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The Spooky Legion - Halloween Rival to the Frost Legion!


The Spooky Legion!
So, someone suggested to me the idea of giving the Frost Legion a Halloween counterpart while I was buffing said legion.
I didn't even realize this had been missing, but I sure as heck wasn't passin' up that idea, so... h
ere we are, folks!
Get ready, and prepare to be thoroughly spooked (well, assuming you can be thoroughly spooked by a bunch of pixelized Jack-o'-Lanterns, anyways), because we're divin' right in.

First thing's first:

The Goodie Bag!

"The Goodie Bag?"
The Goodie Bag. If you need glasses, I've got a spare pair (hey that rhymes).
This is just a minor addition, but I assure you, you'll appreciate it nonetheless:

It has a 3.75% chance of dropping from the Spooky Legion enemies, which is triple the usual drop rate. This makes these guys really goodie Bag farms *cough*.
Cool, right? Ok, great, now let's move on to the most important part.

...That's... not what I had in mind, but alright, whatever, I guess; it works.
6.67% chance of droppin' from a Goodie Bag, but it can also be crafted with a Jack o' Lantern, 7 of any Wood, 2 Iron/Lead Bars and 4 Souls of Fright at a Sawmill.

Use this thing and the Spooky Legion will drop everything to give you the spooks. And death.
Okay now let's move on to the original most-important part.

The Legion Itself! Duh!
The Frost Legion has snowmen. This... has pumpkins. A lot of pumpkins. And they're all named Jack.
I don't even wanna imagine how confusing that must get. Anyways, let's start looking at the enemies. First up is...
Hoppin' Jack!

Spawn Rate: The most plentiful enemy in the Legion

He, uh, already exists; I just refined his sprite.
I didn't just want to give this guy a little stat change and be done with it, so I made three more variants, e
ach having slightly different stats and behaviors.
The different variants' behaviors, from left to right, are...
Variant 1: Becomes much faster as it loses health. The original shtick, slightly buffed.
Variant 2: Jumps twice in a row; the first jump is low but far, and the other is high but short.
Variant 3: Has shorter hops than the other variants, but will continuously hop towards you while your back is turned.

Variant 4: A lot slower than the other variants. Will flee if you get too close, and will break open after 10 seconds, spawning a Polterheist. Trust me when I say you won't want that.

Variant 1: The original shtick is further buffed.
Variant 2: Can choose which kind of jump it'll perform based on your location.
Variant 3: Hops a lot faster when your back is turned, as well as a little farther.
Variant 4: Only takes 6 seconds to spawn in a Polterheist after it begins to flee. Also moves a bit quicker in general.

AI: Slime
Damage: 80, 92, 72, 62
Health: 215, 265, 240, 175
Defense: 26, 23, 16, 39
KBR: 50%, 15%, 66%, 37%
Spooked (On contact, 33%, 30-60 seconds)
New Drops:

, 100%
, every 50 kills

AI: Slime
Damage: 160, 184, 144, 124
Health: 430, 530, 480, 175
Defense: 26, 23, 16, 39
KBR: 55%, 20%, 71%, 42%
Spooked (On contact, 100%, 30-60 seconds)
Expert Drop Changes:
, 100%

Next up, the guy whose sprite went through like 20 different iterations before I was satisfied...
Rollin' Jack!

Spawn Rate: Common

This enemy is kind of a scarier Angry Tumbler, in more ways than one.
It'll roll towards you to attack, accelerating to about Mach 12 in a few seconds and probably smashing into a wall, splattering its guts everywhere.
...It doesn't actually move at Mach 12; its max speed is 60 MPH, which it reaches in like a second or two. If it hits a wall while at a speed of at least 54 MPH, it'll splatter, creating a large explosion of guts that can get on both players and blocks. Getting hit by the initial splatter or touching any splattered blocks inflicts you with Gutsy.
Gutsy is just Tipsy, with the added bonuses of "randomly-lowered horizontal movement speed and jump height" and "no damage increase". In other words, "literally not like Tipsy at all", and also, "not fun".

Slamming into a wall will take half of its max HP while still causing a (smaller) splatter.

