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tModLoader The Spirit Mod!

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I'm pretty sure that you'd have to talk with Fargo about that since the NPCs that sell boss and event summons would be from his mod.
Hmm, Fargos said "They should be whenever they update" so I took it that to add that then Yuyutsu would be the one to do so.


Lunatic Lobbyist

The Destroyer
Hey friends! With 1.4 right around the corner, I've got a quick message for you all. Please enjoy!
Beautiful video... cannot wait to see more of what's in store! And thank you -- along with your dev team, for all the incredible content you've contributed to this community over the years.

Also unless I somehow missed it, it's a damned crime Spirit Mod wasn't featured in Re-Logic's recent tMod video. This mod is one of the big boys, dammit. :mad:


I've been having problems loading the sprit mod with the new tmodloader thing, it tells me that the mod is outdated and made for an older version of the tmodloader.

Terra B Welch

Duke Fishron
Any chance for boss checklist support? The bosses show up as question marks and have no info in the checklist book.
I've been having to use the Wiki to find out what their summon items are. >.<


Dungeon Spirit
I know all I've been spamming is music recently, but know that we're making good progress on the mod! Please join our discord if you want to stay updated. That being said, here's more music for ya :p

Terra B Welch

Duke Fishron
For some reason towards the end of the ancient flier fight my game had a massive drop in frames making it incredibly difficult to dodge the boss' attacks.
Only after the boss died did my frames stablize again.


Dungeon Spirit
Here's a bigger spoiler for you all, aside from music. Check out an item showcase on one of the newer items in the mod, the Rail-Gun!


Hey all, pretty sure this is the appropriate place for my concern, but it seems Reach Chests are bugged for me. For the first few hours of my world, I could mine and pick up the chests and proceeded to place 4 in my house. Even being completely empty, and every naturally spawning chest being empty, I can no longer remove these Reach Chests. No pickaxe I tried could remove them.

Is this a known bug? Has this been given a solution elsewhere that I have not seen?
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