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Casual The People of TCF


Did I hear the words... hat collection???


Okay, so it's not much of a collection in terms of variety, but psshhhh i just rly rly liek cross hats dont judge me also i have the worst posture when i am at the computer weh :c


Skeletron Prime
Oh noes! D8

It's more of an amusing coincidence than an irony. Irony is when something is opposite to the expectation. ;>

The irony is that I'd be a pretty friggin' terrible art teacher. I just shout "USE REFERENCES, DAMMIT", "DRAW FROM LIFE", and "KEEP DRAWING EVEN IF YOU DON'T LIKE THE RESULTS, YOU WON'T GET BETTER IF YOU STOP TRYING" over and over. Which is less teaching and more trying to goad people into being self-sufficient in teaching themselves.
now your sounding like my art teacher :O

Jerion 'Wyverntamer' Kràl

Empress of Light
I usually want people to guess my identity, it always is fun to see the pictures people come up with. Here's a hint: My first name's the name I used in my TI app, I'm a descendant from the prince knight Roorda. And if you look on facebook you will find an old facebook page I've abandoned.
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