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The Purifier - New "Furniture" That Protects Against Evil Biomes

It's so annoying when a town is taken over by the Corruption or the Crimson, because the NPCs can't live there, and that makes the Pylons not work. So I'm suggesting a furniture item called the Purifier (better names accepted) that is sold by the Steampunker for 1 Platinum. It creates a bubble of purity that the Corruption/Corruption/Hallow can't take over. It's powered by Purifier Batteries, which are also bought from the Steampunker. There would be 3 tiers of Purifier Batteries, also bought from the Steampunker, and the first tier would be available at the same time as the Purifier. Higher tier batteries equal more battery life and larger bubble. Whenever the Corruption, Crimson or Hallow takes over a block inside the bubble, that block is purified and the battery loses a bit of its "life". When the battery runs out, the bubble disappears. The second tier would be available after Plantera, and the third tier would be available after defeating the Lunatic Cultist for the first time. Also, when you hover your cursor over the an active Purifier, it would display the percent of the battery life left.


Maybe can give steampunker a new function: Charge: can charge up your battery using money.
so that we don't have to store a million empty battery during a long playthrough
Yeah, I like the idea that the batteries are rechargeable. More convenient, and also, eco friendly :D


Eater of Worlds
I have an alt idea: You can use materials to create empty batterys, but you can only charge it at steampunker. ex using 5 titnaium 5 night soul and 5 light soul, and etc

If not then it's no different than buy a new one other than saving a little bit of money, which is kinda pointless
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Eater of Worlds
So... can we do something like using a different solution to keep the area the same biome (ex you put purplr solution then it would turn into corruption) without spreading everywhere... and a solution for jungle?


It's so annoying when a town is taken over by the Corruption or the Crimson, because the NPCs can't live there, and that makes the Pylons not work
Personally, with the introduction of so many crimson / corruption based furniture and building material, I think that this feature should be removed as it doesn't really add anything to the game.
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