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Story The Tale of Terrarians

Danny Ω

The Destroyer
It's just a pretty long story about Terrarians trying to save the world from the evil Moon Lord.

You got that? Okay, let's begin with the story.
"W-where am I?" David said. He was sitting in a field, trees everywhere, bunnies, squirrels, birds, and other such creatures were mucking about. Also, maybe it was the harsh sunlight, but they seemed to be bouncing slimes around as well.

"Well, get up!" A voice said. David jumped, turning around to see a man, with brown hair, blue jeans, and a white plaid shirt.

"Who are you?" David asked.
"I'm Jeff, your guide, and your name is David, isn't it?" the man replied.
"Wait, how did you-" David was cut off by Jeff.
"You're gonna need these," Jeff said, handing Steve a set of tools. They all gave off an orange sheen.
"If you want to survive, you'll need weapons and shelter. Best you use that axe you are looking at quizzically to chop down some trees." Jeff remarked, pointing at the axe in Davids left hand.
"Um, okay...., how do I...." David mumbled, as Jeff gritted his teeth.
"Come on, should I guide you on everything?" Jeff said as he snatched the axe from David.

"Your name is the guide," David murmured as he watched Jeff swing his axe at the base of one of the trees. After a few more swings, the tree came down, breaking into multiple small logs, and a few acorns.

"If you plant those acorns, they'll grow into more trees." Jeff said, handing both the wood and acorns over to David. Soon, his hands were full.
"How am I supposed to carry all of these things?" David asked Jeff, who answered him with a backpack in the face.
"Put your stuff in there. Its magic, and can store a lot of things." Jeff said as Steve slid the wood and acorns into the bag, before slinging it unto his right shoulder.
"Now that you have some wood, its best you make some weapons. Just a sword should do. For that, you'll need a workbench. You can make that by stacking ten logs of wood to look like a table."

David stacked the logs into a table shape, only for them to magically mold together. It had a smooth surface, perfect for crafting.
"To make a sword, arrange seven logs into a long shape." Jeff said.

David arranged them, and similar to the workbench, they magically melded together. Steve picked up the sword, brandishing it in the sky.

"Now that you have a sword, you should kill some slimes for gel. Gel is flammable, and their flames last very long - perfect for torches!" Jeff said, as a slime bounced near them.
"Perfect! Go try your sword out."

David ran at the slime, stabbing it, but not doing much damage. The green slime jumped on top of him, its acidic composition burning his skin. He yipped in pain, before spinning around and slashing it. This did a lot of damage, then Steve slashed it a second time, then it exploded.

2 small globules of gel were on the ground, along with a few copper coins.

"To make a torch, just smear gel on a log, then strike it against something. It should catch fire." David took one of the sticky, disgusting globules and smeared it on the log. He then struck it against a tree, then the gel quickly caught fire.

"Bravo! Now, its time for you to build a small shelter, with a door, table and some chairs, then go explore caves and find some ores. Mine them with your pickaxe. Look in the chests, they should have some good loot inside them." Jeff said.

David then started building a small box out of wood. He left an opening for the door, and made 2 chairs, and then placed them beside the workbench. He them made a door, and placed it in the opening he made. He put a few torches around.

"Why....aren't....you...helping?" Steve asked in between gasps for breath.

"I'm quite clumsy." Jeff said as he was sitting in the wooden chair.

David took his sword out, as he proceeded on the surface. He killed the odd slime here and there, then found a cave with vines coming from the top. After cutting the vines with his sword, he stepped in, and found a chest in the corner.

"Jackpot!" David said as he threw it open, only to find nothing inside, which was weird. He went down the cave, holding a torch, then found another chest. "I'm pretty lucky." he said as he opened the second one, but, it was empty as well!

"What the?" David said, then he heard rustling behind him.
"Who's there?!" David asked, bringing out his sword, and setting down a torch so he could see.

Then, a shadow swished by his eyes. Then, he was struck in the shoulder by an arrow.

"Ouch! What the-" David said, only to see a skeleton emerging from the darkness of the cave.

"WATCH OUT!" A voice shouted, as the shadow passed by David again, before passing by the skeleton, striking it with his fists, who then exploded. Finally, the shadow stopped moving, and searched the remains of the skeleton, grunting at the sight of nothing. He was about to run off when David stopped him.

"For the last time, WHO ARE YOU?" David asked, as the figure removed the mask he was wearing, to reveal a rough crop of black hair on his head, with intense red eyes.

"The name's Travis, dude." he said, giving David a thumbs-up.

"Are you the one that took stuff from the chests?" David asked, to which Travis nodded.

"Is there anything left?" David asked, to which Travis nodded as well.

"Have this Band of Regeneration." he said, tossing David a red bracelet with a small heart on it. David slid it on his left wrist, and felt the hurting of the arrow dissipate faster.
Speaking of which...
"Why did you shoot an arrow at me?" David asked.

"I was trying to shoot one at the skeleton, dude." Travis said.

"So, do you wanna come explore with me or something? We can share the loot we find." David said, cause he knew he needed an experienced fighter like Travis with him.

"Uh, okay. Just don't expect me to be your bodyguard or something. I'm only here for the loot." Travis said, as he sheathed the wooden bow he was wielding into his backpack.

"That's fair." David said, as he pulled the wooden sword he had out, to be ready to attack any other skeletons that came his way.

As the sun slowly set, the two Terrarians proceeded down the cave, ready to take whatever that came their way.

David led the way, a bright red torch in his left hand, his sword in his right. Travis was close behind, sneaking around like a ninja and moving quite fast. He dashed down the cave, but stopped out of nowhere. David jogged over to him, only to find out why Travis had stopped. There was no more road; it was a ledge that led to a very sheer drop. Down below, there was a lake, an absurd amount of cobwebs, and there was some sort of room.

