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Placeholder draft for the final entry: Story
The ancient darkness awoke from his long slumber, the time had come again for another to sate his thirst for blood. He laughed now in a low and sullen voice within his halls of jagged iron, and miasmatic dread. How foolish this… hero, for without the powers of his sister there is none that can take on the king of Night. His army jeered as they descended from the world’s beyond, the end was at hand. His ancient host of Darkness gathered at his side, cloaked in the raiments of fire, light, storm, and in the essence of the night. Amidst anticipation and impatience Nechariyel opened the gateways upon his realm, and in a storm of looming darkness and dread his armies charged, an unstoppable tidal wave of dread and demise. The stars of the night sky waned as the army of darkness marched into the mortal world. The end had come for Emily, or Amarath the chosen. Her father had died here in a bid to protect his friend, and so too now she will stand against the darkness like him. With the sword of Night clenched in her hands the will of the countless dead poured into her, the power of ancients, both living and dead was given to her, the time had come for her to take up the mantle as a hero of mankind. But unlike her father she was not alone, her friends stood by her side, bound by the same will to end the curse of Man. She could feel it, the fire that rests inside her heart burned only brighter, the power of her forefathers was awakened.

From his black throne upon the twilit realm of the moon, Nechariyel threw down the pillars that sealed the foolish God of light, little more was his brother now than a pawn in his hands. Time had come to end all things, the plagues of the world means little to him now. His cold laughter ringed endlessly as the little trope of “heroes” downed the pillars, in the false belief that this would save their little world. He was a god, the greatest amongst all things, and there will never be a human that can break his curse. The false light of Annatar blinded the world as he escaped his prison of septimal darkness, his spirit manifesting into his other name; the monster of the moon, Cthulhu. Ripped of his mortal body he was little more than an overgrown wraith, but still the power of a god was to be reckoned with. His anger pulsated in him, the fierce desire to control the world overpowered his sanity. The monster of the ancient wars rose from an endless sleep, the Power of light fused into his three false eyes. The end was at hand.

Amarath’s sword danced in the wake of her powers, as if the flight of birds or the breeze of spring it flew and struck. It couldn’t be happening, Necharyiel was, for the first time in ten thousand years, afraid. He had seen her before, yes, in her hands held a sword he has seen before, and in her hands the power of the cursed mortal Annareth. As her sword delivered the final strike on Annatar, the king of Night fell from his throne, cowering in the same fear he felt too long ago. She couldn’t be a human, she had to be an incarnate of Her… yes, no living human could hold the sword of heroes, he made sure of that long ago. But the power of Vana pulsed inside this mortal human, a power not even his darkness can overtake. Her sword was raised at the black god, she was ready to take on the impossible.

“Are you ready to dance?”

Written as a part of my terrarian lore, this is the battle between the Dark god and the last human hero, the last of our characters in terraria.
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Time to flex my painfully average writing skills!

To the Poetry category!
Trampling across the land,
On our loyal slimy steeds,
We came across a structure,
Obscured among the greens.

A structure colored pink,
With a stairway hidden inside,
But the Old Man caused a stink,
When we tried to go down.

"Perhaps we should go home,"
Spoke the hero known as Jade.
"The Guide spoke of some bones,
That strikes the heroes that here roam."

"No, we must proceed." Spoke I,
"Great treasure must await,
For the brave ones such as I,
Who do venture into danger."

And so we waited until dark,
And we built an arena made of wood,
As to fight those bones ever dark,
Shall we have the upper hand.

The sun set to the west,
And the moans of monsters echoed.
We were put to the test,
As those rattling bones awoke.

I was stuck by surprise,
As the massive skeleton attacked,
Our weapons were undermined,
By the thick skull we once thought easy.

Under an onslaught of harm,
We felt helpless and afraid,
But when we struck its arm,
The monster's weakness was made.

But suddenly, just as we thought success,
Flaming skulls chased us down,
And proved a major protest,
As they swooped and broiled us.

We fought valiantly, keeping yo-yos spinning.
The skeleton fought back,
But we found that we were winning,
As the skeleton began wailing.

