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Official The TCF 2nd Anniversary Shindig Submission Thread

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I wish for item "Treasure map".

When used. It show a "Blinking Dot" in the world map. The Dot stay until you discover the treasure item.

The higher level of treasure map give higer level of item. Several low level treasure map can be trade for higher level of treasure map.

Treasure map may drop by hunting boss, or drop by mobs, or exchange quest item (like Angler).

The ideal of "treasure map" go on... A wild list of possibilities for difference maps.
- Treasure map are specific world map "Lock", means it cannot be transfer to other world map for discovering treasure items.
If do so, it will just render the 'treasure map' as fake map.
- Treasure map, can also be like puzzle, need 4 pcs to be combine into 1 complete map.
- It can be trade for user to user to get a match of color/level/theme map for specific treasure.
- The treasure can be refer to chest that contain a specific item already in the world map since generated, or a newly generated item in a world map.
- Treasure map, can also be view as a part of Terrain in the world map, by un-mask a part of world map (remove the black unexplore area) that have chest in that area.
- It can "hints" on the location of floating island.
- The list goes on an on...

PS: Yeah, thats my contest the ideal of Treasure Map.
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I don't know if this is allowed, but I'd like to submit a game suggestion as my submission;


I think after all this time, there's so much info and trivia about the game and the community, that a fun event like this would have lots to offer. I think the community would have fun coming up with Pumpking's riddles too

And it's a spooky/haunted theme, so it fits with the upcoming season!
Ryan looked around, great, another player who he had to guide, why else would he be dragged away from his nice home, when he had just finished putting a few logs on the fire? He looked around and saw the Player, walking up to him, he began explaining what the Player would need to do. And... Of course the Player ignored him and went ahead doing whatever it was the Player wanted to do. Why couldn't they just let him live his life if they wanted to ignore him so much?


A few days have passed and the player has made the beginning of a small town, and apparently the player had gotten enough money that the Merchant had moved him. Luckily the Player hadn't forced him to move into a room far away from the others, as some tended to do. He walked towards the Merchant, moving freely through the space, it was his time off, the Player wasn't here.

"Hello, I am Ryan, the unfortunate Guide here, who would you happen to be?" One unfortunate thing about living in Terraria was that everyone looked like each other, this merchant could be an old friend, or an older enemy. As the Merchant turned around, he saw a glimpse of recognition. "Ryan? Is that really you? I am Walter, the guy you used to play with at school! How are you doing old friend?"

Ah, that Walter, always friendly to everyone in school, unlike Alfred, who he had been afraid would be the Merchant who would be chosen with his usual luck. "So Walter, you did eventually choose to become a Merchant? I thought you wanted to be an Arms Dealer, but I guess you would have needed to change your name for that." Walter nodded at that. "Yeah, I didn't have enough money for that, so I thought I would become a Merchant until I had enough money. But what did you mean with the 'unfortunate Guide here'? I thought you wanted to become a Guide?"

Ryan nodded. "Yes, I wanted to become a guide, but I said the unfortunate bit as it usually pacifies people around me to not shoot me on sight as some Arms Dealers tend to do. And I also said it because I was called away for guiding here from my home which I have finally finished building, and was just starting to relax when I was called here." To make his point Ryan pointed around, at the current state of the 'town' if you felt generous when naming it. "This is where we live for now, nevermind the fact should fall down if physics were a thing, or that we will be attacked by wraiths when the time comes, I hope that the Player is at least smart enough to realise we don't want to die."

An alarm went off, and both Ryan and Walter looked around before they saw a small box displaying a message 'Warning: Player incoming in 10 minutes...' Ryan and Walter ran to their houses. "Well, to the next time off, I wonder how long the Player will be here this time. Untill next time Walter."

"Goodbye Ryan."


Ryan looked around, it was safe, the Player had left again, this time after defeating the Eye of Cthulhu, and increasing its maximum amount of lifes. The Nurse had already moved in, and he was now going to introduce himself. He knocked on the door and out came the Nurse. "Hello, I am the local unfortunate Guide, my name's Ryan, what is yours?"

The Nurse laughed at that. "'The local unfortunate Guide'? What? Were you chose to be the Demolitionist's test dummy? If that's the case I could fix you up for free. But anyway, I am Caitlin, the local Nurse." She looked around trying to find anything out of the ordinary, it looked like a relatively normal, though lazily built, town, a bit close to the desert, but that was acceptable.

"How is the weather around here? Does it get hot enough for someone to actually suffer from it?" When Ryan shook his head, she sighed of relief. "Thank the gods, that is always so annoying, having to deal with people who are having trouble because of the heat when the Player is not here. Especially if the player is around for a very long time." Caitlin looked around. "Who are we expecting in the next few days?"

"Not many people actually, the Dryad, the Demolitionist and the Stylist, I believe. Not yet the Armsdealer, I have not yet sent the Player to the Corruption and it hasn't explored it." Ryan sighed, as normal, he hadn't seen fit to send a Player so inexperienced to the Corruption, it wouldn't survive it for a minute there. And judging from the houses the Player built, it wasn't even controlled by a being that knew how Terraria worked.

