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tModLoader The Potion Seller Mod [Discontinued]

Discussion in 'Released' started by gamagamer64, Apr 30, 2018.

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  1. gamagamer64

    gamagamer64 Terrarian


    About the Mod:
    The Potion Seller Mod is quite literal to it's title, aiming to add a less obnoxious form of obtaining buffs by allowing the player to purchase any and all of them at their appropriate tiers from one singular NPC. Unlike many other mods that fulfill quality of life tasks like this, this is intended to be the exclusive, sole function of this mod; No other items, features, etc. unless it directly improves on the functionality of the potion seller.

    The Potion Seller NPC is planned to balance the value of every potion purchase equally to the sell value of the ingredients to them, providing a more reasonable and balanced alternative to manually crafting them all on your own without being too ridiculously accessible. (Perhaps, at a discount to cover for the alchemy table's bonus, who knows) And as listed, of course, this is his sole purpose.

    What we have planed for the mod:

    - More Mod support

    You Can now Download the mod off the mod browser!
    or you can get it from here:

    Current Mod support:

    Last edited: Jun 13, 2018
  2. Phupperbat

    Phupperbat Terrarian

    Good mod
  3. Phupperbat

    Phupperbat Terrarian

    Well, we just released the mod, you can download it here or on mod browser, enjoy!
  4. ijones72(ninja08)

    ijones72(ninja08) Skeletron Prime

    So its like alchemist npc but without all the stuff I don't want?
    10/10 sign me up.
  5. gamagamer64

    gamagamer64 Terrarian

    pretty much
  6. Yumiko

    Yumiko Terrarian

    When does he spawn? Do i have to do something? I have a room open and im waiting. but nothing is happening
  7. Vatan

    Vatan Terrarian

    I also want to know the spawn conditions.
  8. BOT John

    BOT John Terrarian

    Any chance you'll tell us the spawn conditions, i managed to get him to spawn but it was really late game so i don't know what caused it.
  9. Virukino

    Virukino Terrarian

    Hello potion seller. I'm going into battle and I want your strongest potions.
  10. ερsιℓση

    ερsιℓση Terrarian

    my potions are too strong for you traveller
    Virukino likes this.
  11. Virukino

    Virukino Terrarian

    Potion seller, I tell you I'm going into battle and I want only your strongest potions.
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