(Quick Note: This enemy's sprite literally just rotates when it moves. Personally, I think that would look really funny, but knowing my luck, everyone's gonna see it as super lazy. Which I guess isn't entirely wrong, but I'm also not the best with animations right now, so cut me some slack.)
AI: Unicorn
Damage: 30-90, scales based on speed
Health: 265
Defense: 32
KBR: 84%
Spooked (On contact, 25%, 37-74 seconds)
Gutsy (On splatter, 100%, 6 seconds)

, 100%
Flailin' Jack
, 1%

, every 50 kills

AI: Unicorn
Damage: 30-150, scales based on speed
Health: 530
Defense: 32
KBR: 92%
Spooked (On contact, 100%, 37-74 seconds)
Gutsy (On splatter, 100%, 12 seconds)
Expert Drop Changes:
, 100%

Flailin' Jack
, 2%

And now, here's your second worst nightmare in this event...
Spittin' Jack!

Spawn Rate: Uncommon

This guy kinda just acts like a faster normal slime. Until it gets close, that is.
When 14 blocks or closer from you (and if it has a clear line of sight), this guy'll spit lil'
Pumpkin Seeds at you. This pretty much works in the exact same way Spiked slimes fire at you, save for the doubled firing speed, and the seeds' higher velocity and distance (+70%).
If the seeds hit you, they shatter, but if they whiff and land on the ground, they'll root to the ground and begin growing at a rapid pace. 10 seconds later, the seed'll turn into either a Hoppin' Jack, Rollin' Jack, or, rarely, another Spittin' Jack.
That's a problem. Actually, that's a lot of problems.

He'll leave guts and a seed where he lands, but will take 35 damage after every jump. Planted seeds also grow faster now, so get movin' before the pumpkin cavalry arrives. Just make sure to watch out for the seeds as he fires 'em; they inflict Gutsy now.

Seeds can occasionally grow into Bombin' Jacks. You'll see what those are in a sec.
AI: Slime
Damage: 56 contact, 78 seeds
Health: 325
Defense: 24
KBR: 56%
Spooked (On contact, 45%, 22-44 seconds)

, 50%
, 100%

, 1.73%
, every 50 kills

AI: Slime
Damage: 112 contact, 156 seeds
Health: 650
Defense: 18
KBR: 50%
Spooked (On contact, 100%, 22-44 seconds)
Gutsy (Seeds, 100%, 4-7 seconds)

Expert Drop Changes:
, 100%
, 100%

, 3.46%

Then the enemy where all the budget went, sprite-wise...
Bombin' Jack!

Alternate Name: Squashling Bomber
Spawn Rate: Rare

Now HERE'S a spooky pumpkin. Dude's actually a Jack o' Lantern and everything.
He also sits on a sick autumn-leaf throne, which can endlessly regenerate his head.
...Wait, crap, I meant to say that later.
Well whatever I guess. This guy uses his head to attack, and not in the smart way. He lunges his noggin─which flies surprisingly far for an object of its mass─at ya, that then takes six seconds to regenerate. He seems to have an explosive temper, though; his head explodes on impact, with a boom radius the size of Dynamite. That in and of itself is pretty intimidating (especially with the long On Fire! and Gutsy you'll likely be inflicted with), but wait 'til you see the lobbed heads when a player passes under 'em!
Any lobbed heads will immediately begin to fall STRAIGHT down if you pass under them. This produces a nuke-resembling explosion with a higher vertical range, shorter horizontal range, and a lotta damage.

Hurting these guys is kinda tricky; their heads have their own health bars, which block the throne from damage. You can either get it to lunge its head, or you can set the head off yourself, causing the throne to take damage from the boom as well as any nearby enemies. The latter option also keeps the throne from running around like a crazy madman (oh yeah, this thing moves at a decent rate, but moves a LOT faster without a head) until the next head regenerates.

Their head flies 70% faster and farther (yes, 70% is just this thread's thing, now), and takes only two seconds to regenerate. That, and the explosions now send 4-6
flaming seeds flying outwards which are really hot, but conveniently burn up before they can grow into more pumpkins.

