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Discussion in 'Community News & Features' started by Matsu, Sep 26, 2016.

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  1. Dg-vr

    Dg-vr Dungeon Spirit

    It looks rushed for me, but that's all i can do since im most of my time on school activities ;(
    Keep up, TFC! :D
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  2. Duke of Fries

    Duke of Fries Steampunker

    Capture 2016-10-22 19_25_02.png Kitsu Royale: A Mini-Arena For the 2nd TCF Anniversary Contest! (NOTE: I may put a download for you guys to play in the world.)
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  3. ppowersteef

    ppowersteef Paladin

    It has been an awesome experience so far, I've found the game a few months before 1.2 happened, and I am really amazed how the game has grown so immense. from a simple and short adventure game to so incredible massive, It feels good to know I came accross this game and watched it growing more and more.
    So here's a show-off of the 4 powerful/known armors known in the major versions of the game. [​IMG]

    Also, most of the characters are references to other artworks and members of TCF. although there are a few self-interprentations as I could find one for everyone.
    I've enjoyed drawing this. It's a little bit rushed because of the little free time I had, but nonetheless, I like it.

    Thank you all, TCF, for all the fun I had the past years, they really have made a great impact during my stay. They've really improved me all-around.
    Those were truly years to be remembered. Onwards to more great stuff to come! :D

    EDIT: changed spooky armor's head so it's not looking too off with the version generation. Prevents confusion.

    EDIT2: Added a list of the references for the curious.
    Shadow Armor: Self interprentation
    Molten Armor: @neoselket
    Jungle Armor: Suweeka's artwork
    Necro Armor: @Jerion 'Wyverntamer' Kràl

    Cobalt Armor: @Terra Branford
    Mytril Armor: Self Interprentation.
    Adamantite Armor: @Axios
    Hallowed Armor: Self Interprentation

    Turtle Armor: @SolaR
    Shroomite Armor (Flame dye): @Dire Sigma
    Spectre Armor: Self Interprentation
    Spooky Armor: @Ampex

    Nebula Armor: Crowno's artwork
    Solar Armor: @TheQuietBisharp
    Vortex Armor: Rundas from Metroid Prime 3
    Stardust Armor: Self Interprentation
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  4. DucksOnAStick

    DucksOnAStick Steampunker

    This is a poem I made to honor all the cool bosses in Terraria. Every players experience is different, and some of my fondest memories are fighting the bosses.

    The Eye of Cthulhu has come for a fight,
    This great battle will take all of your might.
    As your last arrow pierces the eye,
    You can final tell this boss "Goodbye."

    A massive boss, The King Slime has appeared,
    But, alas, he does not impose much fear.
    As the last shuriken flies through the slime,
    It seems this boss has run out of time.

    The guardian of the dungeon, Skeletron,
    An intense battle, even with buffs on.
    As your last arrow hits with a smack,
    His bones will finally crack.

    The Queen Bee is here to see
    How worthy an opponent you might be.
    As her last stinger flies through the air,
    You have bested her, for all that you care.

    The Eater of Worlds has dug through the ground
    Sending tremors all around.
    With the final swing of your platinum sword,
    You add more loot to your treasure hoard.

    The Brain of Cthulhu, along with his minions,
    Is the easiest boss in my opinion.
    With frostburn arrows and even a boomerang,
    You obtain another trophy to hang.

    The Wall of Flesh, a mighty foe.
    You have been armed from your head to your toes.
    As you throw your last grenade,
    You obtain your new sword, the Breaker Blade.

    The Destroyer, a monstrous mechanical beast,
    You'll need a Mythril set, at least.
    As your final arrow hits his mechanical eye,
    This huge machine will finally die.

    Skeletron is back again, for one final time,
    But now, this time he's in his prime.
    Dip, duck, dodge and fly with your bow firing fast,
    All it took was one last shot, one last blast.

    The Twins are here, and they don't seem like friends
    With your new gear, they shall meet their ends.
    Even with their transformations, they are finally defeated.
    Sadly, things are only just getting heated.

    As you break a mysterious bulb, Plantera breaks through the wall.
    Even though your a filled with fear, you try to stand tall.
    Even though she puts up a fight, she loses all her health,
    All of her loot you take to add to your wealth.

    You dodge the deadly traps in the temple, and summon Golem, the guardian.
    He fights with fury, and stings like a scorpion.
    As he finally crumbles to your valiant might,
    You feel exhausted, and sleep for the night.

    The Lunatic Cultist prays at the dungeon every hour,
    When you attack him, he is filled with power.
    Spells and magic fly all around,
    Eventually, he finally goes down.

    The gigantic Moon Lord has been summoned here,
    This time, you almost cower in fear.
    As his bones hit the ground,
    You realize you are the Champion of Terraria, all around.
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  5. SnailsAttack

    SnailsAttack Dungeon Spirit

    This is my entry. It's a terraria trailer based off the original gameplay launch trailer.
  6. Demorticue

    Demorticue Spazmatism

    My entry, I guess.
    Heeeeeere it goes...

