Adventure The Secrets Of Rathgar (Modded Adventure Map)

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  1. ItsYourBoyTrump

    ItsYourBoyTrump Terrarian

    Capture 2016-12-18 16_24_31.png Hi all! I have been working on a map called The Secret of Rathgar, which is going to be a modded map that focuses around the New Dungeon Defenders 2 Crossover update. It is modded, and the mods and there authors are located below. If you like the idea of this, express your ideas for it in the comments. Your Feedback Would be greatly appreciated.
    If anyone would like to Help out or Test the map and give feedback based on that then please send a message to me :happy:

    ReLogic For Making Terraria :redmunch:
    Tmodloader v by bluemagic123, Jopojelly, chickenbones
    Summoners Associationv0.2.3.3 by Jopojelly
    Calamity Mod v1.1.6.14 by Mountain Drew
    Cheezes Content PAck v1.1.0.7 by cheezegami
    Tremor Remastered v1.2.1.7 by Gorateron Bluemagic123 Milt69466 Zoomo DerpoTheMagnificent Snickerbobble
    Thorium Mod v1.2.13.4 by DivermanSam
    Prefixes For Enemies Mod v1.2.0 by Hiccup251
  2. BuckBumble

    BuckBumble Terrarian

    I would like to test your map.
  3. FrostFireDrake

    FrostFireDrake Terrarian

    I would also be willing to test it,as the Calamity mod is one of my favorites!