The beast burst into pieces,
And revealed a bag that's lined with gold.
As our modest village folk rejoices,
We are known to be ever bold.
To the screenshot category.
A building with items and themes of the celestial event. I'd say it turned out alright.
This is my work. I did my best, it wasn't much, I tried to feel but I couldn't touch...
Soooo to clarify: This is a drawing of the 6 different Yoyos I used throughout my Playthrough.
I had so much fun with tis new weapontype that this is clearly my number one thing of the 1.3 update.
I drew the Yoyo's in different situations that I used them in (and yes I created a small Corruption in my Crimson-World...)
So thank you for the great update and thanks for the Participation trophy and title... I know I'm not winning, there is so much talent out there... I love it!

Good look every one who enters!
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Writing section.

I remember,i was curious of what the SDMG could do.I tried to hack it(legit way because it's unobtainable in 1.2)aaand i sticked to it.It became the signature weapon of my first character,Antony,and i tried to beat the pumpkin moon with it.When i heard 1.3 would come out soon,i changed everything.New world.New dungeon.New mines.And my SDMG,which is still my signature weapon of my character Naweryn.When i wanted to beat the Moon lord,i realized i could just turn the moon lord into a microscopic piece of bone dust.It actually worked.My legit terra blade and the SDMG,we won together.I was so happy that i made renamed my metro station in the space "Moon splash" intead of "Greeny gray".

From whence came the curse, child, that doomed the legions to roam? Untold ages have they guarded the dead, cold lands beneath a sky of whitest stone. Can you hear them moaning that low, mornful cry? As the reaper's breath is theirs, an anguished wail to mark their malcontent and plead for an end. Can you see them standing in that ragged column? With tarnished and cracked plate, helmed in death and plumed with pain the legion guards a barren world. For whom do they search in the black caverns; some long-dead legate to array behind? Spare a moment's pity, child, for the forsaken ranks.

Their gods have abandoned them, for below the earth is the domain of evil. The gorgons prowl and shriek, and fouler beasts crawl in the gloom, but the Hoplite is unconcerned. To guard their post was their final command, and their tortured existence of living death is dedicated to this singular task. Watch, in the dim lava's glow, as they hone the bronze spears, caked with the blood of the unwary. And tremble, child, should they see you.

Few are the adventurers who have seen the legion and lived to tell of it, and fewer still of that number are those who sleep soundly. How can one banish that horrible visage, had he a thousand years to try? It is the face that elicits the screaming night terrors; that fetid, sunken countenance of black rot, shattered jaw dangling and putrid eyes so filled with hate and agony that one cannot but to pity the ghoul, even as he is overcome with fear. It is in this instant, if the adventurer be thus overcome, that the Hoplite will raise his ancient spear and hurl it with the power and precision of an undead lifetime's training. Pray then, child, that your build is stronger than most.

Whence comes the Undead Legion, none can say. And who mourns the Hoplite, forgotten in the bowels of the earth? Their eternal fate is to guard the empty marble and stone, awaiting orders that shall never arrive, pleading with the darkness for an end to their watch.

I actually jotted this down at work well before I discovered this contest. I guess I've found a use for it after all!
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Submission in the screenshots category:

Some Reflections

This is one of those cozy builds I really like looking at showing up in the creation compendium. I wanted to focus on the strange plants, but the chlorophyte brick part ended up as pretty central as well. I still believe focus is on the strange plants since they're a break from the otherwise mostly green build.

I believe I will get a decent or good Creativity score from the judges, builds focusing on the strange plants is nothing I have seen before, also, I haven't seen a build containing an actual rainbow crystal (which technically isn't part of the build but it is part of the screenshot).

My Presentation score will probably be good, since the break in color efficiently brings the focus to what I intended to have focus, green is also a pleasant background color.

My Representation score might end up badly, decently at most, the chlorophyte bricks and the moonglow planters are new, the fountain got a new look in 1.3 and the strange plants are new. However, colored waterfalls were introduced in 1.2, so were the jungle walls, colored torches are 1.1, these are old news, and might not be considered 'timeless', which water, mud and jungle grass should be.

In the end there is a small chance that I could win, though becoming a runner-up is definitely possible. This is in comparison to the already posted screenshots, the really good ones who have better chances at winning are probably not posted yet.
I am going to drop in my Enterprise for the entry.

