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Story "The Tale of Many OCs" By TheG

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Hello Everyone, I am TheG434
Take a seat and read through my story
It's about my Many OCs
Sit down and read through it if you will
But please enjoy yourself, and have a nice time.

Long ago, the Kingdom, Vale was plentiful, the men and women were happy doing what they did. It was a peaceful time back then, but no one had known what was coming next. The King was a Righteous man, he loved his Kingdom, and was concerned with whatever happened.

His sister however hated the King, she vowed to do whatever it took to bring him and his Kingdom down. she went to great lengths summoning many creatures, first an Eye, when that failed, she sent a Worm, when that failed, she resorted to a Skeletal guard, when that failed, she summoned a God of Hell itself, but the King and his armies defeated every single thing the Woman sent his way.

On the night of the Full moon she stood in her tower, She had been saving her strongest summon for when she was on her last leg, She said her incantation, and summoned the beast, When Cthulhu rejected her, he gave her the incantation to summon his brother, The Lord of Moons. She chanted the incantation, and when the Moon lord had been summoned, he killed the Sorceress, and went on to destroy the land,

The King sent for his wisest men, and told them to kill the beast, the men told him that they couldn't, but they could seal him for Many, Many, years. As the men spoke the words to seal the Lord away, the Lord before he had been sealed pulled one more trick, He reverted the land to before the Kings family had discovered it, as it stood untouched, only a few people survived, the King, his wife, their son, and a few other citizens, they fled, Ashamed of his mistakes, The King ran from his wife, his son, and his remaining people, Legend says he had his one remaining wizard, make him ageless, at the cost of his memories, it is said that he still wonders the world to this day.
"I will." He said, "I promise." Christopher was just agreeing to becoming a squire, He dreamed of this since he was a boy, He was living his dream. "I will do whatever it takes to become a Knight!" As he said to himself, his Knight came into the room, he was just meeting him today "Hello, You must be my new knight." The man replied, "Yes and you are.. Chris, Right?" "Christopher, sir." "Well, Chris, we must get to work" He told him, "Oh, by the way, my name is Sir Marcus,"
Christopher never met a knight before, the excitement was practically choking him. "What will I do Sir Marcus?" He asked. "Oh, fine you can have your first task." The knight replied, "Hold this." He said as he shoved his flag, sword and sheath, and shield in his face. "What's all this?" Christopher questioned, "My sword, shield, and flag" "don't drop any of it or you will pay for my new gear."

Christopher had the sudden realization. His knight was a jerk. Day after day, night after night, The man had him doing chores, errands, and even pay for his drinks. Speaking of, the man became drunk often, Christopher questioned how he was still alive. One day the man became infuriated because Christopher had scratched his shield, even though it had already been cracked this infuriated him, "You blundering idiot of a squire!" He barked "You wouldn't be able to fare in a battle even if you were encased in metal!" Christopher muttered "the shield was already broken.." "What was that?" He asked, "The shield was already broken, you blasted knight!" Christopher hadn't believed what he had done, insulting a knight was like asking for a fight, not to mention it was at the blacksmith, so many people heard this.

"You little idiot." He told him "I'll have to teach you what it means to be a knight." He drew his sword. "It means not taking any insults" He slashed down with the force of a great storm. Christopher dodged but Marcus wasn't done yet, he slashed again, Christopher was cut this time, he took a sword from the blacksmith and fought back, "You truly are an idiot, Challenging me, and you don't even have armor!" He barked "I may not be as strong as you, but at least I don't have an ego the size of your shield! No wonder you couldn't treat anyone with respect!" Christopher replied. As they fought Marcus quickly overpowered Christopher, but Christopher had one thing over Marcus, He was faster, he was faster then any other knight, or bandit for that matter. He ran to the center of town, where the guard quickly stopped the fight, and took both the men to be sentenced to prison.