"Why not? Do you not believe in the Player's capabilities? I thought you were supposed to be an upbeat helper who wouldn't mind letting in some evil to add a few extra seconds of suspense into the life of the Player." Caitlin asked it with a grin, letting Ryan know she was kidding. Ryan however, sighed. "Unfortunately, I think that whatever is controlling this incarnation of the Player is very inexperienced. I think it doesn't even know to head into the chasms, because last I was in the Corruption, not one chasm was lit up and all of them have yet, and the Map the Player uses was not even slightly discovered down there."

Caitlin was stunned by that answer. "Wait, you mean to say that we have a Player, the being that is supposed to discover our world for us, who didn't even try to jump down the chasms? That is unusual, could it be that it is one of those who does not return? Tha..." "BEEP BEEP BEEP: PLAYER ARRIVAL IN TEN MINUTES!" Ryan looked around. "That would be the alarm, may we speak again, Caitlin, hopefully when the Player has done something sensible for once."


Another week has passed, and a few more denizens have been called to the Town, the Player had also somewhat improved the living conditions for Ryan and Walter since he had found a loom. The Player did not have enough cobweb to make beds for everyone, and has left for now. This of course caused some of the others to grow jealous, or those not too proud to ask, asking if they could sleep in the beds of Ryan and Walter. Ryan tended to accept such requests, he wanted the citizens of the town to like him, well, maybe not Andre, the Arms Dealer, like many before him, this one also did not like Guides, and wanted nothing more than get a hand on the voodoo doll required to kill him.

Ryan walked to the edge of the town, why the Player built the town so close to a corrupted desert was a mystery he wouldn't know the answer too, maybe the Player wanted loot? But why risk the lives of all the townspeople too? He sat on an overhang, looking over the desert when someone sat next to him. "Hello, you are Ryan, right? My name is Elysia." Her voice and name identified her as a Dryad, and when Ryan looked he saw he was right.

"Hello Elysia, yes my name is Ryan, do you need something?" When Elysia shook her head he turned to look at her again. "Then why are you here, unless it is to look at the corruption?" Again she shook her head. "I was wondering what you Guides do when things happen in the world, what makes you happy? Why do you do your job, even though it is not a secret that a lot of people don't like you. A lot of the Players and a few Arms Dealers actually hate you."

Ryan sighed, he knew this question would come sometime, he hadn't thought it would come so soon. "Elysia, we Guides are usually happy when we get a good comfortable home and someone listens to us for a little bit, but I? I am happy when the Player 'sacrifices' me, I get to go home, someone else gets to deal with the Player, and I know that they won't be needing my help anymore. I am truly happy when I am home, in the outskirts of the Guide town, where I built my own house to live in." He thought a few seconds and then nodded. "And what about you? Dryads have to go through a lot of schooling, if I recall correctly."

Elysia nodded, it was a well-known fact that those who wanted to fight the corruption had to go through a lot of training, the Dryads weren't kidding when they said they were five hundred years old, that was how old they were when they finally got to complete school. "Yeah, we have a lot of training to go through, using our magic to protect others is just a small part of it all. Unlike you guides, you have it relatively easy, don't you?"

Ryan felt his anger rise, but he calmed himself before he lost his temper. "Yeah, we have it relatively easy, while you get linked to the very world you get send to, we get taken from our home and lives, we always have to know what has been discovered and we always are force to die for the Player to progress. We have to learn whole encyclopedias untill we can dream them, literally. Yeah, we have it easy when compared to you learning things that have some use for you in your own life."

Elysia was a bit shocked to hear the viciousness Ryan's voice, he was the most reasonable of the NPCs, but apparently even he had an upper limit, and he wasn't done just yet. "You don't have to deal with knowing what the player will have to do but be ignored, yes, you can tell the player how much of the world is Corrupted and how much of the world is Hallowed, but the player will almost always leave a piece of the Corruption so that they can have the materials they need for their weapons. Your quest against the Corruption is foolish for the Hallowed isn't right, it is evil hiding behind a façade of light, but even that light isn't the life-bringing light that overflows the Pure, it is instead the harsh light that destroys the nature you so cherish!"

Elysia was stepping back in fear right now, it appeared she had struck a sensitive chord in Ryan, and... She could understand it, he was in this a lot longer than she was, most likely, since he had already built things on his own, a skill only the most experienced of NPCs had, and he was constantly being bossed around by everyone in Town while the player was away. But why he was so harsh one her, and her mission against the corruptions? That she could not understand. Her mission was righteous, no?

An alarm sounded, Ryan sighed and walked back to the Town and his house, entering it and slamming the door.


Elysia sat together with Walter, Caitlin, Andre, and all of the other NPCs, it was a few times since the last time off that Ryan had spoken to anyone, to Elysia, and she was seriously worried about Ryan. "Andre, have you noticed anything strange going on with Ryan?" Andre looked up from polishing his gun made from... yeah, not gonna question it. "Yeah, he didn't even react to my words last time, and he seems far more bitter, do you think it has something to do with the way we have treated him?" Elysia just nodded.

"Last time he had a near total breakdown when I jokingly suggested that the Guides have it easy, and since then he has not reacted to anything except the Player, murmering something ending this whole cycle of suffering." Elysia looked around, the others were shocked that Ryan, their own Ryan could react so badly to a joke, he had even made some of them before, but apparently it had gotten too much.