F u n.
AI: Fighter
Damage: 88 contact, 184 boom
Health: 68 head, 3,875 autumn-leaf throne
Defense: 24 head, 19 throne
KBR: 100% head, 90% throne and lobbed head
Spooked (On contact, 55%, 15-75 seconds)
On Fire! (Boom, 100%, 6-10 seconds)
Gutsy (Boom, 100%, 8-16 seconds)

, 100%

Squashling Bomber Staff
, 2.14%
, every 50 kills

AI: Fighter
Damage: 176 contact, 368 boom, 84 fire seeds
Health: 680 head, 3,875 autumn-leaf throne
Defense: 32 head, 19 throne
KBR: 100% head, 96% throne and lobbed head
Spooked (On contact, 100%, 22-44 seconds)
On Fire! (Boom and Fire seeds, 100%, 9-15 seconds)
Gutsy (Boom, 100%, 16-32 seconds)
Expert Drop Changes:
, 100%

Squashling Bomber Staff
, 4.28%

...And here's your first worst nightmare!

Spawn Rate: Spawns from 1% of defeated Hoppin', Rollin', Spittin', and Bombin' Jacks; and Very Rare, post-Plantera

Remember when I said you wouldn't want this guy to spawn? Haha, yeah, I wasn't kidding.
The "heist" in his name isn't just for show, if you were wondering. This guy tends to stay within a certain distance from you, occasionally rushing you with a dash that has some extreme speed and reach. If he bumps you, except some things that were previously in your pockets to no longer be in your pockets.
He's not your typical, everyday pickpocket, though (This guy has no arms! How could he be?). He actually has some IQ points, which is more than I can say for most enemies in this game.
Instead of trying to swipe your good stuff, he goes for your potions (which, I guess can also be considered "good stuff", but that's beside the point). Reason for this being, he can fly to the toughest enemy on-screen and give them the swiped potions, letting them get the potion's effects for themselves. This, obviously, kind of REALLY blows.

The Polterheist prioritizes stealing Potions before everything else, but if the player is brave (or, more likely, stupid) enough to not have brought any potions with them, the Polterheist will proceed to steal random materials in the player's inventory. After that, it'll go for your non-vanity accessories, and after that, it'll go for weapons.
If it gets to your good items, that's kind of on you, at this point. Don't worry about your armor, though; w
e're not playing Skyrim.

The Polterheist figured out how to steal two items at a time, possibly even three if he's lucky. His Heist Dash™ also makes you lose mana equal to 50% of the damage it deals.
AI: Hovering
Damage: 98 contact, 62 fire
Health: 3,280
Defense: 23

KBR: 88%
Spooked (On contact, [85%], 1 minute)
Spectral (On contact, [15%], 10 seconds)
(Ectoplasm, 50%, 8-16 seconds)


Whatever it stole from you, provided it wasn't a potion.
, 100% after Plantera is defeated

Burning Spirit
, 3.67% after Plantera is defeated
, every 50 kills

AI: Hovering
Damage: 196 contact, 62 fire
Health: 6,560
Defense: 23
KBR: 94%
Spooked (On contact, [70%], 2 minutes)
Spectral (On contact, [30%], 20 seconds)
(Ectoplasm, 100%, 8-16 seconds)

Expert Drop Changes:
, 100% after Plantera is defeated

Burning Spirit
, 7.34% after Plantera is defeated

Finally, the only Mini Boss who actually survived my revision of this suggestion:

Alternate Name: Jack-o'-Mole
Hahah, get it? Whack-a-Mole plus Jack-o'-Lantern?
...I thought it was clever.
Well anyways, this guy... really is just Whack-a-Mole but with a Jack-o'-Lantern.
To move around, Whack-a-Jack will duck into the ground and reappear somewhere else, popping his eyes out for a second before either ducking back down or further popping out, getting his mouth outta the ground to attack. He'll try to pop up under you when he's going to attack.
He can spit out various things at you to attack, a list of which is down below in a Spoiler. He either spits the entire attack out in one volley, or over 3 different pop-ups (spit out a few, switch spots, spit out more, switch spots, and spit out the rest, switch spots).
As Whack-a-Jack approaches death, he begins to move and attack faster, and he'll even start popping up alongside fakes when attacking. The fakes spit out a different attack from the original, but all the fakes spit out the same thing, so it becomes a game of "Find the odd one out". Shouldn't be that hard, though; the real Whack-a-Jack will crack as he takes damage, while the fakes stay completely pristine throughout the whole fight. And uh, also, the whole "different attack thing".

Whack-a-Jack will be attack 25% faster and will have two extra fakes present at all times. Some of his attacks are also a bit harsher now, too.

