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PC The Second Annual TeamTerrarian Summer Games! (CTG, Racing, Scavenger Hunt, Dolphinball!) Win Merch!


Duke Fishron

Welcome to the TeamTerrarian Summer Games!
The Games Begin July 26th; 12pm EST

10/20 Players
4/10 Full Teams
2/20 Looking for Group

The TeamTerrarian Summer Games are an annual Terraria event brought to you by Commision Corp. Grab a friend and compete against other players in four different minigames; Capture the Gem, Racing, Scavenger Hunt, and Dolphinball! Become the ultimate Terraria Champion and win some awesome Terraria merchandise!

"So how does this work, exactly?"
Starting now until July 26th, signups are open for the TeamTerrarian Summer Games. We provide download links for all of our minigames (excluding Capture the Gem) so you can practice and make plans as to how you are to win these minigames. Sign up when you have assembled your team and show up on voice chat on July 26th at 12pm EST; and the games will begin! Compete with a friend in our four minigames; points will be awarded differently in each minigame, but being good at the minigame will always award you with more points. Practice as much as you can to increase your chances of winning!

"Can I get some quick information on each of the minigames?"
Of course!

Dolphinball is a Commision Corp. original. It's like volleyball and football in water... hence the dolphin, as you're quite literally a dolphin bouncing a ball around. To aid you in maneuvering and hitting the ball, you are equipped with a Neptune's Shell, Specte Boots, a Shield of Cthulhu, and a Titan Glove. And the ball... is a Fungo Fish! Knock that sucker around, because Jellyfish take plenty of knockback. Score into the enemy team's goal; first to five wins!

Racing is fairly straightforward. You are equipped with Hermes Boots, a Shield of Cthulhu, an Aglet, and a Lucky Horseshoe. Your goal is to be as fast as possible and get as close as you can to first place! Our racing courses were hand-made by us, and are heavily based upon Moonview Highway and Coconut Mall from Mario Kart. You can even dress up as your favorite Mario Kart character! Be sure to practice as much as possible to find some neat shortcuts and sharpen your skills.

The Scavenger Hunt relies on a Terrarian's basic skill of survival, mining, and collection. We provide you with some decent gear and send you off to complete the Scavenger Hunt! The Scavenger Hunt ends after 24 minutes (1 in-game day), and points will be awraded based on how many items you were able to retrieve. You are given the world file to find where everything is ahead of time; just be wary that someone else may also be doing the same thing!

Items that must be retrieved.

A true Terrarian classic! After everyone is where they should be, teams are given fifteen minutes to prepare themselves with whatever they can find; that includes weapons, tools, armor, and anything that will benefit them in the future, and build defenses to protect their precious gem. After the fifteen minutes are up, players are free to steal the other team's gem and bring it back to win! The only twist in our version is that there are four teams in our version of Capture The Gem! Don't worry about game balance; we put Teleporters on the left and right side of the world to ensure teams don't have an unfair advantage. Ore spawn has also been amplified using TerraCustom to ensure maximum chaos!

"Thanks, but I want more detail as to how the minigames will be executed, as well as the world files and common tips and tricks. Where can I find these?"
For the sake of organization and ease of access, we put an extensive book of tips, tricks, world files and the method of play we use on our Discord server. There is a link to our Discord at the bottom of this thread.

"I want to be the Ultimate Terraria Champion! How do I sign up?!"
Easy; just fill out this application! You can post it right here on the forums, or you can join our Discord server and post it in our #sg-signups text channel.
Steam (provide as link):
Teammate's Steam:
Your Discord Tag:
Your Teammate's Discord Tag:
Team Name; can be anything, as long as it's appropriate
Team Icon; create your own icon or sigil for your team! Once again, make sure it's appropriate and it'll be perfect. (Not required)

"But Sky... I have no friends!"
No worries! If you have no friends, you can still lock in your team and your own player slot by signing up without including your nonexistent teammate's steam and discord tag. Anyone else looking for a teammate can then contact you, and you can edit your original post. Like in a normal application, you can post it here or on our Discord server at #sg-signups.
"Nice, I'll be sure to sign up! Where can I join this Discord server?"
---> Click this link! <---
It is highly recommended that you join our Discord server if you plan to participate in the Summer Games. Upon signing up, you will receive the Summer Games role that allows you to view it's respective channels. Don't leave after the Summer Games; we have so much more events planned, in and outside of Terraria!

"This sounds fun, but... what's the prize?! I need that prize!"
The prize is your own Terraria merchandise shopping spree! Buy anything you want from the official Terraria Amazon page, on Toywiz or both! Your shopping spree cannot exceed thirty dollars.
Official Amazon page

"I'm gonna be busy on July 26th. Is there any other way I can get involved?"
Absolutely! We are going to stream the entirety of the Summer Games at this channel; with casting and everything! If you don't want to participate in the Summer Games or you're just busy, this is a good alternative to participating. We have been working to not only make the Games fun, but also to make watching the Games fun.

What are you waiting for? Grab a friend and sign up for the Summer Games! Also be sure to join our Discord for updates and announcements regarding rulesets and changes to minigames, as well as if you happen to be missing a teammate. Please contact me through the forums or through Discord if you have any questions; I'd be glad to assist you!


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