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Casual The People of TCF


Skeletron Prime
Hey everyone, I recently joined the forums today even and I noticed there is no massive face thread, I will obviously start obviously there will be absoutely no reason to participate you participate because you want to not because people ask you.

Some obvious rules.
  1. Basic forum rules apply
  2. Don't ask people for their personal information, or if they're real.
  3. Don't ask for social networks unless they offer it.
  4. Don't be a :red:, insulting people calling them ugly is a horrible thing.
  5. You are not by any means obligated to participate
Feel free to post a little description of yourself or link your introduction

without further adieu here is me <-- (psst. click it)
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Normally I don't like sharing my real identity, and I won't. However.

One of these people is me.

Edit: Never mind.
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