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tModLoader The Spirit Mod!

Do You Like The Mod?

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    Votes: 1,633 94.4%
  • Nah, needs some work!

    Votes: 96 5.6%

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WOOT, You've raised my spirit(s). HAHA Get it?!...*crickets* K, nothing to see here, i'll just go play Terraria now. Thanks for the update. Im not waiting on Thorium anymore


Dungeon Spirit
honestly, that made me cringe so hard a tremor shook my body
I quite enjoyed it :p
So the problem with reloading mods persists even today.......I can wait 2 or 3 minutes of loading.
One can never run out of memory exceptions!

Thanks to all of you guys who've reported bugs so far. I've been able to find and fix multiple while also working on those sick artifact weapons ;)


Haha, i cringed a little too after i clicked the post reply button, but hey, someone had to say something right? I cant shy away from making a pun lol

Glad you enjoyed it Phoe...i mean Yuyutsu :p


When do you think the change log will be uploaded? I want to start a new playthrough but will wait and see what has changed in Spirit Mod first.


Where are enchanted leaves supposed to come from? I've got tons of ancient bark but not a single enchanted leaf. Both Reach Men and Reach Observers are dropping bark for me if one of them should drop leaves instead.
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