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Sprites The Soulful Undine (Water Elemental Boss)


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This boss is part of a group of Four Bosses which are based on the Paracelsian 4 Elementals who represent the basic elements. Originally I just had the Ancient Salamander that was part of my Expanded Hardmode Underworld Suggestion designed to be the new boss of that biome. I decided to make another different group of suggestions that feature Post-Golem Level bosses in an elemental theme that each appear in biomes related to their theme, but not as strong as the Lunar enemies. Which intends to add some strong optional endgame bosses that are not Post-Lunar. And encourages the player to explore areas in hardmode again that they may not visit as much in the late game.

The full group of bosses is displayed here, as well as the status of the bosses:

Ancient Salamander (Here) - Complete, Fire Elemental in Underworld
Soulful Undine (This Suggestion) - Complete + Sprites, Water Elemental in Underground Ice
Graceful Sylph - (Here) - Complete + Sprites, Wind Elemental in the Sky/Space Biomes
Supreme Gnome -(Here) - Complete + Sprites, Earth Elemental in the Underground Desert Biome

This specific Light Blue Text Represents Expert Mode Features (Not to be confused with the very Light Blue Color of the Headers in this suggestion)

An item called an Ice Cell will appear throughout the Cavern Level of the Ice Biome after Golem is defeated. They spawn on the walls of the Ice Biome. It's appearance could be said to be something similar to the Blue-X from the game Metroid Fusion:
Metroid Fusion Blue X.gif

This new item can be thought of as a Demon Heart/Shadow Orb for the Ice Biome. They are part of the background and can be broken by a Pwnhammer-tier Hammer or higher. Unlike the Demon Heart/Shadow Orb System, 4 of these need to be broken to summon the Soulful Undine. Each Ice Cell Broken releases a little bit of water and drops 5-10 Ice Blocks. After 4 Ice Cells have been broken, 4 new Ice Cells will spawn in different random locations in the Ice Caverns. An Ice Cell needs to be around 300 feet away from another Ice Cell in order to spawn.

The Ice Cell can be destroyed from explosives like bombs and dynamite.

The following Messages will display as you break Ice Cells similar to how Demon Hearts/Shadow Orbs have messages:

"The Water is vibrating"
"You hear cries coming from the Water"
"The temperature suddenly dropped"

The 4th Ice Cell broken will naturally display "The Soulful Undine has awoken". And this cycle will repeat with the next 4 Ice Cells broken.

(It is worth noting that Ice Cells can spawn even if the Ice Caverns have been Corrupted/Crimsoned or Hallowed. They function the same way and don't cause a "Corrupt Undine" to spawn.)

Boss Details:
Concept Art:
Soulful Undine.png

The size of the Soul Undine is roughly slightly larger than Golem.

The Soulful Undine will enter an enranged mode if you leave the Underground Ice Biome during the fight. It will go very quick on top of the player causing body damage. It will despawn if you use any form of the Magic Mirror.

If you break 4 Ice Cells while the Soulful Undine is summoned, it won't summon another Soulful Undine. It will just cause 4 new Ice Cells to appear in random locations in the Ice Biome.

1st Phase:
HP: 54000 (72000)
Body: 120 (200)
Projectile: 80 (152)
Arm Thrust: 180 (275)
Defense: 72

The Soulful Undine will keep an relative medium distance from the player releasing Ice Projectiles in the shape of ice energy bolts. The Ice Bolts will be fired in a volley of 4 7 in a straight line aimed at the player. It will shift in an oval formation at this distance. After several attacks it will circle above the player to the other side of the player. It also summons Ethereal Ice Elementals throughout the fight. It will summon 1 every 3 seconds until 5 are on screen. The Soulful Undine can also extend its arm to attack the player. When it is about to do this it will stop shifting in the oval position and make an animation like it's going to shoot its arm at the player, if the player avoids this the arm will attach to a surface leaving the Undine stuck in place for 5 seconds which also lowers the Undine's defense by 20. Also given how healing is part of water's nature, the Soulful Undine will passively heal itself for 2000 HP every 10 seconds.

2nd Phase:
HP: 50% of Max HP (27000/54000) (36000/72000)
Body: 160 (250)
Projectile: 110 (176)
Arm Thrust: 204 (310)
Defense: 42

The Soulful Undine's attacks remain the same except that it will move across to the other side of the player more frequently. Its rate of healing is reduced from 2000 HP every 10 Seconds to 500 HP every 15 seconds. Even if it gets above 50% HP again because of this, it will remain in 2nd Phase. It can also now release an orb projectile of pure water (The size is about the tablet used by the Cultists). Only 1 can be on screen at a time. It moves extremely slowly, but causes massive damage to the player if it makes contact. It moves in a straight line and bounces off surfaces. It disappears after 20 seconds if it doesn't hit the player after which another orb can be summoned.

3rd Phase:
HP: 10% of Max HP (7200/72000)
Undine Spectre: 30
Defense: 0 (When in complete Form)

The Soulful Undine stops all previous attacks, it can no longer passively heal. It splits up into 20 miniature versions of itself called Undine Spectres that all scatter around the player. They all begin to attack the player one by one by rushing towards the player in a curved line which is difficult to dodge. After all 20 attack, it reforms in a random location near the player and stays like this for 5 seconds. This is the only time it is vulnerable in this phase for the player to attack it.

Boss Drops:
Drop Rate:
Greater Healing Potions 10-20 (100%)
Soulful Undine Trophy (10%)
Cyro Exoskeleton (9%) (15%)
Ice Heart Cell (100%)
Will always drop one of the following:
Undine Staff (25%)
Splash Spear (25%)
Water Cell (25%)
Hydro Pumper (25%)

Cyro Exoskeleton (Accessory) - allows user to walk on water, turn lava into obsidian that the player walks on, extended breath time, immunity to chilled debuff.

