Adventure The Story of Red Cloud... Revamped! WiP

Tim Hjersted

I'm not sure if folks that replied here years ago will see this, but the revival project for The Story of Red Cloud has made a huge amount of progress in 2021. We have several coders that have totally ported the old mod to TModLoader, and the original map creator (me) has done a huge overhaul to the map. The change log is dozens of pages long at this point.

We plan on making an official post about it soon but until then you can join our discord community and play the beta and give us feedback for the 1.0 release next year.

We're currently working on adding new content, improving many of the bosses, and polishing everything based on feedback.

Looking forward to chatting with all the old fans of this mod on our discord.

It's awesome to reread all the comments from folks that loved this 10 year old map and mod. :p

Here's the new forum thread about it: tModLoader - The Story of Red Cloud... Has Finally Been Ported to TML!
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