"So, what happened to Ryan? What did he say?" Elysia sighed, she had expecting this. "What he said basically came down to that he feels underappreciated, thinking that all we see him as is a guide, not a person. He said that he had been on guard for a long time, always being on guard for if the Player needs him, or someone else, he said that he was jealous of us due to us having use of our powers and experience while he 'just' knows everything there is to know about Terraria and that he always had to deal with people ignoring him while he wanted to just help them."

Walter looked around uncomfortably. "You know, I can understand him, in a way, he doesn't make any money, and he always wanted to help people back when we were training to be the best at our own jobs. He just wanted to help people, but he got stuck with a job as the Guide for beginning Players, forcing him to adjust to being ignored. And... Well, I don't know about you, but I feel for him, how would you like it to be ignored constantly?" The other NPCs looked around uncomfortably, it was true that they had more use of their powers and training as Guides had during their normal life, and Ryan looked like he had been around for a very long time.

Mobart was the first to speak up. "How could we make it up to him? I mean, he hasn't really been talking to us, and I personally don't know what he likes, I think that only Walter would know that, am I right?" Walter just nodded as the alarm went off. "We have ten minutes, could we maybe, I don't know, throw an appreciation party?"

Ryan sighed and walked away from the door he had been listening in on them, it was time to go back to his underappreciated job.


It was late afternoon when the Player left again, Ryan just sat there, not getting up when a knock came on his door. "Hey, Ryan, are you going to come out of your little home?" It was Walter, trying to get him out of his shell again. He ignored him and turned away from the door. That also meant he couldn't see that Walter snuck in silently and put a few refreshments, then he left just as quietly. Ryan sighed as he heard Walter walk away.

Almost an hour later of sneaking in and out of Ryan's home, everything was set up. Walter would thank the Player if he could for making Ryan's house so great, it had a bar, a real bed, a few couches and a throne. The Player would have been worried about Ryan if it could think for itself, most likely, but it couldn't so they had to keep Ryan from killing himself or the Player or something stupid like that.

Walter got all the other NPCs together and together they walked to Ryan's house. Upon arriving there, Walter knocked on Ryan's door. "Hey, Ryan, I am going to come in with a few friends, we are really worried about you, so please don't rush off or go away." When there was no answer, Walter opened the door and saw Ryan, sitting on his throne the Player had left him.

"Well, it's about time you set your plan in motion, isn't it?" Ryan smiled, he truly had friends who were willing to go through hell to help him, literally, if he had the origins of some of these refreshments right. Then Ryan got up and walked towards Walter and the others. "Thanks for worrying about me."

A great party later and Ryan was talking to others again, having actual fun when the alarm went off, everyone quickly hid the party gear behind the bar, as it was known that the Player never looked behind stuff unless it was moving said stuff.


The Player had arrived in the sickening plop that they had come to expect from it. The player then went down the shaft they had seen it go down into for a few times. And Ryan immediately opened a secret hatch in his house, he had a feeling that this would be the time, and in the corner of his eye, he saw the message that every guide dreaded, the Wall of Flesh had awoken. He felt a twisting in his very essence as he burned up, twisting and turning until the portal opened up inside him. The Wall of Flesh came out, slowly tearing him open and then...

Ryan stood inside of his house, in front of the fireplace, which had a few burned logs in the corner, he had been so proud of the fireplace. He turned to look around and saw a few junior Guides standing around. "Go on, I am not planning to kick you out, just note that this is my house, I build this, all by myself." He said it with a smile, and the Guides looked at him amazed, not a lot of Guides became experienced enough to build things on their own.

Ryan walked over to his bed, it was still where he placed it. Getting sacrificed to summon the Wall of Flesh was always tiring, so very tiring. Those were his last thoughts as he collapsed onto the bed, his bed, in his home. His home, he liked how that sounded.


Ryan woke up when someone knocked on his bedpost. "Hey, are you the Ryan who build this house?" Ryan grumbled a bit, not even a good morning? That was rude. "Good morning to you too." The Guide who had spoken to him looked ashamed at forgetting basic protocol. It was well-known that Guides were Cranky with a capital C when they woke up after being sacrificed. "Good morning, Guide Ryan."

Ryan stood up and walked to the dinner table, still where he left it. "So, to which Guide do I have the pleasure to speak?" The other Guide sat down as he answered. "Guide Seth, a pleasure to meet you. Guide Ryan, I know you just came back, and I have been chosen to return in your place, so what exactly will be going on when I go to the world you came from?"

Ryan looked surprised, they had alreay chosen a returner? "How long have I been sleeping for?" "Two days, Guide Ryan." "Okay, thanks Guide Seth, this is surprising to me, I have not been out for so long in quite some time. I will help you get set up for the world I came from." And so Guide Ryan and Guide Seth spent the afternoon preparing Seth for the world, and Ryan, for returning home.


It was the next day, Ryan and Seth arrived at the portal hill, where Seth would go through the portal and arrive at his new town, at least for a while. One light was green, indicating that there was no Guide on that world, the other was red though, indicating that currently the conditions weren't right to enter, either the Player wasn't there, or it was night. Now the long wait started.


A few hours had passed, and now the second light turned to green, Guide Seth stepped forward, formally, as was tradition. He heard rustling behind him, indicating that Guide Ryan had gotten up to bid him farewell. Ryan walked forward, and just as Seth was about to walk through the portal, he jumped through.