Undine Staff
Undine Staff.png

Weapon type: Summoning Staff
Damage: 55 Summon
Mana Cost: 10
Summons a miniature Ice Elemental to fight for you
Gives Buff: Ice Elemental
Buff Tooltip: The Ice Elemental will fight for you
Looks like an Ice Elemental, but a little smaller
Heads towards enemies, shooting Ice Projectiles, has a small chance to inflict Frozen Debuff on non-boss enemies.

Splash Spear
Splash Spear.png

Weapon type: Chain Knife (Similar to Chain Guillotine/Solar Eruption)
Damage: 86 Melee
Critical Chance: 6%
Knockback: Very Weak
Use time: Fast
Has a Blue hilt with water coming out of it in the form of a whip
Extends out similar to Chain Knife, about a medium distance. This attack can go about 3 blocks deep into solid blocks before retracting. Water drips from this attack's line going down causing small damage to enemies that get hit by the drips.

Water Cell
Water Cell.png

Weapon type: Similar to Magnet Sphere
Damage: 66 Magic
Mana Cost: 12
Knockback: Average
Use time: Very Fast
A book with a Blue/Light Blue Color theme
Shoots out an orb of water that's Blue/Light Blue in appearance. It can shoot Ice Lasers out when it gets near an enemy. Orb actively homes in on nearby enemies and stays attached to them rapidly draining their life. Disappears after 10 seconds or if an enemy it was attached to dies.

Hydro Pumper
Hydro Pumper.png

Weapon type: Machine Gun (Similar to Vortex Beater)
Damage: 44 Range
Use time: Very Fast
Knockback: Very Weak
Critical Chance: 4%
A sort of cannon that's dark blue with Ice pumps connected to it on the sides
50% Chance to not consume ammo.
Bullets fired leave a thin trail of water behind that stays for 3 seconds that damages enemies that touch it. Similar to the Gatligator and Vortex Beater it can fire at 30 degree angle variations from where the cursor is pointed.

Ice Cell Heart (Accessory)
Ice Heart Cell.png

Increases Life Regen when in Water. Gives + 40 Max HP

Here is the information about the Soulful Undine's minion.

Ethereal Ice Elemental
Ethereal Ice Elemental.png

HP: 400 (800)
Melee: 75 (150)
Ranged: 120 (240)
Defense: 30
Stronger version of Ice Elemental. A little larger, radiates with a dark blue/black aura. Has same projectile attack, but fires it in slightly quicker succession. Also inflicts the Chilled debuff, but does not have any drops like its weaker cousin.

I enjoy reading feedback. If there are things about this suggestion (or the other 3 in this group) that can be improved let me know.

EDIT 1 (November 5th 2015):
Added more details for the Ice Cell

EDIT 2 (December 13th 2015)
Added Sprites for most Drops and the Ethereal Ice Elemental

EDIT 3 (December 16th 2015)
Buffed the damage values of the Undine Drops Slightly based on feedback
Undine Staff from 50 to 55 Damage
Splash Spear from 78 to 86 Damage
Water Cell from 58 to 66 Damage
Hydro Pumper from 38 to 44 Damage

EDIT 4 (April 12th 2016)
Added Concept Art for the Soulful Undine
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A nice thought-out idea! I like it.
I'm not good at identifying balancing mistakes, so you'll need another person to find out any errors (if any).

Oh, did I tell you that I support this idea?
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Yo... woah... Yo I gotta tell you, this is spectacular! It's so balanced! The Expert Mode changes are also a challenge, which makes the suggestion better! I sense no balancing errors here, as it marvelously goes together perfectly!

I support! Wait I can't support this...



Too hyper for you? Well, I support.
Yo... woah... Yo I gotta tell you, this is spectacular! It's so balanced! The Expert Mode changes are also a challenge, which makes the suggestion better! I sense no balancing errors here, as it marvelously goes together perfectly!

I support! Wait I can't support this...



Too hyper for you? Well, I support.
Not hyper enough. Meet me at my house for a few pots of coffee.

As for your suggestion Aurora I really like the idea of more side content. I don't like just jamming things into the progression. I look forward to your later work.

I really like the added regeneration in water thing, situational but I like those things.


They are part of the background and can be broken by a Pwnhammer-tier Hammer or higher. Unlike the Demon Heart/Shadow Orb System, 4 of these need to be broken to summon the Soulful Undine.

Does it resist explotion?
Also I think maybe could add some information for each one broken, similar to the Demon Heart/Shadow Orb.


Staff member

Added Sprites for most drops of the Undine and added Sprite for the Ethereal Ice Elemental.


Dang. I enjoy elemental things, and this was created very well. It has interesting drops, That I would probably use. My only concern with them is that they seem a little weak, damage-wise, for the tier that you obtain them in. If the damage values for the weapons are boosted a little, then they would fit their tier a bit better. Other than that, its well balanced and seems well-thought-out. good job.



Staff member

I probably should've made Concept Art from the start for this Boss when I 1st made this suggestion, but I still couldn't do art well at all back then. Which is why there is now rough Concept Art for the Soulful Undine, because I've been practicing art and can do it somewhat well now.

Soulful Undine.png


Official Terrarian
That's a good idea! Also, to make a sprite for the boss quickly, use a pixel art maker and just import the drawing (and resize it to a smaller size).
Edit: Actually, I tried it and it just looks like this:
It's the same but pixelated.
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