Edit: I just wanted to clarify with the picture, that the ship is so large the in game screenshot didn't work to capture the whole ship in full detail. So the only edit i did was to remove the background and add a royalty free background.
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Category: Screenshots

Name of Creation:
Forgotten Valley of the Dark and Light Ones

TCF Contest Main Entry 2.png

Terraria has always felt like a battle between the Darkness and the Light. With the player making use of both sides, and everything else like the Ice and Desert and their inhabitants caught in the middle. The Darkness and Light continually evolve throughout the game, getting stronger and the player and enemies adapt to nature that is transformed by these forces. It is only after the Cultists eventually decide to emerge thinking they can handle summoning an Ancient Creature that the (Terraria) World becomes invaded by the power of the Lunar making the forces of Light and Dark insignificant before the Great Celestial Pillars.

What I wanted to do with my creation was to capture the presence of the Darkness (Corruption) and Light (Hallow) that dominates throughout Terraria, to show how they have taken unique forms that became buried when the Lunar (As well as Martians) invaded and took larger significance over the Battle of Light and Darkness to show how much stronger Galactic Scale Nature is compared to Planet based Nature.

When I think about it, I think this creation also reflects how Terraria has evolved these past few years, with 1.1 being the big update that introduced Hardmode and the Battle between Darkness and Light that is started with the Wall of Flesh's Defeat which brings the game to a whole new level. 1.1 is when I started playing Terraria so it feels like the Corruption and Hallow have always been part of Terraria to me. Then the Battle and Adventure progresses with 1.3 bringing in Otherworldly Forces to show me that the Corruption and Hallow were only the beginning of the changes that would be brought to Terraria to make it an even more Epic Adventure.

The type of Lore I had behind this creation was that Demons and Angels initially had to use Granite and Marble to build their special houses as the Planet is an Ancient one, and all they had were the Ancient Magics, and Weapons of Darkness and Light. They fought with each other frequently requiring them to build fences to prevent each other from invading. Their Many Wars left behind spoils of Raw Dark Energy and Light Energy.

The Angels and Demons eventually decided to increase their powers by summoning powers beyond their comprehension from other Worlds. So that they could gain enough power to wipe the other out. What the Lunar and Martian Forces did instead was wipe out both the Angels and Demons and invaded the planet they lived on to make it a new base for their God the Moon Lord. They spread their Otherworldly stones throughout the World over the remains of Angel and Demon Civilization as they completely took over the Planet building their own homes.

I had a lot of fun building this. I feel like this captures my experience of Terraria well overall in a Physical Form. The best part about building this was experimenting with Blocks I've never used before to try and build some unique buildings with their special themed furniture. And using Item Racks to Display Weapons to show that a Story happened with these buildings.
This is my entry for the art competition.
I wanted to re-imagine Terraria as I think it would look like with 3D graphics. I decided to make the focus the new hell background, as well as the Tortured Soul. At first it was more accurate, and he didn't have a cane, but it just felt as if something was missing without it, and my friends told me the same, so I had to add it :p

It's also my first time making a human-shape character in 3D software, rigging him and making him dance for my entertainment was a lot of fun.
Poem that is strange!
There once was a terrarian named bob.
He really liked sitting on log.
Then one day 1.3 came.
Boy did he think it was lame.

He went to kill some bosses.
Then he came along a bunny,
Who he thought was funny,
Which he used him so he could wash him.

Bob then found a yoyo.
Which hilariously he thought was froyo.
The bunny asked "Is that your class?".
Bob replied "I think I will pass".

Bob later found a portal gun.
Which he got stuck in an infinite loop..
The bunny tried to help him..
But all the bunny could do was poop.

Thats the end of our story.
But I couldn't come up with a rhyme for story.
I'll see you next time.
When bob comes to eat a dime!
Here's my submission for the Writing category. I'm sure I messed up somewhere but here we go.
The sun hangs high
but it’s blanketed by the moon
It appears the end is nigh
will this be over soon?

An onslaught of monsters swarming
threatening the town we love
They didn’t heed many a warning
so we stand unflinching, push comes to shove

Seven Pygmies and I
stood united against many
No one was letting without a fight
and the foes at hand personified uncanny

Vampires, masked murderers
creatures from the deep
Huge insects, chainsaw butchers
and angry souls who’ve come to reap

In comes a wave of deadly spheres
floating towards us with slow grace
Despite the rain of Pygmy spears
the metal menaces retained their pace

My hatchet splits them in two
finally cracking their spiked shells
It took brute strength for my hits to go through
for they were unmoved by my spells

One sphere, different from the rest
had something lodged in its coat of steel
If this object is what I had guessed
then things were about to get real

