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tModLoader The Spectreblight Mod (Now in Mod Browser!)

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Spectreblight Mod
The Spectreblight Mod made by GildedSoupe, is a mod that is currently WIP, but plans to add new challenges and a story mode feel to the game.
Note: This mod is not made for gameplay use yet. Do not use without Cheat Sheet, Hero's Mod, or any other "creative mode" mod. Most of the features in the mod are barely functional, and contain unfinished AI and placeholder sprites."
The Spectreblight Mod adds a few bosses, a new (unfinished) class, a new (unfinished) biome, a new NPC, and a few items.
Unlike Post-Moon Lord, Post-Hardmode occurs after defeating Specturalia in which begins Post-Hardmode
Every NPC in the Spectreblight Mod is used for special purposes throughout the game.
Sells random stuff
Currently there is only one class:
The focus class consists of special weapons that deal more damage if it has not been used for a while when it is in the player's hand.
Join the discord:

Alfred N The Fettuc (Me): For most of the work.
Laugic: For help with code, and permission to use code.
Okami Tomato: For the logo.
Gernocculus, and P̵a̷w̵p̸s̴i̷c̴k̷l̸e̶: For the amazing sprites.
SpectralAves and WordOfTheDayIsYay: For the amazing music.
Re-Logic: For an awesome game.
Blushiemagic: For an awesome mod loader

(Available in the Mod Browser)
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Hello, according to your Spectreblight Discord server, It still doesn't work if I update the new version of the mod itself. Is there a way to fix it?
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