'Ryan the Guide has arrived!' Ryan saw the message and knew he had succeeded, now just wait until the Player was gone to reintroduce himself to the others.

This story is based on something I had actually occur during gameplay, my Guide, named Ryan, was not moving at all for three terrarian days straight, while I was building an extention to to the town. I took the idea that he was sulking due to something that happened while I was not playing in that world and wrote this story. The story is 5 and a half pages long and has 3334 words.


It was all fine before you came along. I act all happy, and pretend to be your friend. But I wear my red hat in shame.

I tried to dissuade you. But you just wouldn't listen to me. When you finally challenged me, I could wait no longer. Despite the fact that I knew how much weaker I was, when I am not in my home territory, I could not deny the challenge.

And you beat me. You disgraced me. All of my subjects were humiliated by me that day. You took away my spirit. And you entered that place, and they all wondered why I was not protecting them. Just because you didn't listen and took away the protection of all of them.

The treasure in there is unimaginable. You don't even know. You believe that you defeated me for something simple, the Muramusa. Well, you were wrong. By taking away my spirit, all of the true treasure in that god forsaken place is now locked up.

You are truly evil.

My name is Sebastian, and I am Skeletron, leader of the dungeon. I protect my people, and stop you from disgracing them again.

You have tamed me into submission, but I will no longer back down and just let you go on and destroy my home.

They will stop you.
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I guess I'll do a thing.

Listen, don't ask me about it, ok? All I know is that they tossed a bag of coins, and I chiseled some tablet. But the making of the emblem is the same as always. I get a rough sketch, I make it better, I get paid. But something about that face, a couple times it almost looked like he spoke to me. I feel like if I could read the text, it would be the last thing I read. When I saw what I did, I knew. this was a mistake. I should've known the robes. I was blinded by greed. I'm sorry. Goodbye.

I guess I did a thing.


Dungeon Spirit
Here's something I whipped up over the weekend...

This is what happens when I line up my creations next to each other. I started with the castle on the left which which was built without any real plan, just a general idea, and I added bits on as I thought them up. The central structure was, to state the obvious, built with symmetry in mind. I felt that granite and marble would be the perfect materials to use, but beyond that I just made it up as I went taller. And finally, I wanted a tree house. So I made one. It's more tree than house, but I like it that way.

Alamandra Vonn Pravus

Dungeon Spirit
This story is a disturbing glimpse into the history of the cultists as well as their rituals. I also am trying to imagine in the story what Izzabelle's End of Days would be like. Good luck, folks! (Even though only art entries will win!)

It's cold.
Very cold.
Still air. No sound.
The figure in the distance spasms again. I walk faster.
He stands alone, in the snow.
A halo of blood around him.
His mask.
White as the snow around.
He coughs. His tattered robes shiver in the wind.
"Who are you?" I ask him.
He doesn't reply.
Blood leaks from the slash on his stomach.
God, there's so much blood.
So much.
"They've arrived."
He answers my question with this cryptic phrase.
The sky blazes four colors.
The ground shakes.
The figure falls.
The puddle of blood grows.
I look at the sky again.
It has tuned into a color I know well.
The color of Nebula.
The blood surrounds my shoes.

They fell softly.
The robes muffled the fall.
The blood leaked out of them.
The knife shined.
He stood, looking at the bodies, knife in hand.
He looked at them with disgust.
There old master was dead.
They had a new one.
Gone were to old ways.
The old ways slowly bleeded out of the stabbed bodies.
The figure took the white mask on the ground and placed it on his face.
The old ways were gone.
He dragged the bodies.
Dragged them to his crude stone tablet.
Painted a star with their blood.
The tablet glowed.
The puddles of blood rippled.
The sky shone four colors.

The chanting.
It grew louder.
The devotees.
Sulfuric eyes.
Eyes of hatred.
The knife rose and fell.
The star was painted.
He rose from the tablet, panting.
His mask discarded.
Drops of blood
On his lips.
Thirst for blood.
Thirst for conquest.
Thirst for an Empire.
He spoke.
The words rang across realms.
They awoke.
They thirsted for blood.
"Rise upon the world. Build an Empire."
The words were heard by all.
The knife quivered.
He raised it, slashed open his hand.
"Behold. A sacrafice for the lord of the moon."
The room trembled.

The room shattered.
Dissapeared into time.
The descent began.
The Lord moved downward.
The surface dwellings
forever gone.
The ground
torn apart.
The guide looked upwards.
The beam tore through the pristine landscape
torn limb from limb
Blue flames lashed out. They touched the earth.
Arrival. Landfall.

She looked at the sky once more.
It was in the air.
Oily smoke filled the air.
Fire and brimstone rained down.
The tablet was broken.
The seals shattered.
The guardians released.
They were all dead.
The sky was falling.
The ground was breaking.
Pieces floating.
Gravity was influxing and shattering.
Pieces of time and space rained down.
The End of Days.

It was ending.
All. All of it.
All of it.
Fire swirled.
A holocaust.
A genocide.
Creatures perished and screeched.
Biomes were scorched.
Who would be the new one?
The new guardian?
A sacrafice would be needed.
She had to kill herself to save herself.
She took the knife and slashed her neck open as the dark blue robes appeared on her and the mask came into being.
The fire vanished.
The dead body slowly limped toward the dungeon.
The tablet floating behind her.

