U and I think that it’s not going to get to 1.3 but 1.2.4 is still a really fun version to play with but...I can’t get past Ocram:mad:
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    2 there’s 2 reasons why I can’t wait for 1.3 on mobile 1:expert mode. 2:the meowmare. I lllllllllllllove cats!!!!!:passionate:
  16. Vilvo2.0

    Vilvo2.0 Terrarian

    What im kinda mad about is removal of dragon armour. It was implamented pre-Ocram(Correct me if im wrong), and therefore, should be independent. Dragon is one of the best melee armours unless traded for defence via beetle.
  17. Thorthegreat12

    Thorthegreat12 Terrarian

    It is a reward for defeating Ocram, however, there was a chance to get the chest piece in a random chest.
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  19. duckycrater

    duckycrater Terrarian

    I play on an ipad can that still work?

    Mobile 1.3 HYPE:merchantgrin:
  20. KOtz11

    KOtz11 Steampunker

    Were all waiting