WIP The Tale of Wispy

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Hello there, everyone. I'm Frog and I decided to tell the tale of one of my OC's, but from the Guide's PoV. It won't match up to how the actual game works, but alas.

Chapter 1: Introductions.

Hi there, whoever's reading this. Allow me to introduce myself.

I am named Aiden Simon, although you may have heard of me simply as "The Guide". I live on the little island that was once named "Terra", but doesn't have any current inhabitants who have a name for it, so I suppose "Terra" will do. I get my title from my line of work, which is more just how my life works than an actual job, but oh well. For as long as I can remember, I've always roamed this island, wandering about, learning things. Some days, a new person will wake up right in the middle of Terra, and I'll go help them out. Tell them how to build shelter, how to make useful items from materials they gather, y'know. They usually stick around for a few months or a year or so, building towns and doing good deeds and such, but then they move on to bigger, better things. Not even I know what those things are, though. One day they'll just tell everyone to pack their bags and head out with them. However, not one has ever invited me along. Sometimes I wonder if it's because their knowledge surpasses me so that I am no use to them, they're just that cruel, or perhaps they know that one day someone else will pop up here and need my help. Either way, it gets lonely.

However, things changed one day. As I was wandering my way back to my little hut I own, I noticed a bunny stuck in a hole. I bent down to help him out for one second, and when I stood back up? There... he? She? It? was. A tall, imposing figure dressed in a full, tight black robe. It didn't seem to have arms, and I'm not sure to this day if he has legs. However, instead of a normal head, she had a big flaming ball of ectoplasm, similar to the wisps I had seen sometimes in the Dungeon. However, it didn't have a face, instead simply a wide, almost cartoony mouth. Around his neck was a large medallion attached to a thick, heavy looking chain.

Normally I'd dismiss this as a monster, but the method of her arrival was the same as the normal people that came by. So, I asked it if he had a name. Here's a more accurate log of our dialogue (monologue?)

"Uh... Hey there. You have a name?"
*At this point she jumped*
"Can you even talk? Say 'apple' if you can."
*It jumped again.*
"Alrighty then..."

At this point it occurred to me I was probably hallucinating. So, I figured a good night's rest would put me back in my right mind, so I headed to bed, the thing trailing behind me. As I got ready to hit the hay, I decided to do a quick sketch of it for no particular reason.
~End of Chapter One~
~Chapter Two coming soon. If I feel like it.~

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Another chapter because I'm bored atm. Also, did anyone get the reference in the first one?

Chapter 2: The Fight!

At around midnight, I was awoken by some odd sounds outside. Getting up and grabbing my trusty bow as well as a handful of simple wooden arrows, I went to investigate. It seemed a zombie had wandered a little bit too close to the hut, and the stranger (if he was a hallucination, sleep had not purged him) had engaged it. For something with no arms or legs, she was surprisingly agile, ducking and dodging the zombie's swipes and smacking it with it's head a few times. However, neither one seemed to be doing much damage, so it looked like we were all gonna be here until the sun arose to scare the zombie away. Readying my bow, I paused one second. The zombie had managed to beat the stranger's dodging and chomp down on his shoulder. Now the stranger stood there, trembling a moment, before bending almost impossibly far back, and springing up, slamming her head into the zombie's. There was a sickening "crack" sound, and the zombie fell back, his forehead visibly caved in. The it turned to me, his grin proud.

It was now that I figured that if this thing really was real, I was going to have to name it. Due to the similarities between his head and the wisps I had seen brought from the Dungeon in bottles, I figured "Wispy" was a good enough name for her. It liked it, bopping up and down in delight. After this was done with, I figured that I might as well treat him like all the other arrivals who pop up here. So, grabbing my old copper pickaxe, I motioned for her to follow me to the mine. I'd often wondered about that mine, as it seemed every single newcomer here stripped it of minerals, but then when the next one arrived it was back to having an abundance of precious metals.

As we stood on the top of the hill with the opening of the cave just on the other side, I noticed that Wispy seemed to be staring at something, it's usual grin now reversed. Turning to look at what it was, I just barely noticed the imposing shape of the Dungeon. After giving him a quick nudge, she returned to it's normal cheerful state and we headed down into the mine.