The cult was reborn.
The board reset.

2 Years Later
The young adventurer looks at the dying cultist.
He gasps.
The cultist falls.
The sky blazes once again four colors.
It's cold.
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Terra's Most Desperate Moment
By DefinitiveZero
DISCLAIMER: The story isn't exactly like Terraria© but is highly based off of it if not a alternate reality of it (Still cool though)
In ancient terrarian times there were reported sightings of so called "aliens". People often passed it off as a myth since the aliens had cloaking devices and rarely came. Whenever these aliens come and land on earth they often abduct a terrarian or two for experiments of unknown purpose. A man by the name of Jack Nickleson was abducted in 2010 (Current year is 2059) and used for a very important experiment..the mass genocide of Terra (Terraria's planet...at least in this story). The aliens were going to lose their home world in 5 years due to multiple reasons including, Resource Depletion, overpopulation, and their planet's star was bound to blow up soon. They transform poor Jack into the ultimate killing machine..he became mostly alien-robotic. After his transformation they wiped his mind completely, cut off his emotions, and filled his mind up with orders for the mass genocide. The aliens prepare their spacecrafts and live in space for 47 years in a hibernation-like state having their computers scan Terra for a full diagnostic of the planet. Over time Terra gains magic and as it gets more powerful the Martian's Supercarrier copies the design of very big magical creatures and makes really tough versions with some of their tech. Terrarians fight back these magical creatures and build cities discovering new things everyday from the moon somehow bleeding (Keep note of this) every year (They named this the Blood Moon) or how slimy creatures are as common as a cat. After awhile the Terrarians discover that the center of the planet is actually...explorable...and looks alot like a certain place in stories that they read. Eventually they find a doll that looks alot like a Terrarian but ugly..so they decide to throw it into the lava not knowing the horrible consequence. In the city of SlimeVille where green slimes are horrifically common that they are pets a couple consisting of a young man who was wise and very helpful to other Terrarians talks with his wife, but in the middle of the chat he starts glowing orange very quickly...and explodes. Sometime later a loud horrifying screech could be heard from the newly named "Underworld", A very large wall-like creature with 2 gigantic eyes and a huge gaping mouth could be seen sweeping through the Underworld. The terrarians stand their guard and shoot at it with all their magical weapons and as the Fleshly like wall gets hurt it goes faster and starts shooting lasers. Eventually they killed it not knowing their world will change forever as the now dubbed "Wall of Flesh" was the gate to releasing all the good and evil. Years later the aliens wake up from hibernation and notice that Terra...looked different, after reading the diagnostics they soon realised that Terra had know unknown metals and some weird force that broke the laws of reality. Now knowing this they set coordinates for Terra and get ready to attack and bring their secret weapon along. (Play this music for some extra fun while reading this!
) The aliens come...and invade Terra, The terrarians saw the flying saucers and were scared as the aliens were destroying them easily. The aliens release their secret weapon who has been named "Verasixis" and shot him into the ground causing a large hole, Verasixis is equipped with thermal detection and a alien sniper rifle that never misses and a special crystal in his chest that releases a deadly beam. He starts hunting Terrarians killing tons in a matter of minutes..One terrarian was brave enough to hook him up with some wires and shock him unconscious. While he was like that they hack into his systems and reset his emotions and wipe his orders (They aliens didn't think the Terrarians would be able to get him unconscious) and wake him up with another jolt of electricity. Verasixis wakes up wondering whats going on..and tell him that those aliens are trying to kill them both. Verasixis proceeds on eliminating the aliens instead of the Terrarians and one by one they die. The aliens now with only 3/4 of their population release their next experiment that took them decades of abductions to make..The Terrarians and Verasixis see that the moon cracks (Remember how i mentioned the moon bled? this is why) Suddenly a HUGE creature emerges from it that only has a torso, arms and a head. Since he came from the moon and he is so huge they named him the "Moon Lord" and ordered to attack Verasixis first. The Moon Lord shot a Death beam at Verasixis almost destroying him... a few terrarians quickly came up to him and asked if he is okay and with a response of no. He told them to run as far as they can and that he will finish both the aliens and the Moon Lord off and upon his request they did.(Play this music if you want this part to be super cool!
) Verasixis starts a alarm sound and launches a special EMP disabling all alien ships he then proceeds and starts a countdown of detonation of the special crystal in his chest that he named "The Last Prism", The Moon Lord who is very enraged and frenzied now continues to attack Verasixis with lasers, it's fists, and its freakishly long tongue. Verasixis finds out that his jetpack still works and escapes these attacks and continues to do so in the air with the countdown getting close to zero he escapes the Moon Lord for a few minutes and finds out why the aliens attacked in the first place and who he really is and as he finds out he becomes angered and with 5 seconds on the clock of detonation he flies straight into the Moon Lord's head eye and then detonates pretty much disintegrating the Moon Lord and half of the alien population.(You can stop the music now if you want) The Terrarians saw the sacrifice and made a statue of him and named this period of history "The Martian Madness" for obvious reasons. Eventually every Terrarian went back to their routines and pass this story on to future generations some say the Moon Lord isn't completely dead and will come back to finish the job.. Some even say Verasixis isn't completely dead. *I close the book of Terrarian Tales* let me tell you something.. both are true but don't tell anyone alright? let's keep it our little secret *I chuckle*.


