Mobile The save file ***.player was created with a newer version of terraria and could not be loaded.

Discussion in 'Mobile Bug Reports' started by thecougfan, Feb 11, 2015.

  1. sdeplonty

    sdeplonty Terrarian

    My 9-year old plays on a Kindle Fire and this error came up. He is very frustrated that he has apparently lost access to his saved character and all the progress that he has made.

    People have apparently been complaining about this known error for awhile now. Is there a fix so that we can restore his data? I’ve read a bunch of different posts here and elsewhere and there doesn’t seem to be a clear solution.
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  2. Unit One

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    Hi @sdeplonty, I’m sorry to say that I don’t know of any fix or solution to recover the character or world file unless you had a backup (explained here: Mobile Backup Instructions

    Sorry I don't have better news. If you'd like to talk with 505 Games directly and see if they have any better news about your issue, you can open a Support Ticket with them here (you'll need to make an account to open a ticket):

    The mobile version is getting an update that will come with a completely new codebase which will hopefully make these issues obsolete in the future. There is no estimate of a release date, and no info yet on what system requirements will be needed in order to run the update.
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  3. zekeymoomoo

    zekeymoomoo Terrarian

    This post started in 2015, it is now 2018, 3 years later and I have just experienced this issue. Tbh I think I’ll just get PC edition even if my computer might not handle it well. I’m tired of having to deal with piles upon piles of glitches, some of which are game breaking like this one, with barely any fixes. And I don’t even want to imagine the amount of glitches that could show up in 1.3. Sorry for the rant, I know it’s hard to patch many bugs, it can just get real frustrating sometimes.
  4. Unit One

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    I hear ya @zekeymoomoo. I’d find it incredibly frustrating if a character got wiped out this way. I’ve had a pretty good experience with my iPhone and iPad Terraria so far, and haven’t had a lot of the technical issues that I see pop up for others. If you do decide to keep playing on mobile, just keep in mind the backup slots and make a copy of your favorite character and world every so often.

    I’m curious, as I’m hoping to find some sort of connection or pattern for these glitches, besides the actual Terraria game, do you use any other apps about Terraria (wikis, cheat guides, mods, all item maps)?
  5. RrR2010

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    Hey all you. I had the same problem and found a solution for that with rooted phones.
    I follow a guide inside the wiki of terraria for inventory editing. Inside this guide there are tips for correct this problem.
    Check that:
    Its easy:
    -Cut the corrupted file to a backup folder
    -Create a new character with de same name
    -Save and close the game
    -Copy the number generated in the name-xxxxxxx.player file
    -Rename your (corrupted) backup with the same number
    -Substitute the actual file with the backup file, and
    -Tha daaaaan!!!

    Sorry for my english, Im brasilian!
    Good luck guys.