~End of Chapter Two~
~Chapter Three coming in a while or so I dunno when~


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Hurk, another chapter for your enjoyment. I'm planning to introduce the EoC soon, so look forward to that I guess.

~Chapter 3: The Mine~

As we descended past the dirt and into the endless twisting tunnels of stone, I started to wonder exactly how Wispy walked. He just appeared to shuffle with the bottom of her robe a little, but it shouldn't be able to move as fast as he does. However, in my long years of being around, I've seen weirder things. Much, much weirder things. As we approached a conjunction of tunnels, I spotted what we were here for: A large, glittering clump of precious golden ore. On a whim, I held my pick out to Wispy, interested in seeing what she would do, if anything. Bending over, it carefully picked the pick up with his teeth, clamping down to make sure the end of the pick stuck out. Then he scooted over, and started lashing out with her head fast enough to worry about it giving himself whiplash.

Her efforts were not in vain, though. Soon enough it had broke loose several large chunks of gold, which I gathered up in my bag. We repeated the process, eventually gathering up a good haul. I was about about to start heading back for the day, but then I noticed that Wispy was hopping off to a large cave made of a milky white stone I had learned to stay away from. Strange and terrible beasts lived there, the kind that could freeze your flesh to stone with only a glance.

As I dashed off to save him, I accidentally tripped over a small rock and took a tumble, laying me down at the edge of the cave, with a good vantage point. Wispy was facing down one of the things right there, and it seemed I was about to lose this interesting creature forever. But much to my surprise, something amazing happened. As the slithering mass of snakes upon the Medusa's head awoke, Wispy opened her mouth and screeched. I had never seen what was under its grin before, I and I wish I never had. He had three rows of teeth: The top one, a bunch of needle-like fangs sticking out at odd angles. Under that was a row of simple canines, and then just plain human teeth. Despite the ectoplasmic appearance of her head, the inside of its mouth was made of some dark crimson looking flesh, and I'll be damned if I wasn't scared out of my wits.

However, what was even more odd was the Medusa's reaction. I'd never,
ever seen a monster in the land of Terra show fear, but this time... You could see it in its eyes. With a small squawk, it fled, tripping and scrambling away in a flight of pure, unadulterated terror. I have no idea what exactly Wispy is, but he's not something natural to this world. Not at all.

After gathering myself, I gestured to her to follow me up to the surface, and that was that.

~End of Chapter Three~
~Chapter Four coming later~

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Gonna do another chapter before bed because Wispy is 2cool5me

~Chapter 4: The Eye!~

As we hustled on over to the house, the sun slowly dipped under the horizon, blanketing the world in the soft darkness inhabited by the zombies and the demonic eyes. However, tonight was different. I could tell. Wispy sensed it as well, standing stiff as an iron pole and staring at the sky, trailing something outside my sight, growling slightly. This worried me, as the last time he had made noise the thing had almost had a heart attack. Wary, I prepared my bow, despite the feeling I had that it wouldn't help much.

After about a minute or so, a large spherical shape emerged from the thick layer of clouds. Straining my eyes to see it in the darkness, I figured out what it was: A huge eyeball, one of the legendary beasts I'd heard about, and that many of the old heroes had killed and displayed as a trophy of their strength. I halfheartedly loosed off a few arrows at it, but they merely bounced off it's rubbery hide. Fortunately for me, however, it didn't seem interested in me. With a signal, two of its minions swept down at Wispy, charging forward with determination. The first one missed, and I sent out an arrow which felled it. The second was much better with its aiming, but Wispy ducked away, and snatched it up in her jaws, finishing it off with two quick chomps and a gulp.

Up until now, I'd only seen Wispy do pretty much normal physical actions, but at this point it tipped over the brink. Almost silently, he launched far into the air, twisting as she descended upon the Eye, and landed straight into its pupil, jaws wide. Somehow it also punched straight through the Eye's entire body, leaving only a large bloody hole. This wasn't the end, however. Twisting and spinning in agony, the Eye ripped the hole wider, forming vicious fangs and diving toward Wispy in a furious rage. Wispy was fast, but not fast enough. It was soon grasped by the teeth, and I could tell some of the fangs had pierced right through his body. With Wispy in its mouth, the Eye turned to me; gliding forward, ready to quench its raging bloodthirst.