So question how well was this story? This is honestly my first actual story i have ever made, Rate it between 1-10 if its below 9 please give feedback as to why you rated it that way so i can make future stories better! :D
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My Submission:
Concept and Inspiration? Well, obviously I wanted to build a big tree house. The giant roots are supposed to be storing and crafting rooms, and the main water source of the tree, a giant underwater lake, can also be used for fishing.
Relation to the spirit of Terraria? I'm not even sure what's meant by the spirit of Terraria. But I think it looks very terrarian ;)


A Short Story For the Cultists

The Cultists they called us, we came to this worlds in a time of great madness and chaos hoping to provide some relief to the worlds inhabitants. We followed only one man though, and what he said, went. He was known, as the "Lunatic Cultist" and some even once called them Crowno. We encountered a malignant force and it's minions, not understanding that we were benevolent and meant no harm, it slaughtered us to the last, the last of us they planned to kill was The Lunatic Cultist, but with the deaths of their followers they called upon the benefactor of the Cultists to defeat the one who had dared to interrupt their holy mission, the rest sadly... is lost to the dust and ash of time... But one thing has been remembered, when the our leader called upon our benefactor for aid, we were cursed, to never die, until we succeed in our mission and defend ourselves. For now, in this dark abyss, I await death. May fate fare whomever finds this better then it fared us.

rediniowa5, the last cultist historian/bard/lore-keeper

(Recovered from numerous scraps of a Personal Journal in the dungeon after rhe death of the Lunatic Cultist)
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Official Terrarian
I made a small song, and recorded background footage from a small game I programmed.
I'm sure you guys can tell it's a smaller version of Terraria, though
I think it came out quite well. :dryadsmile:
Good luck to everyone who's entering!
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Ice Queen
I wrote a short story!

Loki looked out over the plains, towards the forest. Nothing. Good. Maybe tonight would be a peaceful night after all. He lowered his Dark Lance and walked back to the barracks. "So far, nothing." He said to the others. "Good." Tunnel King replied. It was not always easy being a guard of the town of TCF. There were spambots, trolls, and sometimes even hostile renegades from within their own population. However, there seemed to be nothing amiss tonight. It looked like they were in for a well deserved break. Loki sat down.

Several moments later, Aurora and Ghostar entered the room. "We saw something odd and decided to take a look at it. When we approached it burrowed into the ground and vanished." Leinfors, who had been sitting in the corner finishing up a bowl of pasta, looked up. "What did it look like?" He asked.
Aurora spoke up hesitantly. As the newest recruit, she was still getting used to the job, though she had done very well thus far. "It was small. Smaller than my hand, about the size of a mouse. It looked gray, or silver. It glinted and made a weird buzzing sound when it disappeared." Tunnel King picked up his Hammer of Banishment. An ancient relic, it had the power to completely destroy almost anything, but had never been used for evil. At least not by any of the guards. "We might have a bot on our hands. Let's go check it out."

They all got up and left the barracks. Bots were usually harmless, but occasionally they could be very dangerous. The last serious invasion of spambots had crippled the town, and it took weeks to completely rebuild. They went to the location Ghostar said the bot had appeared. Loki bent down and dug into the soil with his Dark Lance. "It doesn't look like it left anything behind." He said, straightening up. "Usually, hostile robots will leave something behind- a virus of some sort, or a bomb. But i can't see anything except freshly dug dirt."
"Good." Tunnel King said. "Alright, let's return to patrol. Leinfors, i believe it's your turn to patrol the east-" He was interrupted by a loud whirring sound, like that of a chainsaw. They whirled around. "What was that?" Leinfors asked. The sound was coming from the forest.

Loki held his lance up, its dim purple glow illuminating the grass just ahead of him. They stood in silence for several moments, then Loki approached. "Hello?" He called cautiously. Suddenly, from the depths of the forest, there came a loud roaring noise. The group backed up as several large silver machines emerged from the treeline, their red, soulless eyes glowing. "Spambots!" Leinfors called. "We need to destroy them before they get to the town!" The team charged into the fray, each fighting in their own style. Loki stabbed one of them with his Dark Lance, it's honed demonite edge slicing through the hardened steel with relative ease. Ghostar shot arrows at them, aiming for sensitive spots. Leinfors drew his throwing knives, and started throwing them at the machines. Tunnel King bashed a particularly large and menacing one with buzzsaws for hands with his hammer of banishment. The hammer glowed bright green, and in a flash of colored lightning the bot vanished, leaving no trace of it's existence behind.

One of the bots, a small, round automaton with a large orifice on one side, slipped speedily through the group, picking up spent arrows and knives and devouring them. Then it stood still, a red light atop an antenna blinking as it whirred. Aurora turned to look at it. "What's it doing?" She asked. Leinfors looked at it with increasing alarm. As the light faded out and the whirring stopped, it opened the port on it's side and a smaller version of itself walked out. "They're replicating!" Leinfors yelled to the others. "We need to destroy the spawners!" Aurora and Leinfors rushed at them, but they were too fast to be caught. Leinfors pulled out his radio. "This is Leinfors, calling all mods! We need backup, we have a major spambot invasion on our hands here!"
Matsu's voice was heard from the other side. "We got ourselves a bit of a problem here, too! They're in the city!" "Got it." Leinfors said. "Calling all moderators, everyone retreat to the barracks!" He called to everyone fighting. They stopped and retreated back towards the base.

