Story The Tale of The Guide


The Destroyer
On a world far from our own, with magic and monsters galore, lies the tale of Andrew, a man cursed with infinite knowledge - by a horrible price. He must use his soul to power the Wall of Flesh, a gate that locks away light and darkness from plaguing the world in completion. His job has always been the same - guiding adventurers who appear before him in the denizens of the Purity, usually to their own demise. Andrew didn't feel guilty about it mostly. They were just part of his torturous job. But when Andrew takes a liking to his latest charge, he begins to take an interest in keeping him alive...

Andrew's life went as it always did, reading a book he didn't need due to his infinite knowledge - today it was The Guide to Plant Fiber Cordage. Then there was the knock on the door.

Another day, another charge, Andrew thought. He opened the door to his rickety household and standing there, as expected, another adventurer to guide. This one stuck out a bit more than usual - piercing blue eyes with light, peachy skin and blond curls, his face angular and handsome, his frame built - meant he'd survive a bit more. Although his strikingly handsome face would get a few scars in it very soon.

"Uh, where am I, exactly?" The man spoke, his voice deep yet light and airy.
Andrew lost his words for a moment. He collected his thoughts quickly, and began the usual spiel.
"Welcome to Terraria, Jake." Andrew enjoyed the look of shock on his face when he saw that Andrew already knew his name - Andrew always knew their names. "I'm Andrew, your humble Guide to this world. You should have these." Andrew walked inside and returned with a set of copper tools. They were old and rusted, their joints aged and edges blunted. All new adventurers started with these, and whenever they eventually died, the tools would return back to Andrew's table - a grim reminder of the death, the blood on them still fresh.

"What do I do with these?" Jake asked, taking the tools from Andre with curious vigor. Andrew opened his mouth to talk, but Jake raised a hand, shushing him. Andrew liked that - he was feisty. He'd last longer. Jake was also smart - he had figured out the axe was for tree-felling, and after hacking away at a nearby trunk, he had caused the tree to come crashing down, with a delighted yell of "Timber!"

When the tree hit the ground, the trunk split up into neat bundles of wood, an apple, and a single acorn.
"That made no sense." Jake said, observing the logs. "I love it! But how do I carry these..." Jake tried to lift one bundle, which he could, and reached to pick up another when Andrew stopped him.
"You can put them in here." Andrew removed the backpack from his back and tossed it to Jake. "It's magic or something. It can store a lot more than it looks, and is pretty much weightless. And you can never lose it." Andrew didn't mention the fact that you could lose it, just that to lose it you had to die.

"Awesome." Jake said as he stuffed the logs into the backpack, and sure enough, they vanished within, with barely a trace. He put the tools in afterward. "So now what? Do we just chill here? In that house?"
"That's my house." Andrew said, his voice dry and tired. He'd had this conversation many times with every adventurer. "Now, you do what you want. Without bothering me." With that, he entered his house once more. Another adventurer guided. Soon the backpack and tools would return to his table, fresh with the blood of Jake. Andrew felt bad, but there was nothing to be done about it. This was how the cycle worked. Adventurer sent off for the day. They die out there. Andrew keeps his unlimited knowledge.

However, today, things went a little differently.

There was a second knock on his door.
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