As it neared, I prepared to die. There was nothing I could do. I had nothing but clothes and a weapon that could not wound him, so I was doomed. It would have required a miracle to save my life.

And so, a miracle happened.

With a small "swoosh", a chunk of brilliant space material smashed into the Eye, cutting a huge gash in it and engulfing it in sparkling starfire. And thus, like a deflated balloon, the Eye slowly drifted down, before smashing into the ground with great force and lying dead. After a moment, I noticed the rubbery carcass moving. Or rather, something inside it moving. Wispy then emerged from the dead eye, smiling just as widely as ever. I couldn't believe my eyes, but sometimes I just had to accept the unbelievable. With a sigh, I motioned to him to follow me back home.

~End of Chapter Four~
~Chapter Five coming when I wake up probably~

Edit: I plan on getting some NPC's in here soon, and I'll be giving some friends of mine cameos. If you guys want someone named after you, just comment and I'll see what I can do
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Hurk another chapter. Enjoy

~Chapter 5: The Town~

As soon as we got home, I collapsed into my bed. It had been a long day, for sure. It had been a while since I had done much more than sit in a house or wander about outside, which is all the old heroes had ever let me do. Speaking of the old heroes, when I awoke, it seemed Wispy had gotten around to doing some building. I wondered how he had managed it with only a strong jaw and an incredibly flexible spine (If he even had bones), but when there she was, standing on top of three wooden huts, looking immensely proud of itself. As always happens when the heroes get to building, it was only a few short hours into the morning before people started arriving to fill in the empty spaces.

I've seen a great many people come and go around these parts, that's for sure. I've always thought it was odd that no two people of the same profession ever arrived at the same time, and they almost always looked very similar. For example, the nurses who arrive to help heal the heroes when they get banged up on the journey always wear a white outfit and have blond hair and green eyes. It's a little uncanny, if you ask me. Anyway, this time around we had a merchant. After chatting with him a little, I learned he was named Harold. He'd come from a sprawling city from across the ocean, but had come here after some goblin scouts had spoken of a little island that's inhabitants were notorious for gathering great wealth. Harold was an interesting guy, and he seemed to speak of the Eye a lot. He didn't believe me when I told him Wispy had killed it, but he didn't seem too confident.

Wispy seemed to enjoy the new company. He would spend hours hopping up and down the poor salesman, grinning her huge grin the whole time. It seemed to be looking to the other huts, almost as if waiting for a particular person to arrive. Or maybe it just really liked new people, I don't pretend to understand him. Whatever she was waiting for, it didn't come. I bought a few potions from Harold to keep in my bag just in case, and Wispy went about gathering wood. I don't know how it does it, but he can just straight up bite right through trunks like nothing. Soon enough we had a large amount of wood on hand, and Wispy spent a few minutes pacing around. I'd watched the heroes a lot, and I knew that she was marking out positions for building. After it got done with that, he just stared at me, like she was shy. I guess however it builds, he doesn't like people to watch. With a sigh, I headed back to my hut, and decided to spend a little time with some paints an old friend had left me a good while ago to paint him. After that, I headed to bed and that was that.

Disclaimer: Not mine, credit to Shiny ( Who I don't believe is on these forums but still )
~End of Chapter 5~
~Chapter 6 coming sometime~

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Time to do another chapter because I need to become famous. Time for more spooky spook boss fights soon.

~Chapter 6: The Land of Purple Grass~

Then next day, I wasn't surprised to see that Wispy had indeed gotten a good amount of progress done. There was now a solid skeleton of a building in place, and some flooring had been laid down. But today was not a day to build. I'd heard tales of the Land of Purple Grass, a chilling land of much worse than zombies and eyes. Flying lumps of rot plagued the area, drifting through huge bushes of thorns that could shred the unarmored traveler to slivers. I'd usually let the heroes do it themselves, but Wispy didn't seem to go anywhere without me. So, off we went, taking only my bow, a few potions, a handful of bombs I keep around, and a long length of rope for scaling the deep chasms.