"What you saw first was a probe." Tunnel King explained to Aurora. "It checks to see if it's detected. If you hadn't spotted it, the invasion might have been a lot worse." Unit One, another new recruit, spoke up. "What do we do? The things are all over the city. We're getting reports from all over the place, we're greatly outnumbered." Loki stood up. "We haven't seen an invasion this bad since Vardenhost." "Vanhost?" Tsuki asked. "What's that?" "Vardenhost," Loki explained, "Was a rebel from within the city. His goal was to either take it over or destroy it, we're not sure which. He worked as a spy, giving information to our enemies and allowing them greater knowledge of our defenses. When he was discovered, he fled, and raised an army of spambots which he used to attack the town. We thought he was defeated, but he's the only explanation for this scale of attack."

"Well, we've been getting reports from all over the city." Kelp said. "Maybe one of them could give us information about his whereabouts." Tunnel King nodded. "Alright, let's look through the reports. Anything that differs from the ordinary is a possibility. Let's get to work." He then picked up a large pile of paper and passed it around to the other mods.
After about 20 minutes of finding nothing(except for a report of someone who had built an entire stone building for no reason, violating several zoning laws, found by ExoticCharm), Leinfors stood up. "I've got it." He said. Everyone looked up from their papers. "Someone in the trade district saw someone who seemed to be giving orders to the bots. That's got to be him."
"Alright." Loki said. "We'll attack in waves. Tunnel King, Leinfors, and myself will strike first, with Nike Leon, Doylee, and Kelp clearing a way through the bots. Then, Aurora, ExoticCharm, Tsuki, and Charmander will come up from behind. Ghostar, Jeckel, Matsu, and Unit One will take the sides, clearing out the bots the others can't reach."

"Everyone understand?" He asked. They all nodded, and stood up. "Good. Now let's go smash some bots."


They approached the location of the report warily, in the same order previously assigned. However, the place was eerily quiet, with only the wind howling to break the silence. Loki shivered. "This was where the report was, right?" He asked Leinfors. "Definitely." Leinfors answered. "I'd bet a bowl of pasta on it." They carefully took a few more steps. Then Loki noticed something small on the ground. He bent down to pick it up. It was a small metal object, with a curve ending in a large glowing red light. He looked at it for several moments, when suddenly, he felt a knife on his neck.
"Hello, Loki." Came Vardenhost's voice from behind him.
Tunnel King and Leinfors whirled around, readying their weapons. Vardenhost pushed the knife up against Loki's neck harder. "One move and i will slit his throat." He warned. Loki still had his Dark Lance in his hand, but didn't move it, as the knife was sure to be far faster than it.

Vardenhost laughed. "So, you thought i was defeated?" He said mockingly. "Fools. I can not be defeated." Leinfors stared daggers at him. "Why did you return, fiend?" He asked. "Could you not be content to depart in peace?" "Peace?" Vardenhost said, "You banished me, with the threat of destruction if i were to return. I hardly call that peace." "You betrayed us." Tunnel King said. "What did you hope to gain?" Vardenhost stopped and considered this for a moment. "I was rather unimpressed with the way you ran things. I saw a great potential in this city, one which you suppressed and choked with your 'leadership'." "You destroyed things." Leinfors replied. "You attacked people, summoned spambots, laid waste to the place. Did you really think that was an improvement?"

"Come now, we can't make an omelet without breaking a few eggs." He replied. "Once things were suitably changed i would have rebuilt TCF, in a rather more impressive fashion than the way you did. In fact, i managed to create my own domain, one which has grown quite well, if i do say so myself." "Wait," Loki said, anger bubbling up inside him. "You mean the town southwest of here, in the old forest?" Vardenhost smiled. "Yes." He confirmed. "You villain!" Tunnel King shouted. "You accused king Redigit of thievery!" This made Vardenhost laugh. "Yes. It was quite easy, really. Pretty much everyone there is convinced this place is the spawn of evil, all it took was a little push. And," He said, making a strange gesture, "A little support."

Suddenly, bots began appearing out of the darkness, emerging from broken buildings, alleys, and even trash cans. Tunnel King readied his Hammer. "You will not succeed! We will fight to our last breaths if necessary!" "Very well." Vardenhost said. "Do so." He quickly slit Loki's throat and escaped quickly, vanishing into the crowd of bots bearing down on the trio. Leinfors started throwing daggers at them. "Teams two and three!" He called. "We need help!" Almost immediately, the other Moderators entered the fray, slashing and shooting spambots as they came. Most of them were destroyed quickly upon getting close, but one managed to reach Loki, who was now lying on the ground. Groggy from loss of blood, he pulled his lance out and stabbed the bot in the knee, causing it to stop momentarily. Then a crossbow bolt fired by Ghostar felled it. She ran up to Loki and handed him a red vial. "Drink this, it's a healing potion!" She said urgently. Loki grabbed it and tilted the contents down his injured throat, and it immediately felt better.

