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Favorite version?

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PK Thunder can never catch up to my falling lucas, and when it does, it knocks me into oblivion.
You're supposed to make the tightest circle possible to hit yourself. It really isn't that hard, especially if you could do it in Sm4sh. You could try practicing, I guess.


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My friend code is SW-3669-2530-7504 . Bear in mind that I'll only add you if I'm familiar with your whereabouts on this forum.
My serious mains are Joker and Wolf, but I also like to fool around with Ike, Cloud, Little Mac, and Ganondorf.
I'm also setting up an arena right now! I’m gonna be AFK for a bit in the spectator stand, but feel free to duke it out!
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How to play Little Mac: Don't side-B off the stage, don't side-B off the stage, don't side-B off the stage... crap I side-B'd off the stage.


Broke: You shouldn't play as *character*, it's too weak, you should only play as *insert op smash character here*
Woke: Play as your favourite character and just have fun!

This definitely isn't because I like playing as Corrin and Byleth shut up
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