The walk was short, but relatively peaceful. Any slimes who tried to get in our way were quickly dispatched by an arrow, or a short growl from Wispy. That was something I'd noticed that worried me slightly. He'd grown much more vocal ever since the Eye, using barks and growls to scare off monsters, and wimpers to show what I assume is happiness instead of his earlier complete silence. As we neared the destination, it was clear to see why this place was so hated. The usually lush and green forests decayed into a sickly purple, and the brown bark of the trees instead looked withered and gray. Entering the area, the very sound of our footsteps sent the ghastly Eaters into the air. However, they seemed to be wary of Wispy for whatever reason, so I stuck close to him as we headed to one of the deep pits. Tying the rope to a trunk of a nearby tree, I tossed it into the abyss, and nodded for Wispy to go down. It then occurred to me that she had no arms or legs to climb with, but it didn't seem to matter. It took a small leap, plunging into the darkness, the glow from his head soon swallowed by the shadowy depths. I followed, much slower due to actually using the rope. After a good way down, one to the Eaters noticed I was on my lonesome and dived after me, jaws wide. Startled (And for good reason!) I let go of the rope, tumbling into the deep caves below, and everything went black.

When I awoke, I was in a long, straight cavern with holes in the ceiling leading up to the surface. There were two similar holes near where I was lying in a shallow pool of water. Wispy stood over me, holding some items in his mouth. At first I was about to congratulate him for breaking open the Shadow Orbs all by himself, but then I counted what he had. A musket, a ball connected to a chain, and a thin withered stick. Three. I'd heard that if you break three Orbs in the purple caverns, it awakens a great beast. To answer my fears, a slinking, shuffling sound emanated from under me, deep within the sickly stone.

~End of Chapter 6~
~Chapter 7 coming whenever~

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Hurk, the battle is here. Time for Wispy v. EoW, who will win?

~Chapter 7: The Worm!~

The Worm erupted from the side of the cave, a roar echoing from its gaping maw. Despite his almost clairvoyant detection of the Eye before, Wispy was taken by surprise and slammed against the wall with force. She didn't seem to mind all that much, recovering quickly and dashing forward, ducking around the Worm as it twisted and turned, chomping down on it or whacking it with its head when he could. The Worm, in turn, charged him often, or swirled around him to try and strangle him. Wispy was fast and agile, but not even she could effectively avoid the Worm's attacks. Not that I could tell if Wispy was actually capable of taking damage, but still.

While Wispy was occupied by the Worm, the Eaters had taken note of me. Swooping down, they prepared to make a meal of me. I fired off some arrows, but they had not much effect on them other than warding them off. Desperately I searched for some way to escape, and then I noticed the musket Wispy had been holding when it was attacked. Taking and hastily loading it with some ammunition in a bag tied to it, I fired at the swarm. The musket was much more powerful than my old bow, ripping the Eaters to shreds easily. I scooted over a wall, holding my position against the Eaters and firing a few shots at the Worm when I could.

This went on for a short while, and eventually the Worm was done with fooling around. It swept over to the end of the cavern, coiling up. Wispy seemed to understand the Worm was ready to finish this, but instead of trying to dodge he tensed himself, grinning as if to dare the Worm to attack. And attack it did. With a mighty roar, the Worm launched itself at Wispy with speed almost triple what I had seen before. The rotten teeth found their mark in Wispy, almost knocking her over. Somehow, though, Wispy held its ground, pushing back against the Worm's force. Then, Wispy opened his mouth. When she had encountered the Medusa, its mouth had seemed at least comparable to human. However, this time his whole head seemed to up, flashing teeth and crimson flesh. And then a sound that I can only describe as "ungodly" filled the room. It seemed to breath life into the darkness itself, the shadows wrapping themselves around the cavern, and turning on their own denizens. The Eaters I had been holding off fled, slamming into each other as they swarmed the exits. Many of them fell dead, their eyes bulged grossly, green slime oozing from them. The Worm struggled, trying to loosed its teeth from Wispy, but was unable. Its many eyes frantically darting around in panic, they almost seemed to want to tear free of the Worm itself and escape. And then the Worm's entire underbelly burst, spewing guts and green blood everywhere. At that, Wispy resumed his normal state and turned to me with a smile. In a daze from the spectacle I had just witnessed, I headed to the rope and climbed up, not even taking notice when Wispy flew up along side me, puffing himself up like a jellyfish in water.

