tModLoader The Spirit Mod!

Please add support for Census when you have some spare time - a mod shows conditions for spawning NPCs.

And Boss Checklist - a mod that shows a list of bosses to defeat - minibosses aren't implemented, at least Glade Wraith isn't - Glade Wraith

tModLoader - Boss Checklist - In-game progression checklist.

Thanks a lot!

EDIT: Looks like the Blue Moon is not a registered as an event so Abominationn from one of the Fargo's mods can't stop the event.
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Can you please help me? I defeated plantera and it said about spirit's blessing. I checked spirit biome. And nothing I can notice!
If I remember correctly, you can now buy a key from the Trapper (I think that's what he's called) npc to unlock the spirit chests in the flaoting spirit islands.
I just got Spirit disabled today because it's apparently built for Tmod 11.4. While I turned it off and on again and it worked, I feel like this is worth putting out there so the devs could spruce it up for 11.6, to avoid future issues.
I love how @Yuyutsu is still continuing this mod even after he announced he was walking away from it some time ago, if only Tremor got this kind of treatment.

Ah well, glad Spirit will remain relevant in modern days.

PS: anyone having issues with the mod should try grabbing the latest release off the github repo.
can' spirit chests for some reason. even after beating plantera unless i need to beat a specific boss from the mod itself?
can' spirit chests for some reason. even after beating plantera unless i need to beat a specific boss from the mod itself?
You need a key from the Lost Soul NPC
Also I'm pretty sure you need to have beaten the The Illuminant Master first too before he'll sell it
Hey all! I just wanted to share with you all a Spirit Mod Developer Update of sorts, showcasing all of the work that's gone into the mod over the past few months! We're still working hard to make the mod stand out. Give it a watch and tell us what you think!

unique fishing drops?!
also how is summoner in this mod?
What is up with Blue Moon? When I create new world it is permanently there, regardless of Day\Night. Even disabling and re-enabling the mod doesn't help

Edit: somehow solved itself, apparently after reloading the game
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so is tyrina's fury "melee dmg increase to 18%" not working or what? cause an 8% dmg increase from a dawn stone somehow increases my dmg more; on another note the melee dmg increase from tyrina's fury when under half health works fine though
idrk if this is still a running bug but somehow i haven't run into any wheezers for the wheezer scale in my playthrough and it's the only one i haven't been able to get for CoB (yes i have killed EoC already)
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