Biomes & Nature The Sandstorm in the Desert is cool, but...


It lasts too long and is a bit too common.

The Sandstorm event brings new enemies and a challenge to the Desert biomes. You get pushed around by the wind, and it is hard to walk against it, also adding a good challenge to traversing the Desert.
It’s cool, and I really like it! The problem is simply that it happens a lot. And I mean, a lot. You can’t go more than a couple days without a sandstorm. It’s so common that 9/10 times I enter the desert, what do you know, there’s a sandstorm happening.

This honestly makes it more frustrating than enjoyable. I don’t complain about this kind of stuff typically, but the sandstorm events are just way too common to the point that it kinda takes away from the gameplay.

I personally would enjoy it more if the sandstorms were a rare event, like Blood Moons or Solar Eclipses.

This is just my opinion though, my 2 cents on it. Just something to consider. :D
I really do agree, I really liked it when I first discovered the sandstorm event. but now its annoying although sometimes it is a good challenge. but when im tryna travel across the world it gets frustrating.
and yes they would be good as a rare event.
I agree with you 100%.
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