~End of Chapter Seven~
~Chapter Eight coming later at some point~

Jack Morgan

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Hurk time for another chapter. So far the story's mostly followed the real game's progression, that changes now.

~Chapter 8: The Old Man~

After the Worm's death, things were somewhat peaceful. Eaters fled at the sight of Wispy, and it seemed that his very presence seemed to breath a little life into the sickly ground. But Wispy herself was no longer the same. If I took my eyes off it for one second, when I looked again he'd be staring off into the distance to where I knew the Dungeon was located. I had no idea why, but she was drawn to it, and I knew we would have to make the trip soon. Back at the town, I picked up a few things, and next day one of Harold's friends, named Cole B. (He wouldn't give me his full last name) had arrived after he had received a letter from Harold about the antique rifle I had acquired from the purple land. We talked a bit and eventually we made a trade, my gun and a place to stay for his signature weapon "Minishark" and a good amount of ammunition for it. I stocked up on potions, and eventually we were ready to head out.

Wispy practically dragged me the entire time, nudging me with his head, urging me faster and faster onward to the Dungeon. Eventually reaching the towers, I was greeted by the Old Man. He was one of the few people here who'd been around as long as me. The Hero would bring him back to town at some point, clean him up and give him a home. But after they left he'd always end back up here, ragged and dirty. He didn't like to talk about the transition between the two states. Anyway, at first his greeting was the same as always, here's an accurate transcript: ( Old man in red )

"Heyo, Knore, how's it going?"

"Hello, Aiden. Can't let you in, but-"
*At this point he spotted Wispy, growing a bit pale.*
"O-oh. Oh dear. Uh, Aiden, you better wait around 'til dark. 'He''s gonna want to see this."
"You okay?"

He just waved me off, so I decided to take this time and set up a bit of a camp while I waited for dark. Wispy seemed impatient for whatever reason, switching between pacing, staring at the sun, and circling Knore. after that I sat and waited.

~End of Chapter Eight~
~Chapter Nine coming whenever~

Jack Morgan

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Hah I bet y'alls are expecting a Skeletron fight, but that's too mainstream for Wispy.

~Chapter 9: Wispy~

As the sun dipped under the horizon, both Wispy and I turned to Knore. His eyes followed the sun as the last traces of it slipped away, leaving us all the cold dark. Knore looked at us, and was soon swept away in a tide of blood as a huge skull towered over us. I won't lie, I just about jumped out of my skin. However, despite the last two over sized monstrosities we had encountered, this one didn't immediately try to attack us. It swooped about overhead, seemingly more curious than malicious. After a second of gliding and spinning, it floated down to Wispy, and the two exchanged... whispers? Growls? I don't know. Anyway, after that the giant skull drifted to the side, allowing us entrance to the catacombs. Wispy gave it a quick bow, perhaps the first human expression I'd ever seen him use. Something about killing the Eye and the Worm, as well as the proximity to the Dungeon seemed to change her. Anyway, we made quick hast into the depths.

The twisting halls and wide rooms of the Dungeon were filled with traps. Wispy shuffled everything like nothing, but I had to tiptoe around pressure plates on the floor that I'm sure did nothing good, edge around spikes that would shish-kebab unwary adventurers and dodge ghastly wheels of flame and iron spike balls that were scattered about. Still we made good pace. I had a dark feeling about an odd rustling I sorta felt in the shadows. Probably just my imagination, and if there was anything there then Wispy was keeping it at bay with its... aura, I guess. After maybe an hour or so of walking, it occurred to me that I had no idea where we were going. Usually I was the one leading Wispy places, (A new meaning to my title of The Guide, hehe) but this time Wispy seemed to be heading somewhere and merely taking me along for the ride. Soon enough, however, we reached it. A wide room, decorated with only a circular altar in the middle. As I neared it, I made out a bunch of symbols, none of with I understood. However, it seemed that Wispy wanted me to do something. Not exactly sure what, I placed my hands at the alter. It seemed the right thing to do at the time. And then everything went black.