As they were lying in their cells, right across from the other the Knight told him "You aren't anything, you're nothing." Everyday for 2 months, on that night it was a full moon, many people believed in werewolves, so it was the perfect cover, Christopher grabbed a stone he had been carving out of his cell at night, and slammed it into the cell bars and got out, "You idiot, the guard will catch you in an instant, then you'll be sentenced to death," he didn't reply he ran, he didn't just run, he was gone in an instant, he stole a sword from the blacksmith for defense. The words echoed, 'Your nothing...' He slept in the forest for a few nights, when he came around to a village, Dor. When he got into the village he was hungry, and moneyless, a woman came up and offered some food "Please take it." she told him "No. I can't accept it" Just then she forced it into his mouth "Sorry, but you needed it." he replied to her, "No.. Thank you, you showed me how foolish I was being.." he stayed in the town a few nights longer.
"You really aren't that smart are you?" She spoke to the bandit, "You tried to steal from my home? While I was here?" Just then she cast a fog to blind the Thief, as he was stumbling around not knowing where he was going, She jumped through the fog and whacked him on the head, taking back what had been stolen. That's what she did, she grew her own food, got her own water from the nearby pond, cleansed it with evaporation, all of these things she did by herself, Her parents were dead, her Father died in a war with a rivaling kingdom, and her Mother caught an Illness no one knew how to treat. She hated bandits, for when her mother was still alive they stole from them frequently, She dreamed to move away from society out into the woods, but she had too many possessions, and most of all, She couldn't get over the memories of her parents raising her in her own home.

One day as she woke up she went out to her garden to see that it had been raided by animals, Every other night she cast a spell to protect the plants, although she had forgotten as the Bandit came back with more people that night, She went in the town, which she hates, and found a market, She doesn't usually go into town, she doesn't like people in general, let alone people talking to her. Speaking of, a man approached her and started talking to her "Hello, young woman, how would you like to become my wife? Oh what am i saying, of course you would!" He tried to take her by the hand but she hit him on the head, "Maybe you'd see if your ego wasn't so big, I don't want anything to do with you" The man was More then Embarrassed, no woman had ever rejected him, he replied to her "Ar.. Are you sure you don't want someone like me?" He said, trying to grin, "If i wanted someone like you I could just go to a nearby farm and ask the pigs for a date, Now go away."

She started walking off, the man followed her, "Are you sure?.." This time not grinning, She almost struck him with lightning, but someone came up and Punched the man in the face, "Why don't you go back to the market?" He asked, "Why don't you mind your manners?!" The man punched at the smaller man, but he was too quick, The kid then summoned Slimes to weigh him down even more so, and started hitting him with his staff, After the slime dripped off he ran "You aren't a normal kid! I'm getting the guard!" He went up to the woman and started to talk but she cut him off "Thank you for the help, But no. I don't want to go out with you, now, please go away." He responded with "That wasn't what i was going to say, I was going to say 'Sorry about that guy he messes with women all the time but can't commit, he usually leaves his woman when he sees someone else,' also, that bandit is running off with your food."

"Oh, no problem." She cast a spell to freeze him in his place, and waltzed over to him and took her food back, "You were saying?" The kid was baffled, his mouth wide open confused about who she was. "I'm.. I'm, Gunner, And you?" he asked her, "I'm Jill, Thank you for telling me that bandit took my food." "Speaking of which he's getting away." He told her, "Oh, Oh well the guard will handle it" "Indeed they will!" The man was back, with the guard. "That's them! The boy is magic and the girl is his accomplice!" "What!?" They said at the same time, Jill went up to the man "You little maggot, if anything HE'S the accomplice, not me!" "She's right." Gunner added in, Jill marched back over to Gunner and Teleported them to the outskirts of the town, and they parted ways "Thanks for saving my skin!" Gunner shouted to her, "You're welcome!" She shouted back, "You're not gonna thank me for saving you from that jerk?" Gunner Asked, "Nope!" She replied "By the way you're about to run into a tree!" Just then, Well you probably guessed it, Gunner ran into a tree.

Jill headed to her home, where she found bandits, burning her house down, She quickly cast them away but not before her house was consumed, all her work destroyed. She headed to Dor, a place with many criminals, and swore to never let a bandit get away ever, For her Parents. When she got to Dor she rented a home for a few weeks, she got a job cooking in the place she was staying, for about 20 other people were staying their, She found a man on the streets looking discomforted and crazed, "Here, Take this" She offered him some food, He declined, she became unhappy and stuffed it in his mouth, "I'm sorry, but you needed it" The man politely thanked her and moved into the Large home she was in.
"Excuse me, Miss?" Christopher said "I don't think I properly introduced myself, My name is Christopher." "Okay, May I call you 'Chris'?"
She replied, Christopher stood there for a moment, "No." he started to walk off, Jill thought to herself 'What's with that guy, He introduces himself and walks off, Like it isn't important to at least ask my name!' She was a bit unhappy about it, but it didn't bother her too much. She went to do her work as she found Christopher sitting in the Lounge near the kitchen, "Are you okay?" She asked him, He didn't respond, all he did was go outside, She of course, followed him.

