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  • Starfarer Active Abilities

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Demon Fox Kurama

Duke Fishron
Another thing I only just noticed- Is there any plan for the bosses of this mod to get trophies?

Edit: Just fought the Burnished king. In the event they do get added, maybe... make the trophies a 100% droprate? Hahah...
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I beat skeletron and went to the underworld then got some diolog about an essence then never got one,can i get it again?btw I looked in items tab in the recepy browser and never saw any essences(in 1.4 alpha)
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The memory usage size is larger than the Thorium mod !

Demon Fox Kurama

Duke Fishron
Not sure if this is a bug with Just TSA or if it's some screwery with another mod, but when using the Light Unrelenting's right click, my health doesn't get drained at all.


EDIT : after loosing my whole set of jungle armor due to trash mod shift click instead of equiping auto deleting, the mod star above works again.
I fail to understand the link between both but unless it comes back i'm good for now. still if you guys have any idea what caused this or what i can do if it comes back feel free to mention it. Since it's my first game with terraria it feels pretty rough and the star above helps a lot a newbie like me :/


I suddenly got an issue after playing without any problem for a while pre hardmode.

When using the spatial disk, I cannot open the passive abilities menu anymore and it seems to crash the mod (the game is still playable).
to be more specific, after loading a game, i can :
- left click the spatial disk for any talk
- right click to acess archive ans the yet locked middle option
However after clicking once on the passive menu, the disk would close without any word, and then i wouldn't be able to interact anymore with the spatial disk unless reloading a game.

Also :
-this happened when selecting my 3rd passive with provide 6 def, minus 30 damage if i get hit for more than 100 hp etc.
- each time i load the game, it seems to work and i can see the 6 def passive is there. As soon as i click on passive menu and make the mod bug, the 6 def would disappear.

my mod list is :
Calamity music
Calamity no music
magic storage extra (I changed for this from the no extra version during the game)
no more tombs
max stack plus extra
the star above
the star above music
alechemist npc lite
unlevelled mod
yet another boss health bar
wing slot
auto trash
vein miner
boss checklsit
smart door

I played revengeance calamity for about 10 pre hardmode bosses without issues with the spatial disk before.
Not sure if it is related, but it really seem to have appeared with the unlocking of the 6 def passive when i activated it for the first time.

I heard there is a debug disk but:
1) I would rather avoid losing my progress
2) couldn't find any information on how to craft it.

Any idea what i could try ? I'm runing out of ideas.
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I have a friendly suggestion that may help the mod scale better with other mods. Instead of having so many of the weapon bonuses (think the clock hands on Kroniic Principality[KP]) and Stellar Novas be flat values, having them be percentages would open them up to more viability.

For a weapon example: I'm using an RPG mod that adds levels/stats to all enemies and weapons. My current KP does 1800 Summon Damage. It's scaling great because the RPG mod simply multiplies my summon damage by X every time I level up. However the bonus damage on the clock hands does not scale at all, it's set to a flat amount with another flat +60 damage on top for it's special. The weapon would scale much better with the various RPG/stat altering mods if instead of "+60 damage" it was "+10% bonus damage" or something along those lines.

More importantly though! Stellar Novas are great. They are my favorite part of the mod. Unfortunately they do not feel impactful at all. The recent additions to the Prisms have done a lot to address this but I think a good compliment to this would be having the damage from the Stellar Nova come from the weapon the user is wielding at time of activation. That way if I'm knee deep in a Calamity/Elements Awoken/Mod of Redemption playthrough I still have a reason to use the offensive Stellar Novas.

I did not read through the previous 17 pages of the forum so if this has been suggested and shot down already, I apologize for wasting your time :)
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I really like this mod but it makes my game stutter(tested playing without it), the stutter is unrelated to number of enemies on screen or bosses I'm fighting. Even x10 spawn doesn't stutter but when I have this mod and just mine underground it stutters every few dozen second. I'm using 1.4 alpha tModLoader, running the game on gpu and have 24gb ram. Damn it, I like it so much and the progression that comes with it that I'm still gonna use it but I hope this could be looked at.


V 1.0.0 IS HERE YEEEEESS, I've been watching every day for it, i can't wait to install the new version and play with it and calamity's new version! I absolutely LOVE the story and idea's as well! Keep it coming PaperLuigi! And congratulations for getting here!


Official Terrarian
Hello, me and my friends were just playing around with the mod and when we beat eater of worlds one of my friends started gaining essence for no reason.


The Destroyer
Hello, me and my friends were just playing around with the mod and when we beat eater of worlds one of my friends started gaining essence for no reason. View attachment 354940
If they have visited a world with further progress, their player file will be changed. I advise using the Debug Disk the rejoining the server to update progress.


Hello,it's so nice of you to make such a wonderful mod.I want to make videos and upload to bilibili to show more people this mod though I just have 5 thousand subscribes...
But I'm not versed in English.And I have neither your contact information but also Sinicization groups'. I cannot use discord because of my network.So is there an approach for me
to make more communication with you or the sinicization group.I really want to do something for this mod.


I don’t know how to find the observatory hyperborea(idk for all I know it make not exist without calamity or something) but I need to find it any help?


I'm just doing my first playthrough with this mod and I really like it so far, but I came across my first essence "Essence of the Freeshooter".
As a german, I feel obligated to tell you that the weapon I can create with it, the "Der Freischutz" translates to "The Freeprotection", which doesn't make any sense in german or english.
If your goal was to just make it look/sound neat in english, it may have worked, but if you want the actual translation: "Freeshooter" would translate to "Freischütze", which also doesn't make any sense, but you could use "Freischuss", which translates to "Freeshot" and is a word that actually exists.


Does v1.0 mean that the mod is finished?
Congrats! Thank you for making this great mod!
Pretty sure it's just the first gigantic milestone, i have a feeling more is coming. Paperluigi didn't say it was finished on here at the very least so probably not.


I cant download the .tmod file manually here for some reason. I cant download the mod with tmodloader since im running with a mac so i have to manually download the file, but when i download it, it only has the, where would i find the '.tmod ' file?
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