Spits out 6 Pumpkin Seeds at random angles, each of which inflict Gutsy.
Uses his Spectral Breath, which is kind of like a flamethrower with ectoplasm-colored "flames" that sweeps from side to side, which reach about as far as an actual Flamethrower would.
He also breaths out 2-6 Spectral Blasts while the main breath's going on, which fly at a decent speed, but decelerate at a rate of 33% every second. However, the blasts become bigger, faster, and stronger the fewer he spits out, up to a 200% increase.
Spits out 5-8 Halloween Bats, which are just tinier Cave Bats that don't take much to dispatch of. They don't even hurt that much.
Either vomits out 3 Hoppin', Rollin' or Spittin' Jacks (which are mix and matched), or 1 Bombin' Jack/Polterheist [50/50%].

The Pumpkin Seeds are instead on fire, and send Greek Fire in random directions as they travel. The floor is now even more of a bad place to be than it was previously.
The Spectral Breath now reaches farther, sweeps a wider area, and is thicker, and the Blasts are aimed directly at you.
• Hahahahah okay the bats kinda hurt now, and inflict Life Drain (the not-good kind). There's also 8-12 of them now.
• Bombin' Jacks and Polterheists have a greater chance of spawning, and can occasionally spawn in pairs.
Non-sequiter Note: Blocks under Whack-a-Jack become invincible.
AI: New
Damage: 65 contact, 110 surfacing, 42 Flaming Seeds, 26 Greek Fire 74 Pumpkin Bombs, 60-90 Flaming Wood
Health: 10,000
Defense: 34
KBR: 100%
Inflicts: On Fire! (Flaming Seeds, 35%, 6-10 seconds)
(Greek Fire, 100%, 12-24 seconds)
Spooked (Surfacing, 100%, 6 seconds)
Spectral (Specterballs, 100%, 16 seconds)

Pumpkin Bomb 4-8
, 100%

Spooky Mask
, 3%

, 6% Post-Plantera
Whack-a-Jack Trophy 10%

AI: New
Damage: 130 contact, 220 surfacing, 84 Flaming Seeds, 52 Greek Fire, 111 Pumpkin Bombs, 120-180 Flaming Wood
Health: 20,000
Defense: 34
KBR: 100%
Inflicts: On Fire! (Flaming Seeds, 70%, 6-10 seconds)
(Greek Fire, 100%, 24-48 seconds)
(Pumpkin Bombs, 100%, 8-16 seconds)
Spooked (Surfacing, 100%, 12 seconds)
(Pumpkin Bombs, 100%, 8-16 seconds)
Spectral (Specterballs, 100%, 32 seconds)

Expert Drop Changes:
Pumpkin Bomb 8-12

After all that's said and done, you might get some of those sweet new item drops, courtesy of Moi. How 'bout we check out...
The Loot!
Flailin' Jack

Drops from Rollin' Jacks.
This guy can REALLY flail around! He can reach a whopping 48 feet (or 24 blocks) before having to retract, which is 4 blocks farther than the Dao of Pow and Flower Pow (the Dual Pows, as I say). He can pierce 7 enemies.
"A pierce limit? On a flail?"
I say to you, yes, and for good reason. Each enemy hit is likely to get Gutsy for 1 second, +1 second for every enemy Gutsy'd during the same throw. Upon hitting an eighth enemy, Jack explodes and sends guts flying everywhere, inflicting Gutsy on every enemy hit for double the flail's current infliction time. After that happens, the flail's vine will still be hanging out, limp and useless. Make sure you pull it back in so you can throw another not-useless Jack out.
Can also occasionally Spook enemies, though I wouldn't count on it doing that in a pinch.

Type: Weapon
Damage: 46 (Melee)
Knockback: 5 (Average)
Critical Chance: 4%
Use Time: 47 (Extremely Slow)
Velocity: 13.5
Gutsy (70% chance, 1 second +1 for every enemy inflicted with the debuff in the same throw, x2 duration on splatter)
Spooked (4% chance, 10 seconds, not inflicted by splatter)
Sell: 1


Drops from Spittin' Jacks.
Now YOU can become a Spittin' Jack! Just aim at whatever you want seeds, and BLAMMO- wait, you only have Blowpipe seeds?
Get those outta here! You can use any type of seed as ammunition for this baby, even Acorns and Pumpkin Seeds (you probably could've figured out the Pumpkin Seeds, though)!
Different types of seeds have different types of effects, so test 'em all out to find a preferred ammunition, if any.
Or just, y'know, look at the sub-sub-Spoiler below. The one labeled "
Type: Weapon
Damage: 34 (Ranged)
Knockback: 4 (Weak)
Critical Chance: 4%
Use Time: 14 (Very Fast)
Velocity: 14
Tooltip: Plant your vengeance... and your herbs.
15% chance to not consume ammo
Light Red
Sell: 85

Biome Seeds increase damage dealt to enemies from specific biomes.