Meanwhile, Tunnel King, Matsu, and Leinfors had gotten surrounded by spambots. True to their name, they swarmed over them, and as many as were destroyed by the legendary Hammer of Banishment were quickly replaced. "We need to get Vardenhost! He's the source of all these!" Tunnel King called out. Tsuki scanned the surrounding area. Then, on top of a building, she saw a shadowy figure. She aimed her bow at it and fired.
Vardenhost screamed in pain and rage, and fell from his perch, landing in a pile of overturned garbage cans. He was livid. "You can never destroy me!" He cried. "As many times as you kill me, i will rise again!" Tunnel King cleared a path through the spambots to him as the others held off the attacking mob. Then, he raised his hammer and brought it down upon Vardenhost. With a screech that rent the night air and a flash of green light, he was gone. The spambots slowly stopped functioning and deactivated. One became confused and plowed into a building.

The team stood still, breathing heavily from exertion. Then Loki's voice rang out.
"Hey!" He said hoarsely. "Little help here?"


"How are you feeling?" Tunnel King asked Loki. "Better." He said. "Although, i've been thinking. I've been the unofficial leader of the guardians of TCF for a while now. I think it's time i resigned." "Resigned?" Leinfors asked, surprised. "Yes," Loki replied. "I've taken up a new post as personal advisor to king Redigit and queen Cenx. I've also found a suitable replacement for me." "A replacement? Who?" Tunnel King inquired. "Remember that report we got of Vardenhost? That was given to us by Safemanda. She will be a suitable successor, i think." They continued talking, and then left the room where Loki had been recuperating from his injuries. "Tunnel King," Leinfors asked as they passed a ruined building(which, incidentally, was not only the same building that had been reported the previous day for violating zoning laws, but also the one the dying bot had smashed into), "There's something that worries me. When Vardenhost returned last night, he looked different. Not just a little different, but completely different. Do you think he might be a rebirther?" Rebirthers were rare people that, when killed, could regenerate into a new body. "When we defeated him, he said he could never be truly killed. What if he turns out to be right, and we can't ever defeat him?"

Tunnel King was silent for a moment as he stared out over the city. "Then we will fight him," He said, "For as long as it takes, as many times as it takes."


Dungeon Spirit
I wrote about a personal interpretation of the game. I tried to make it concise.

Let's start from the beginning, where it all went wrong.

The player apparated a world. Immediately, they began to modify the world's qualities by mining, taking forests down, and building over what had already been made. The Eye of Cthulhu awoke to see what damage had been done to his world and found the player, who immediately reacted with hostility (forcing the EoC into a fight it cannot win).

The player continued to take advantage of the world around it, actively poking every living thing with a stick (literally and figuratively) until they came across the Dungeon. Immediately thinking of the selfish benefits they could gain from stealing from the dead, they defeated the guardian of the Dungeon and pillaged everything from inside of the ancient catacomb.

But the player was still thirsty for more power. They wanted control. They found the Underworld, and naturally killed every living (and dead) being they came across with no remorse. A single creature rebelled against the player. A lone demon, clutching a voodoo doll that was the only thing able to stop the player at this stage.
In an act of sacrifice, this demon allowed the player to kill it for the greater good, releasing the voodoo doll into the lava and summoning the first embodiment of Cthulhu - a wall of flesh and blood, representing everything the player has killed to get to the point they are now, representing what happens when someone tampers with what is not theirs. The player successfully held their own and defeated their enemy as they always did.

But the world took a stand and said "no".

The world and everything in it rebelled against the player, awakening the most primordial of enemies, the harshest of environments. Guardians of the sky that fiercely and relentlessly protect their territory and life. Horned stallions which mercilessly struck down anything in their Hallowed land.
The world released The Twins to remind the player that they are always watched and can never hide. The world released Skeletron Prime to remind them that they are not in control of what does not belong to them. The world released The Destroyer to remind them that no matter how strong they were, someone or something with superior might and power could always strike them down from the earth or sky.

The player violated the Jungle once more, a place where rebellious spirit was weak. They destroyed and pillaged everything they can, until a Jungle guardian came to stop the player in their tracks in a prison of vines and moss where there was no escape. But the player fought back. The player defeated Plantera.
Much of the world had given up after that. The evil of the corruption and the goodness of the Hallow slowed down their progression to revert the world to a balanced state, as they realized hope was lost. The dungeon became activated, and spirits grew restless as the world began to fall apart. Cultists and activists came together and unified in a spiritual rebellion of the stars in the sky, of celestial power.

As the player cruelly struck them down, indiscriminately, like every other creature of the earth before them, and assassinated their cultist leader, their calls to the sky above were answered with a final battle from the stars themselves. The most powerful creatures from other observant and omniscient worlds took control and brought their collective might against the player in a last-ditch attempt to end their reign over Terraria, the center of the universe.

When the player was victorious against the rebellious invasion, the world took a final stand against the player. Every spirit, both killed by the player and alive in the world, became a collective individual, binded by the might of the heavens and hell, good and evil. All differences aside, their one goal was to restore order and peace in the world by ending the player's reign permanently. And the player engaged against the Moon Lord. Nevertheless, the player's greed and thirst for power was fulfilled. And, for the present moment, they ruled over the lands of Terraria.

And now the world waits, waits for the chance to strike again.

I hope someone enjoys it :)
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