“Maybe the cobwebs could break our fall?” David suggested, but Travis rolled his ruby-red eyes at the prospect.

“Are you an idiot? They’ll just break under your-” Travis was cut off by David’s yell of “Geronimooooo!” as he jumped off the ledge, plummeting down to the cave below.

“ARE YOU INSANE?” Travis yelled down, his angry voice echoing throughout the previously silent cave.

“Yes.” He heard as a calm reply, only to see David waving at him, or at least, a speck that proved that David was very much alive.

“You’re alive?! I thought you had been creamed!” Travis sputtered in disbelief, before jumping himself. Instead of landing on the cobwebs, he dove gracefully into the lake, and after kicking off some piranha and a blue jellyfish, he resurfaced, completely drenched.

“Who’s the idiot now?” David teased, as he threw open the door to the room they had seen previously. There was a statue of a Piranha, more cobwebs, some sort of electrical yet wooden machine, and a gold chest.

“DIBS!” David yelled as he dashed into the room, flinging the chest open, then gazing at the loot inside. He grabbed the shiniest item he saw, which was a blue, white and red boomerang.

“Neat!” He said as he tested it, tossing it in the air, and watching it slice through the sky, then turn in an elegant arc and return to his awaiting hand. He tossed out the other items, which were just a bunch of random potions. Travis caught all of them, and put it in his backpack.

“Let’s keep going.” Travis told him, and David agreed. They both left the room, and continued downwards. There was the odd skeleton or two, which was easy to handle. Then, there was an enemy that was a bit too much, the Mother Slime.

“Um, David, do you feel that…..” Travis trailed off, as the ground shook periodically.

“I kind of do.” He replied, as he fell over at the rumbling.

Then, around the corner, came a huge, black, slime. It shook the earth with each hop, then hopped directly towards David. David raised his sword upwards, stabbing directly through the slime. It came down directly on him, and crushed him. David could feel life leaving his body. When the slime had jumped off of him, he was hurting all over, and he could see a bright light. Travis grabbed a pair of potions from his pack, one triangular with red contents, and one cylindrical with pink contents. He spilled them both on David, and he could feel life coming back, and the light he saw dimmed.

He jumped back up, and was ready to fight. Sprinting forward, he slashed the slime, as Travis threw multiple throwing stars at it. They seemed to be doing no effect, as they were just getting stuck in the slime’s gelatinous mass. Seeing this, Travis brought out his bow, and shot some arrows that were on fire! This was very effective, and the slime quickly sizzled to death.

They proceeded on, and found another golden chest.

“This one’s mine.” Travis said calmly, and sprinted towards it. Throwing the chest open with one heave, he grabbed the pair of winged boots inside. Slipping them on, he sprinted around, feeling faster than ever.

Then, the other thing inside was a glistening mirror. It was enticing, so Travis called David over, and they both looked into it at the same time, which caused light to flash, and in one second, they were zapped back home.

“David, thank heavens you’re here!” Jeff yelled, as Travis looked upwards.

In the sky as the sun set, the moon proceeded to take its place.

But it wasn’t a normal moon.

The moon was blood-red.

Jeff quickly explained that this was a blood moon, a dark night where monsters came in droves, more powerful than ever before. Understanding this, the two dudes knew they had to defend Jeff, as he was absolutely helpless. The zombies were faster than normal, they were covered in blood, and reeked of evil itself, however that smells. David rushed forward, slashing the bloody zombie with his wooden sword, then stabbing it in the chest, blood spilling on his face. David retched, slicing off the zombie's left hand as it took a swing at him. Blood started dripping from above, and Travis shot an arrow directly towards what was leaking the red stinky liquid, a mess of eyes and rotten flesh. The two heroes kept the monsters at bay, but it wasn't working too well. The monsters only multiplied, surrounding them. There was definitely no way out. Panicking, David slashed his sword in all directions, then spun on his foot like a ballerina, with his sword sticking directly outwards, damaging a bunch of enemies at once.

"That was pretty cool." Travis said as he punched another zombie in the face.

"Yeah, I think I'll call that one the Swordnado." David replied as he caught the boomerang he had thrown earlier, the shiny rebounding object taking the pains to cut through at least 4 Dripplers as it returned.

But not even the Swordnado was enough to hold off the monsters. Quickly closing in, the two dudes looked at each other in peril, and they weren't getting out alive without a miracle.

Luckily, they were just about to get one.

The sky brightened with the bolts of lightning that came down, striking every single enemy that was in the vicinity, killing them all. David caught the shine of a purple dress as someone whooshed past them, stopping to reveal a girl with green eyes, brown hair tied in a ponytail, a glittering amethyst-purple robe draped around her shoulders, and a brown staff with a blue gem in her left hand.

"Well, boys, get to work!" She yelled at them both, pointing towards the next hoard of enemies that rose from the ground. Thudding her staff into the ground twice in a ritualistic motion, she raised it and pointed it at the enemies, bolts of blue light zapping from the tip, shocking the enemies, then making them explode into blood. With her, they were finally able to hold off the creatures. They beat up the monsters till they left at daybreak, and Travis and Wilco both fell to the ground, the mysterious girl simply vanishing into thin air.

Feedback would be nice.
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Awesome also..
jeff: I’m quite clumsy
me: nah your just lazy
still it’s a 37 out of 10 like seriously it’s awesome
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Official Terrarian
Lol this is nice, I like the idea that crafting is sorta like minecraft in the fact that you would arrange stuff in an order to make it.


Brain of Cthulhu
Awesome! The guide in the beginning seems a little annoying (not that that’s a bad thing)

Danny Ω

The Destroyer
Yeah, and since Journey's End is removing the throwing class, I'm using the Thorium Mod Bard Content instead, let me update the OP.
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