Upon shattering the foe, I could see
this was a mechanical staff
A weapon appearing so perfectly for me
I couldn’t help but let out a laugh

The handle detects my hand
and my pulse fuels it with power
The Pygmies stand down at my command
and halt their relentless spear shower

The broken metal chunks began to rattle
as the pieces picked themselves off the floor
The spheres reassembled, ready for battle
echoing a mechanical roar

Every sphere’s center emitted a light
multicolored signs of artificial life
Beside me they were prepared to fight
on my side of this terrifying strife

They circled me in orbit formation
the staff relaying the orders in my mind
They attacked every fiend without hesitation
the monsters were helpless against our power combined

Together we fought back against the horde
with the spheres' bloodstained spike tips
At last, purity and balance were restored
that is the story of our eventful Solar Eclipse
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This is for the writing section, this story is based off of how I first beat the moonlord as a summoner: on my first try, mind you.

With the Cultist halted in summoning an ancient evil, I set out to destroy the Celestial Pillars that invaded my land. My friends would give me a helping hand, of course. My summons were loyal to me, and I was loyal to them. I used to be lonely in this land, but one day I came across my first friend, a Slime from a Slime Staff. With my summons, I never felt lonely.

My little army, as I liked to call them. A few were ancient people from an old civilization, the pygmies. Starships from the great beyond, my Xeno UFO's. My Spiked friends, the Deadly Spheres. The all terrifying, yet cute, SharkNados. And who could forget my Frost Hydra, freed from the dungeon, and ready to fight evil.
Little did I know, I would make a new friend today, along with a new evil to fight.

I walk near the StarDust pillar, and feel a slight chill as I turn around and dodge a MilkyWay Weaver, and my Deadly Sphere made it no more. It ripped and tore it apart, and I continued to make my way towards the pillar, the source of all of this evil. After many long hours, of killing the deadly creatures, the pillar opened, and I equiped my TerraBlade, and sliced it in half. What came from it was StarDust fragments, and off I went to the Ancient Manipulator, to see what I could do with it.
I made the StarDust Dragon Staff, and summoned a new friend. I named him Mir, he was a mighty, long, and fearless dragon. Together, we dashed off towards the next pillars, and stopped them from invading.

I finally gave the killing blow to the Solar Pillar, the final pillar, and suddenly feel a rumble from the ground. The destroyer? I thought. No, it can't be, he has never made the ground rumble this much. This is a much greater evil...

I quickly head off back to my house, back to my village, back to my people. As soon as I get back, everyone was in a panic. I run into the Wizards library, and ask him what this might be. He looks into his crystal ball, and his eyes widen. "The ancient evil, he has re awoken. You were to late in stopping those Cultists, they finished the Sigil before you could stop them! Run, and get ready for battle, this is no foe to mess with!"

I run outside, summon my friends, including my new friend, the StarDust Dragon, Mir. I then aboard my UFO, grab an ironskin, and take to the skies. I get a terrible feeling of nausea as the ancient evil summons before my very eyes.

He was a great force, one of un-measurable size, with eyes emerging from his forehead, and his palms. The bottom half of him was missing, I guess it's because the sigil wasn't fully complete.

I start flying off, away from him, but he gained pursuit. My friends were doing a lot of damage to his eyes, whenever they opened, and I was shooting bullets at his top eye, with my Vortex Beater, a weapon passed down from the Vortex race.

Without a chance to react, the eyes shot out from his palms, and start shooting at me. I get hit, and try to flee, but I got caught by a tentacle coming from him, and he was still able to catch up with me. I take out my Vortex Bow, and shoot an arrow at the top eye, and it too came out. I heard the sound of flesh tearing as his core opened up.

His eyes were frequently shooting at me, but my UFO was slow, and I couldn't dodge them easily. My summons and I targeted his core, and started to attack. The core was wearing down, and almost dead. That's when a lazer shoots my UFO, and breaks it, and I begin to fall, into the corruption. Desperate to kill the moonlord before it caught up with me, I equip my TerrBlade, and swing. The green bolt pierced its core, and he fell to the ground, into a corruption pit.

I jumped down into the pit, pre firing my Vortex Beater, but it was un necessary. The ancient evil was finally dead, and I got the Lumitite from his body, and made the all spectacular StarDust armor. With the armor being worn, I was summoned many more friends, and hugged them all. Thanks to them, I was able to stop the evil.
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