Grass Seeds

Damage: 12
Plants Forest grass on Dirt, replacing other grasses in the process. Also converts Mud into Dirt.
Deals 130% damage to non-Forest enemies, and inflicts Dryad's Bane for a second for every seed that hits. Forest enemies take 50% damage.

Corrupt Seeds

Damage: 13
Plants Corrupt grass on Dirt, replacing other grasses in the process. Also converts Mud into Dirt.
Deals 190% damage to Hallow and Crimson enemies. Corrupt enemies take 75% damage

Crimson Seeds

Damage: 14
Plants Crimson grass on Dirt, replacing other grasses in the process. Also converts Mud into Dirt.
Deals 210% damage to Hallow and Corruption enemies. Crimson enemies take 75% damage

Jungle Seeds

Damage: 14
Plants Jungle grass on Mud, replacing Mushroom grass in the process.
Deals 170% damage to Mushroom enemies. Jungle enemies take 85% damage

Mushroom Seeds

Damage: 15
Plants Mushroom grass on Mud, replacing Jungle grass in the process.
Deals 230% damage to Jungle enemies.
Projectile emits a faint blue light.

Hallow Seeds

Damage: 16
Plants Hallow grass on Dirt, replacing other grasses in the process. Also converts Mud into Dirt.

Deals 230% damage to Corrupt and Crimson enemies.
Herb Seeds are the special special ammo type; each seed has its own special effect which can come in handy in some situations.

Daybloom Seeds

Damage: 6
Plants a Daybloom where it lands.
Hits grant the player Life Drain for 1 second; time stacks with multiple hits.

Blinkroot Seeds

Damage: 13
Plants a Blinkroot where it lands.
Inflicts Shine for 20 seconds.

Deathweed Seeds

Damage: 8
Plants a Deathweed where it lands.
Targets take 10% more damage and knockback for every consecutive Deathweed Seed they get hit by. Missing a seed resets the bonus.

Fireblossom Seeds

Damage: 10
Plants a Fireblossom where it lands, but burns grass and foliage off of blocks (items will still drop).
On impact, the seed bursts into flames and behaves identically to one of the Cursed Dart's flame drops, save for the fact that this thing just inflicts On Fire.

Moonglow Seeds

Damage: 7
Plants a Moonglow where it lands.
50% of the damage these seeds deal is returned to you as Mana.

Shiverthorn Seeds

Damage: 9
Plants a Shiverthorn where it lands.
Chills enemies for up to 20 seconds on impact, with a 60% chance. Chilled enemies can then be inflicted with Frostburn for 4-8 seconds with a 40% chance.

Waterleaf Seeds

Damage: 8
Plants a Waterleaf where it lands.
While in rain or water, these seeds will absorb the water around them, increasing damage by 8 every second and vulnerability to gravity by 15%.
These are just whatever, I guess.


Damage: 3
...Yeah, there's not much to see for this one.

Pumpkin Seeds

Damage: 13
Plants Pumpkins on Forest grass.
Faster than the Blowpipe Seed, and can hit 4 enemies.

May occasionally inflict Gutsy (15% chance).


Damage: 19
Plants Trees on Grass.
Infinitely ricochets off of enemies, though it loses velocity after every bounce.

Burning Spirit

This book is kind of a direct upgrade to the Book of Skulls.

The projectiles have more pierce, homing ability and velocity, but also have a nice Ultrabright glow as well as a unique special ability.

For every hit it deals that does over 30 damage, the target has a chance of dropping one of its normal item drops, including coins. More specifically, the chance is whatever the chance the of items dropping normally is, times 2%, or .02. The quantity of items dropped is also 80% lower, but it will not drop under 1 item. For example, the Rainbow Slime would have a 2% chance of dropping extra Rainbow Bricks on a hit, but you'd only get 6-12 Bricks instead of 30-60. As for the Gel, which would also have a 2% chance of dropping, only 1-4 would drop, instead of 1-20.
Oh yeah also this weapon is Spooky. Spook people with it too, I guess.
Can be Tinkered with the Duster for... interesting results.
Type: Weapon
Damage: 37 (Magic)
Knockback: 3 (Very Weak)
Mana: 24
Critical Chance: 1%
Use Time: 20 (Very Fast)
Velocity: 6
Tooltip: Fires spirits that can steal items from enemies if enough damage is dealt
Spooked (33% chance, 20-30 seconds)
Spectral (4% chance, 8-16 seconds)
Light Purple
Sell: 2

Squashling Bomber Staff

This staff summons a Lil' Squashling Bomber.