A girl dances in a meadow, thick with colors of gold and blue. Young. Pure. Swirling as she displays her innocence to the world, she is adored. A loving father, mother. She is everything. She is the light. Her name? Katherine.

The girl Katherine, older now. She waltzes smoothly, caressed by a man in a world of smooth purple. Dressed in a cloak, lined in fur. A Baron, come to wed the shining star of the village. Pride. Joy. This man, but he is a lie. Darkness and shade lie within him.

Writhing. Pain. A world of fire. The man takes her to his castle, and lays her on an alter. Sacrifice, of blood and of life. Her heart is pierced, shattered. The man, he grins. His work, complete. The Lord of the Moon, he stirs. He is pleased.

The girl Katherine, plunged into the void of dark emerald. Her soul, bare. Wrapped in darkness, but little light flares out. There is almost nothing of what was everything. Bound, by chain of gold. She screams, and it brings death. She is alone. Forever.

But wait. There is more to this tale. A land, lush and green. A man, a guide, a friend through the void. Perhaps..?

~End of Chapter Nine~
~Chapter Ten coming in a while~


Jack Morgan

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'Case you guys are particularly interested in boss fights, I don't intend to do all too many. Wispy can't attack other than screaming, and it's boring to just write "Wispy screamed until it died".

~Chapter 10: The Flaming Depths~

I awoke some time later, but I wasn't sure exactly how long. I remembered... Not much. We'd come down here, I'd touched the altar, and that was that. I feel like I was missing something, but I couldn't exactly figure out what. Wispy seemed a little expectant, but I had no idea what he wanted me to do. She kept giving me this odd look, waving back and forth slightly. I just shrugged to it apologetically, and motioned that we needed to get out of here if there wasn't anything else to do. I had an oddly dark feeling about leaving the altar here alone, but I couldn't take it with me, could I? Reluctantly, Wispy allowed me to lead it out of the fortress, his head's flame trail things twisting anxiously.

Soon enough, we reached the surface again. Knore was gone, but so was the giant skull from before. Heading out of the wide entrance hall, soon we were back into the deep forest, trudging our way back home. As we reached the town, I saw that letters from our existing members and words from traveling merchants had brought more to us. There was now a nurse, a Dryad, and a short little man who seemed to like explosives. I didn't have time to introduce myself, however, as Wispy kept trudging on, heading in the direction of the mine. I wondered what the point was, but I followed. When we got there, she turned to me and gave a short bob. Then it was off, practically flying through the caves, and I had to run to keep up with him. Ducking into side tunnels, squeezing through gaps, we were heading deep. Very, very deep. Soon enough the heat of the cave grew nearly insufferable, and Wispy seemed to already know what to do. Gliding to a golden chest of mysterious origin, he knocked it over, revealing an orange trinket I'd seen many heroes wear. It would protect me from the heat of the earth, so I put it on. Briefly I wondered how Wispy knew there would be one at this very spot just when the heat got too bad, but I've learned to just accept things as they come.

Edging around puddles of molten rock, I was amazed by how much the simple trinket could protect me. But as we headed deeper, it became clear that I wasn't the only one to not be able to stand the heat.The normal dwellers of the caverns did not come here, the lowest caverns being populated by creatures created of flame and bound of sin. The rocks themselves crumbled into soft ash, and soon we sat on a ledge overlooking the deepest cave, a place many called simply "Hell". I should've brought a rope, but time had been short. Rooting around some nearby pots, I found a decent length and tossed it down. First making sure to test its strength, I grabbed ahold and off we went.

~End of Chapter Ten~
~Chapter Eleven coming when I feel like it~

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A quick update for anyone following my little story here:
Due to some personal turmoil, it might be a little while before the next chapter comes out. I might get around to writing it around this time tomorrow, but right now there's not much I can do in the way of writing.
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