    Your Heart, Dear Boy

    Dawn rises,
    The sun chastises,
    The hills gleam ever more with their prizes.

    Dusk sets,
    The sun forgets,
    The moon grows red with fury and little regrets.

    The people of my land have hungered for this night for ages,
    Many years ago, we were told this by our sages,
    The heroes' lives are running out of pages.

    Hear! I cry for this day all night in my caves; my tears fill the very pools of your oceans. I have seen all that your gods have to offer. I am the bearer of the ancient spirits of Light and Dark. I've lived among the hero as a shadow; he never knew! Oh what a life the disguise of a guide can brew! My body sits here under the ashes.
    I am waiting for that boy to catch my hints...

    I am the god of your world, boy! My folds and vessels careen over the course of your entire kingdom!

    Come here!

    Come here!

    I want to show you something nice!

    You see that doll on that cliff?

    Burn it!

    Burn it!

    Something good will surely come of it, I am sure! I hear it unleashes ultimate power, oh yes!

    Burn it in the fire, now! I can't wait to see what happens!

    Burn it!

    Burn it!

    I hear ancient spirits lurk within this power!

    You've messed up, boy! I hope you know what you have done! You've unleashed my body from its holds!
    I shall smother you in the wrath of old!

    Come closer!

    Come closer!

    I hunger for your flesh! I am the mighty King of Flesh! My body yearns for fresh meat! I must have that power in your heart; it is so strong to have faced my father's gaze and thoughts. It must be strong from the twisting of my father's pet! It must be so brave for coming down here just for me!

    Come closer, boy! I want that heart, now! My father will be very upset if you get past me! I am the god of your world, don't look past thee!
    Burning that doll, oh yes that doll! I love the scent of agony in my lovely Hell's air! Now look at me, boy! I want that heart, now!

    Strike me, if you dare! I have the souls of your damned brethren to aid me in this battle! They, too, hunger for your heart, oh that brave, powerful heart!
    I smell your brain, it is nice, too! I wonder what your demeanor must taste of. I wonder what your keenness must taste of. My damned underlings will aid me in that question.

    Why look at me like that, boy? Do you not like the true form of your favorite guide? Do you not like my wonderful maw? My magnificent gaze, too? I shall have you know that my father bestowed these upon me. Does my aroma displease you? I notice the grimace on your face, and it troubles me.

    Never-mind that. I shall not be distracted by that face for long. Your god of flesh will devour you! My damned souls shall share in this untimely banquet!

    WHAT IS THAT?! I say, my boy, I do not like that thing in your hands. How did you get that sword?



    A ghastly air fills the underworld. The corpse of an eldritch abomination lays sprawled upon the steaming coals of Hell. A lone man is standing upon the pile of raw, horrid meat. As he gazes up at the ceiling, spectacles of horrid and splendid light fly into the interior of the world. A voice calls out as they dissipate.

    "My father may not be around, that is for sure. But, I wait for you to face his brother. At least then, I may finally taste that heart of yours... boy."

    Years passed since my duel with the Wall. I am the lone man atop his corpse. To this day I have had nightmares about that last line he uttered. "My father... his brother..."
    What could that have possibly meant? I have no idea. I have no guide to turn to, anymore. They may all be traitors.
    I still smell the flesh of his horrid being.
    I still see his blood stained on Night's Edge.
    I must seek the light of the Hallowed Ones.

    "What do you mean you are busy?"
    "I said it, and that is all that there is to it, now leave me be."
    "No. Tell me why you can not help me, O member of the Hallowed Three."
    "Leave me be."
    "Can you not see the structure behind me?!"
    "Yes, I see it. So what?"
    "GAH! Boy, you are an idiot! It's a machine! The other two have their own."
    "For what?"
    "His brother."
    "The Guide's?"

    The sky was lit in green flames. My townspeople were scattered among the hills like ants under attack. You could classify them as that, I suppose. We WERE under attack. The machines. How could the Hallowed ones make such a mistake? I must move into the blue lands, or face them head-on.

    The head of the armed monstrosity adjusted its view towards the man.
    "Boy, your heart is not enough for his brother. We are only trying to help you all escape."
    Steam spewed from valves on the skull's exterior.
    Two enormous titanium spheres hovered behind it, gazing at the man.
    The body of the Metal Eater encircled the group.
    "No! I must stop this madness! You are killing my people!"
    "So be it."

    Hours later, scraps and wires littered the plains. Every citizen of the man's city had been killed off by the Hallowed Three's mistakes.

    More years have passed. About a decade, I presume. I have conquered the queens of the jungle. They, too, warn me of "His Brother." I have slain the duke of the ocean, and the army of the dead. Once more, "His Brother is coming." I can only ponder on what this means.

    "Stranger! What is your name? Do not disturb our ritual."
    "Call me Boy."
    "Okay, Boy. Leave us be. We must focus on His Brother."