It moves a lot like a Twinkle Popper would. However, instead of spitting out weird suicidal alien mites, it lobs its explosive head at enemies. They fly pretty far, but travel a bit slowly. On impact, the heads explode the size of a Bomb, dealing massive damage and knockback, and possibly inflicting a couple of debuffs. It's even got a big Critical Chance, too. HOWEVER, it takes four seconds to regrow another head to lob.
These guys can MISS. Also they don't have contact damage, so this is their only source of damage.
Type: Weapon
Damage: 92 (Summon)
Knockback: 8.5 (Very Strong)
Mana: 30
Critical Chance: 18%
Use Time: 40 (Very Slow)
Velocity: I dunno. They aren't very fast, but their heads fly far.
Tooltip: Summons a lil' Squashling Bomber to fight for you.
Squashling Bomber
Buff Tooltip: The Squashling Bomber will fight for you.
On Fire! (Boom, 85%, 6-12 seconds)
Gutsy (35%, 6-12 seconds)

Rarity: Pink
Sell: 1

Ectoblaster (Thank @MadCat for this idea!)

Dropped by Whack-a-Jacks after Plantera is defeated.
This... is a Ranged weapon. It does NOT use Mana.
It uses... Ectoplasm.
I know where the front door is, thanks. Not like this is my thread or anything.
This weapon is essentially the Whack-a-Jack's Spectral Breath attack split in two:

Firing normally will shoot a tiny Spectral Blast that moves at an average velocity and does decent damage. However, you can hold the button down to charge the blast for up to a second, granting it a maximum of 100% increased size, damage, knockback and velocity, depending on how long you charge it.
Holding Alt-fire will fire a constant stream of Spectral "gas", so to speak, which you think would work like the Flamethrower's projectiles (especially since I made the comparison earlier), but actually function more so like the Rocket Spear special in Starbound; spears with the special could shoot out a slow-moving stream of an elemental gas while holding Alt-Fire. Each hit would deal the same amount of damage as an uncharged shot with the normal attack, but it would be, well, continuous, allowing for decent crowd control.

For both attacks, the kicker, as you say, is that all of the projectiles decelerate at a speed of 33% per second, disappearing once they stop. What this means is, you should be putting quotation marks around "Ranged", because this weapon excels at any distance, save for EXTREME DISTANCE.
A very flexible and powerful weapon, but the ammo you need for it is not the most plentiful in the world. Maybe whip out the Burning Spirit if you're not gonna be a Spectre Mage.
Type: Weapon
Damage: 96 (Ranged, pierces Defense)
Knockback: 5 (Average)
Critical Chance: 6%
Use Time: 42 (Very Slow)
Velocity: 9
Tooltip: Haunt your enemies with the souls of their loved ones
Spectral (66% chance, 12-24 seconds)
Sell: 3

Pumpkin Bomb (Thank @MadCat for this idea!)

Dropped by Whack-a-Jack, and can be crafted using a Grenade, 3 Pumpkins and 1 Gel.
Works like a Grenade, with the explosion of a Bomb.
These bombs have a good chance of Spooking enemies, though it's not guaranteed. The explosions can also occasionally set foes On Fire!, and remove the Danger Sense buff from players in PvP.
The bombs themselves explode after two seconds, bounce more than normal Grenades typically do, and do
NOT destroy blocks.
Type: Weapon
Damage: 74 (Thrown)
Knockback: 6.5 (Strong)
Critical Chance: 8%
Use Time: 38 (Very Slow)
Velocity: 7
Tooltip: Gives goosebumps goosebumps.
Spooked (85% chance, 6-12 seconds)
On Fire!
(15% chance, 8-16 seconds)
Rarity: Light Red
Sell: 30

