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PC The state of 1.3.1 for PC

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Good day Terrarians,

As many of you know, 1.3.1 for PC has been "just around the corner" for some time now. To give you a better idea of what this means I will be sharing with you the final list of tweaks that need to be made to controller support prior to us releasing.

Trust and believe we fully understand that not everyone is excited for controller support or new wiring mechanics. When we design updates we try to accommodate our fan base as a whole. With these two updates out of the way we will happily begin focusing on more mainline content-driven updates for 1.3.2 and beyond. That said, we think you will find what is now possible to be pretty cool indeed: just check out a brief glimpse of an adventure map utilizing the new mechanics from one of our testers:

Console and Mobile Players: Our partners that cover these ports are hard at work preparing the next update for you. We will have more news on that front shortly, and you can check out the latest news update on timing HERE for console. Mobile will continue to see the ongoing steady stream of fixes and a few more surprises. :)

One more thing before we dive into the list- Please welcome @Leinfors to the Re-Logic team. He will be assisting us in Quality Assurance for PC and other platforms!


1.3.1 Remaining Needed Fixes/Tweaks
  • Shallow caves can generate on the spawn area, it needs to be flat.
  • With a gamepad: Throwing items out of inventory needs a default bind.
  • With a gamepad: In the menu selecting Multiplayer highlights Join Via Steam and then moves to Join via IP creating a visible click noise.
  • Framerates over 60 causes mouse items to flick. Like when hovering over chests.
  • With a gamepad: the cursor should start in auto mode instead of manual.
  • Worms shouldn't go to the surface.
  • With a gamepad: When you close the inventory there is a white cross hair where the yellow box was for a split second.
  • Pressing R stick to go to build from inventory also changes from manual to auto cursor mode. It shouldn't.
  • DPad should move the cursor in the inventory.
  • Autodig should dig forward when no direction input is pressed. To allow players to dig without holding a direction.
  • You can see breath bubbles while dead.
  • You can still move / see the gamepad cursor while dead.
  • If you place rope on an already existing rope, the bottom end frame looks off.
  • Manual cursor cross hair range does not shrink with a copper pickaxe(because it has a shorter range) This allows the player to move it outside the range that they can use it.
  • There is an issue with keyboard buttons getting "stuck" while changing from the Terraria window. This causes the gamepad to be disabled when it happens.
  • Should be able to do normal inventory functions with selected items. Like being able to equip an item that is on the cursor. As it is now once you craft something you have to put it in your inventory before you can equip it.
  • Gamepad 'grapple + interact' is not functioning well with a grapple equipped and using doors without smart cursor.
  • Healing potions should sort from highest to lowest.
  • It doesn't show map controls when the map is open.
  • Left click "smart select" cursor goes WAY to far. It makes using very difficult.
  • With a gamepad: Slow down or stop torch autoresuse. It is too easy to place multiples on accident.
  • Right stick "build" from inventory should say something else. In case you are using an potion or something.
  • Holding left or right button changes items when you bring open the circle menu.
  • It is overly difficult to press A to get on a minecart track, would like improved detection.
  • You can't move down from coin or ammo slot to get to Chest options like Loot All.
  • If you press A to close the menu you grapple as well.
  • Antlion Swarmers are spawning anywhere there is even a small amount of sand. They were appearing on the surface of the Desert, and also getting spawns of them in the Jungle because a little sand spawned on the surface.

So, that is our (hopefully final) punch list to get fixed so that we can get 1.3.1 in your hands. We are so very close!

Thanks again for your ongoing patience and support!
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Nice to see 1.3.1 is close, even if I don't use wire mechanics much.

Also, congratulations, Leinfors. :)


That is very close. I suppose it would be a bit greedy to ask for things to get crossed off the list every once in a while, or for new problems to get added, huh? Either way, I am excited for the upcoming update!


Oooh, juicy!

While I may not be a builder/wiring nerd, I'm excited to see what is now possible from the small range to the large range. Looking forward to the community's adventure maps! The added controller support is a nice addition and very welcome in my book.

Nice "Indy temple" example, by the way.


What I've seen in this clip: Slanted walls (OHMYGOOOSH), hidden traps, granite golem statue, when the gem in taken it activates traps. new background block (looks like a geyser, shoot out the flames), smoke coming out of blocks. That's all I've noticed, so far. :p

Congrats, Leinfors!
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