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PC The Recall Potion Epidemic

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Dungeon Spirit
If you've ever played the new updates for terraria with all those new potions, you'll know how cool recall potions are early on. And then you get a magic mirror andddd.... then what?? Goodbye recall potions! So I came up with a few ideas of how Recall Potions could be improved and mirrors nerfed.

  • Magic Mirrors take 10 seconds of charging to use, and recall potions are instant
  • Magic Mirrors take half your health and all your mana when used, recall potions don't
  • Recall potions make a cooler particle effect when used, mirrors stay the same
Do you have any ideas?


Why would you want the magic mirror to be nerfed so badly anyway? A lot of rage will come out. Half-HP? 10 seconds charging time? I am sorry, but I can't see where you are going with this and I already dislike it.:dryadwhat:

The magic mirror itself is not broken, so don't fix it by breaking it. :dryadrolleyes:


Yeah, I have an idea. If it isn't broken, don't fix it. Worst comes to worst, we could put the Magic Mirror in Dungeon chests just to separate them by tier.

But I see no problem, and therefore no need to take any action. If we want to make Recall Potions worth hanging on to after a Magic Mirror is obtained, though, I have a thread for that.


That happens because Recall Potions were pretty much added due to complaints of the Magic Mirror being so difficult to obtain despite being a key item for the player.
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Official Terrarian
No, no, and a whole lot of nope. This.... this isn't going to fix anything. The mirror is fine where it is, and making a recall potion have "cooler effects" isn't going to make it any better. The potions are meant to be early game. With your logic, every single better item in the game that acts as an upgrade to previous weapons and ammo should be nerfed in favor of lesser ones, too.


The Destroyer
The Recall potion is actually technically better, as it already does teleport you faster than the magic mirror does. It is better for panic moments where death is swiftly coming, and no doubt has saved some lives that would have otherwise been lost with how long the magic mirror takes.

Kyouko Tsukino

No idea why something should be nerfed just because there's a lower tier item that does the same it does. Yes, once you get a mirror the recall potion becomes nearly useless - except for when low in health. Please check the game again to see just how many items suffer the same fate as you progress through the game, and you'll see this is actually intended.

Heck, just take a look at gear.

Let's nerf all armor to wooden armor level, so that wooden armor doesn't become useless by hardmode. And know what, let's get all the other weapons' stats down to that of a copper shortsword, while we're at it. After all, who needs progression?


10 seconds of charging, :red: that. I'd get to spawn point quicker by exiting and re-entering the world.
Absolutely no support. If magic mirror were added to dungeon chests and moved up a tier as somebody else mentioned, then maybe, but otherwise, hell no.


Official Terrarian
The only problem I have with either is the particle effect before teleporting.
(They should come towards the player, not away, make it look like it's charging.)

Other wise, the first thing you want to do is find the magic mirror.

Recall potions limit the uses of teleporting home. That's their point.
The magic mirror is unlimited. That's it's point.

No reason to change either.


Brain of Cthulhu
i like this suggestion, but making the mirror hurt you and take all you mana is ridiculously overboard.
perhaps it could be a bit slower, and have a 4% chance of bringing to a random location?
because remember, recall potions are insanely hard to make compared to randomly finding a mirror in a normal chest.


Staff member
Probably flogging a dead horse here, judging from the dates, but keeping my mouth shut isn't really my thing.

The Magic Mirror basically exists so you don't have to Save & Exit and then Reload the game. If you're going to nerf the Magic Mirror that hard, I'm just going back to doing that again. It's more reliable and safer. Which shouldn't be the case.
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