Spooky Mask

Wow, man, I'm feeling thoroughly spooked right now.
Any enemies that come within 10 blocks of you have a chance of becoming Spooked.
If you get hit, a Halloween Spirit will fly out for every 25 damage you take from the hit, up to 4 Spirits with 100 damage.
Type: Accessory
Damage: 25 (Magic, pierces defense)
Spooked (Radius, 35% chance, 3-6 seconds)
(Halloween Spirits, 100% chance, 7-14 seconds)

Spectral (Halloween Spirits, 15% chance, 8-16 seconds)

Tooltip: Spooks enemies that approach you
Taking a hit sends Halloween Spirits out to do the spooking for you
Light Purple
Sell: 2

Hah, right. Forgot about these. Should be the last things.
New... Debuffs!..

You're on edge.
Effects: -12% damage, minus an additional 2% damage for every other enemy on-screen; nearby players each nullify the effects of two enemies
Approaching enemies stops you in your tracks for .75 seconds; cooldown of 1 second

+40% movement speed
Immune Enemies:
Pumpkin Moon enemies


Sticky AND corrosive─oh my!
Effects: Lose 0-1 armor, 1-2% horizontal movement speed, and 1-2% vertical movement speed for every second the debuff is inflicted.
Immune Enemies:
Anything that's immune to Ichor


Fighting the spectral plane's grasp
Effects: -2% health per second
Randomly rotates your movement directions every 8 seconds (the same layout won't be used twice in a row). This also affects enemies, though they'll figure it out in about 2-6 seconds and start moving the right way again.
Grants the target a light-blue glow and some transparency. The visual effects become stronger the closer the target is to death.
Immune Enemies:
Undead/Ghost enemies
Spooky Legioners

Oh Would Ya Look At That; I Actually Finished This Thing
Ok, seriously though, holy :red: did I go overboard with the content. Had to scrap a lot of that, including the Green Devil, which went on to be in 2 other suggestions after this one. There were also the NPC Costumes that I never actually got around to adding on to.
Let's just say I haven't forgotten about those. If I did, they'd still be on this thread.

Anyways, thank you for reeeaaadiiing, and sorry for making everything so overly verbose. I tried a new way to format Normal Mode VS Expert Mode stuff, and I also made an (admittedly minimal) effort to make long descriptions more readable, so, uh, feedback on that would be appreciated. Along with, y'know, feedback on the Spooky Legion stuff.

(And because I know someone's gonna bring it up, yes, I know this is still kind of an oversaturated event. I'm workin' on it. Kinda.)
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Interesting. I would like the frost legion to get buffed and if it does then this would need to as well. I really like this because I LOVE Halloween. honestly as is the event doesn't seem too great (It's not your work! I love it!) like the frost legion. I propose that in this event and frost legion the holidays corresponding grab bags have a higher chance of dropping than any other enemies. Twice the presents. Twice the Goodie Bags. Great idea! I'm quite surprised I haven't seen this before.


Interesting. I would like the frost legion to get buffed and if it does then this would need to as well. I really like this because I LOVE Halloween. honestly as is the event doesn't seem too great (It's not your work! I love it!) like the frost legion. I propose that in this event and frost legion the holidays corresponding grab bags have a higher chance of dropping than any other enemies. Twice the presents. Twice the Goodie Bags. Great idea! I'm quite surprised I haven't seen this before.
More Goodie Bags?
Brilliant. I'll go do that real quick. But while I go do that...

I'm adding costumed enemies! Only a few, though. I kinda wanna see if other people'll suggest any.

[EDIT, TWO YEARS LATER] manguysimreallygladyouguyshavesomanyideas
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Buffed the Pumpkin Armor!

[EDIT: TWO YEARS LATER] Uh, actually, I'm gonna think this one through a bit more.
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Skeletron Prime
You've got support from me on this one.
May I also suggest you add some additions to the already existing Frost Legion?
As, at the moment, the one which already exists seems not only very underwhelming, but very pointless, as it poses little to no reward for defeating it.


You've got support from me on this one.
May I also suggest you add some additions to the already existing Frost Legion?
As, at the moment, the one which already exists seems not only very underwhelming, but very pointless, as it poses little to no reward for defeating it.
Sure, Once I Finish This Suggestion. `:p
[EDIT, APPARENTLY ON THE SAME DAY] I've done the thing! Here it is!
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I'm a bit confused about the buffed pumpkin armor. Is there still gonna be normal pumpkin armor?
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