"If you need to talk about something, Talk about it." He responded with "Do you ever feel like you're just a rat, nothing significant at all?" "No?..." She was Confused, But who wouldn't be? "Of course! Why did I think anyone would get it!? He marched off. She, of course, followed, When she found him again he was under a big tree, his hands on his head, He looked up at her and shouted "Stop following me!" Loud enough to Scare off the birds, "Well I wouldn't be following you if you explained yourself!" She barked back,
This was enough to make Christopher draw his sword, Jill wasn't one to take a challenge, But nonetheless she summoned her staff.

Christopher ran at Jill, Swinging his sword, Almost hitting her every time, Jill retaliated with Magic to slow him down, So she could get good hits on him, Even with the slowness Christopher was still moving fast enough to block all of the hits, finally, She slowed him down enough to Hit him, when she hit him he was hurt, but he didn't care at all he was focused on was winning this fight, he wasn't. He got a few slices of her clothes but Christopher was no match for Jill, He tried until he fell, which was fast, "Why don't you just explain!" Jill yelled, "Because I can't!" He replied, "Why?" She asked, "I.. I just can't.. Nevermind, I'm going back to the house."

When they got back it was past Dinner, The thing is, No one ate because Jill went to follow Christopher, "Where is the food!" One man barked, "I'm starving" Another one yelled, "Okay! Okay! I'll make some food!" When she had made some food, she saved one bowl for Christopher, Who hadn't come down until everyone cleared out. He tried to grab for it, but before he could Jill got to it first, "Nope, None for you until you tell me what's going on." Christopher's face was in a complete standstill. "Fine. But give me the food first," She did as he asked and gave him the food, "If you don't tell me, I won't give you breakfast tomorrow." She told him, "I know, I know." He replied, "So.. Get on with it!" She barked, "Wow, You're bossy and Impatient." He started explaining, with each sentence Jill's face became less and less happy, "You do know some of the guard came here yesterday" Christopher's face Immediately became fearful, "H.. Here?" Christopher ran as fast as he could, But not before Jill could grab his scarf, Jill ran to her Superior and told him "I'm sorry sir, but I'm retiring early, Good night to you!" As the Superior started to talk, Jill teleported to Christopher and ran behind him, "How did I know you would follow me?" Christopher said, "So? Where are we going anyway" Jill replied, He said to her "Nowhere, Just running" "Then I'm leading us!" Jill took his hand and started running faster.
As a bear chased him through the forest he jumped into a tree, the bear was confused, when suddenly a bullet came out of the tree, along came the person who shot said bullet. He was a man Cloaked in a Black cape and hood, He picked up the bear over his shoulders and headed back to the tree he found himself living in, He had lived there since he was a boy, without any parents to help him he quickly pursued hunting, and became amazing at it. He found himself selling the fabrics from the creatures he hunted to earn a good amount of coinage which he only used in the winter with animals hibernating, And with winter approaching fast, he would need all the coin he could get, He carved the bear into pieces and started cooking it, and by cooking, I mean he roasted it over a fire.

He went back out with his gun and bow, to get some water, the gun and bow just in case that anything ambushed him he had something to fight back with, and he liked carrying his Quiver, Bow, and Gun all on him. He got some water and spotted another human, when he saw this he took aim with his Bow, but the person spotted him in time Just dodging it, "Hey what's your deal!?" the man shouted, He teleported over, surprising Lucky. "You know it's rude to shoot people!" He teleported back over, and continued what he was doing, Which was collecting cotton for a cloak, Lucky took aim again, when he shot, the man quickly took aim and shot his own arrow to intercept Lucky's arrow, with great shock Lucky went over to kill the man with a knife, quickly the man drew his own blade and fought back. "You shouldn't bring a knife to a sword fight, Y'know danger and all that." The man had started educating Lucky, which of course, made him extremely angry. Lucky started to retreated but shot at the man it skinned him but didn't kill him.

"Ouch!" The man yelped in pain, quickly he healed himself. 'Great' Lucky thought to himself 'A man who can use magic, sword fight and has incredible accuracy. Lucky had nothing to do except flee, something he wouldn't normally do.
To be Continued

Upcoming Chapters
"Gunner, the Jack of all trades"
"The Jack of all trades and the Marksman"
"Pippin, the Summoner"
"Luscious, the Fighter"
"The Summoner and the Fighter"

Thank you for reading this, I enjoy making these stories and thought I'd share this one with you.​
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Would you continue this because it seem like you abandoned it.
To be perfectly honest, I completely forgot this was a thing. School has been busy and I haven't had a lot of time to do anything with this.
That being said, sure I'll continue it.
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