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tAPI The sandbox mod.


currently i've got nothing done on it yet, and i'm still fleshing out ideas for this, here are the mod's goals:

- absolute sandbox, meaning you can create specific areas to spawn specific mobs, and even select what sub-type of that mob will spawn (alt sprites)
- controllable mobs, not sure if i want to edit the existing ones, or make "copies" of them that will be the controllable ones.
how to control mobs:
- there will be items that you can place on the world, and the mobs will try to get at them, AKA waypoints.
- there will be tools that allow you to dynamically choose what they should do, or where they should go, i envision this to work like the magic missile, where you hold the mouse button to move the gizmo around, there would be a different tool for each action, like mining, fighting, walking, etc.​
- mobs should be able to be assigned to a PvP team, making them only harm other teams, this is great for PvP modes, or even MOBAs.​

on the new item department, i've been thinking a bit, and this is what i have planned:
different turrets, both automatic ones and controllables, there would also be 2 types of controllables, 1 being like the cannon, and the other would make you "sit in it" to control it.
mechas, cuz wynaut, i imagine these would work by creating custom buffs, and having capsule items that "turn into the mecha".
that's basically what i've got, tbh i don't even know where to start, but i'll find my way through it and i hope to learn a bunch of stuff on terraria modding and C# while i'm at it :p

(my programming experience is very low atm, i'm taking classes on java programming, but it goes so slooooooow... any advice from people who know both java language and C# language would be very much appreciated, as well as spriters, although i don't want to request them just yet, because i think i should do the coding first.)

Z0MG Pixelz

Those are some cool ideas. It might have been a better idea to wait until you had a bit of work done on the mod before posting a thread for it though. Best of luck with the programming class!


ok, so i think i have finally been able to rip the skeleton's AI, and cleaned it up (removed all AI coding that doesn't belong to him), but i still get a bunch of errors, probably because tAPI doesn't use the exact same nomenclature for stuff as terraria itself does... so yeah.
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