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Single Thread RP The pumpkin invasion. An alien wars story.

Long ago, before the dawn of time, strange aliens from different dimensions had a battle. It focused around two leaders, one fighting for good, the other for evil. The war had armies in their millions, and when all hope seemed lost for the evil alien leader, it used dark powers to throw a pumpkin at the good leaders head, The good leader tossed it aside, and threatened the evil leader, who accepted defeat. Since then, the aliens lived in peace, moving to their homeland away from the aftermath of the battle, and went into the pages of myth.

A myth that also fortells... of the return of the pumpkin.

Floating through the aftermath in space, the tossed aside pumpkin journeyed, still covered in dark magic. This dark magic caused the pumpkin to grow personality, and act evil and menacing. Overtime it duplicated, reaching thousands and thousands in number, just like the old armies. The alien pumpkins thought for themselves, fought for themselves, built forts for themselves. They had eyes and mouths and everything. And in the present day, these evil alien pumpkins came across somewhere they were satisfied with to make themselves at home... our very own moon.

They had plans. After taking the moon they would take on earth. The government covered this up, but one day bill looked through his telescope and told everyone what he saw, then went to the moon and found out their plans to take over earth. All the pumpkins know is evil, afterall they were created from dark sorcery, and they won't stop trying till they are beaten.

The world is at risk, the government does not wish for this to be told, but if we do nothing then the evil pumpkins will swarm everywhere. Who shall believe bill and travel to the moon to take on the evil pumpkins?

Bill: "join me on the moon, where we must fight for our future, who is with me?"

Animus Viral

Skeletron Prime
Plushtrap: "Breakfast." *Notices food particle is on the ground* "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!"
Candy Cadet: "And that is the story of how me and two other crazy people joined this cause. Return to Candy Cadet and I might tell another story."
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