The Perfect Terraria World


What do you think is the "Perfect" Terraria world for when you create a new world? I have a general idea, but I won't type it all in since I'm lazy right now.
the only thing that i think is perfect is to have a corruption, because that is my favorite out of the two, and having about a bunch of platinum or gold at spawn, all the hardmode ores being near spawn too, life fruits and plantera bulbs for days out in an open area, a direct cave to the lizhard temple(it took me forever to find it on my main world),and the lunar pillar that i want right near where i am when i get the lunatic cultist killed.everything else i dont care much about.:p
Terraria worlds are never perfect right after worldgen, but imo the perfect world would be like this: plenty of flat land and some hills, a few floating islands and sky lakes, small controlled areas of corruption, crimson, and hallow for items, a big jungle and ice biome, and a big underground desert.
+1 for no Corruption next to the Jungle. Also pyramids are nice, provided they don't have the vanity set... I think at least one or two of every major feature would be ideal, including living trees with hollow roots, etc. I would also love a spawn with no small caves for several blocks around under the surface, as it's a pain to find and fill them before constructing farms for invasions and moon events. And I hate jungles with a lot of shallow water. I know it's how the trees grow, but it's another pain to navigate earlygame before you get mobility gear. That's all I can think of for the moment.
No overlapping biomes (talking to you, snow biome), a few living trees and pyramids, big dungeon. Smoothish landscape without small holes/caves, large hills. Evil biome far from jungle. Crimson or Corruption doesn't matter. Preferrably a snow biome that doesn't cross my hellevator.
First of all let me get something off my chest. I really don't like the Crimson. Apart from the Vampire Knives (which I can just create another world to get) it's just so dull, dark and the monsters are very hard when you've just started hardmode. Personally, the Corruption just seems more appealing to me.

Apart from that, I like to have a large underground jungle, Corruption on the opposite side to my Jungle, easy-to-find floating islands and lots of ore/gem deposits nearby.
The world that I first generated is by far the best. Interesting terrain at start (there was a cave which I built a shelter in) 2 lakes to the right, ice biome to the right as well, and Crimson right at the end of the ice biome. The dungeon is past the Crimson. To the left we have a living tree atop of a hill which lead down into a massive cave system from which I got most of my ore from. Then past the tree is the jungle, then Crimson at left side of the jungle (barricaded now) and then beach. My floating base is now next to the tree, on the left and right.

The world has been my first, and it has millions of tunnels everywhere. I have also revealed the whole map. It's the one endgame world I started on, and it is by far not the best looking, but it holds a lot of memories. And what is stupid? I named it "Cool Stuff". What was I thinking at the time…
Controlled corruption on the opposite side from the jungle, a pyramid with a Magic Carpet (more than one pyramid would also be nice), lots of chests and higher-tier ores near spawn, a green dungeon, an easy to find Lihzahrd Temple with the entrance exposed, and lots of floating islands and other loot.
Relatively flat, pyramid, 2 Living trees on each side of the spawn, Corruption (normal) or Crimson (on expert), 2 large oceans with loot, little surface water, Sky islands relatively near the ground, a dungeon close to spawn, a large jungle, minimal deserts (but 1 large one).
Corruption, away from Jungle and not merged with Tundra but close enough to the spawn for easy Ebonwood, at least one Giant Tree, relatively flat generation(gotta need that Unicorn Mount speed later on in the game!), a good amount of water close to spawn, most the ores don't matter, except I like Copper over Tin for the armor vanity purposes, and later on, same with Adamantite over Titanium. And most of all, NO :red:ING SPIDER NESTS IN THE LINE OF MY HELLEVATOR!
What do you think is the "Perfect" Terraria world for when you create a new world? I have a general idea, but I won't type it all in since I'm lazy right now.
Crimson on one side of the world, with a large jungle with large open areas and a cave leading to the temple. A dungeon with a large room with a hallway where paladins can spawn.
Corruption on the right, as well as a blue dungeon with a water bolt. A relatively large forest in the center, with one desert and a big jungle, both on the left. Hopefully a pyramid, too. Regular moon, glacier background, as well. Finally, no living trees. They're often a nuisance.
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