    Those words snapped within my mind. Surely they were working on bring this "Brother" into my kingdom. I killed them all - even their leader.

    The sky flashed with colors of unfathomable peaks. Four pillars from the celestial realm littered the hills with monsters. A shadow lurked high in the horizon. It seemed to be covering its chest - as if it were missing something.

    A voice filled my head.
    "Your heart, boy. I need that heart."

    Impending Doom is approaching.​
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  7. Realith

    Realith Dungeon Spirit

    I wrote a Parody of "We are Los Angeles" by Goon Squad showing our Love for The Terraria Community Forums! Hope ya'll like it!

    We are the TCF
    We are united
    We're not divided
    We stand up tall so we'll be seen
    Of all the forums this ones completely awesome
    Together we are the TCF! x4

    Together we are the TCF! x2

    We thank all the people that helped shape this site
    For we give all the credit to you!
    YOU! YOU! YOU!

    Talented and smart,
    We won't disappoint!

    We'll celebrate all this tonight!

    We are united
    We're not divided
    We stand up tall so we'll be seen
    Of all the forums this ones completely awesome
    Together we are the TCF!

    As the heart and soul
    We live for a goal
    With the mind of many so true
    WE RULE!
    This is our Celebration
    Let all our shouts be heard
    And with care and with love
    we are good

    We are united
    We're not divided
    We stand up tall so we'll be seen
    Of all the forums this ones completely awesome
    Together we are the TCF! x2

    Together we are the TCF! x2
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  8. Valkyrie Valhalla

    Valkyrie Valhalla Dungeon Spirit

    I adore this game's bosses, I love the beauty of the canvas, and I admire the creator of it all.

    Here's a big black and white drawing of all of these things.

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  9. Eli10293

    Eli10293 Spazmatism

    Terrarian Spirit Armors
    AuraArmor1.png AuraArmor4.png AuraArmor2.png
    I wanted to do more but spriting armors is so hard
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  10. Darthkitten

    Darthkitten Paladin

    Here's my submission. Fondant Lord and the Cupcake Pillars.

    French Vanilla Cake for the base
    Buttercream Frosting
    Fondant for the skin
    Sugar Glass for the eyes
    Raisin for the iris
    Rock candy for cupcake toppings
    Multicolored twizzlers for the cupcake toppings

    Cross-section to be included later.


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  11. Elin la Verde

    Elin la Verde Retinazer

    Here is my entry for TCF 2nd anniversary ! It's October, the Pumpkin Moon is about to rise again.. :)

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  13. Tas the Thing

    Tas the Thing Dungeon Spirit


    Here's a little cabin I threw together, hope it suffices.
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  14. Shockal

    Shockal Terrarian

    The Corruption is both one of my favorite and least-favorite biomes in Terraria. It's a silent, dark world filled with disturbing insect-like lifeforms that bear practically no intelligence, other than to eat and destroy. Its melancholic atmosphere grants my interest for it. However, this is a spreading biome. It pains me to remind myself about how my beloved forests will eventually succumb to infection...

    Here I potray a lone Eater floating mindlessly above the soulless soil in search of an edible object, while a much larger 'eater' continues to madly eat the ground without stopping.

    This is my entry.


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  15. Oleg34518

    Oleg34518 Official Terrarian

    Count me in, and this is for my entry:
    (At least it's better than last year...)
  16. Shaedric

    Shaedric Golem

    Here is my entry. Not as grand and good as others but At least I got up and tried.
  17. Jenosis

    Jenosis Dungeon Spirit

    For my entry I did a build with modded and vanilla stuff combined:
    Capture 2016-10-16 01_39_52.png
    in my 3/4 years of playing terraria I have made some really awesome friends on the forums and seen some really great suggestions. When I got into modding; my creativity went a lot higher than I thought it would and began implementing some small (and pretty great imo) suggestions based on stuff people wanted on the forums (namely @Snickerbobble's Starshine Furniture and Placeable Materials). It's given me a great appreciation for what the devs do and what the community can do, also just recently two of my friends from the forums decided to help me with my mod. One of them came to me to ask about spriting and lead him into the right direction to giving him his dream of spriting things (and has gotten a lot better since then). I hope to be a part of this wonderful community for a few years more :D

    Cosmetic Variety and Legends
  18. ComixTheNoob

    ComixTheNoob King Slime

    So here's an entry I did for the 2nd anniversary for this forum. Just wanna say the community here is amazing!
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  19. Izzabelle

    Izzabelle Lunatic Cultist

    Ok. Finally done. Hope you all enjoy!


    • The TCF Logo / Shirts are ready for print and for any color shirt or hoodie
    • I know the shirt models!
    • The artwork's actual size is 24x36 inches -- standard poster size.
    • The artwork can be mass produced as a print, but requires special ink (damn neon colors)
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  20. Derunih

    Derunih Steampunker

    My entry is now ready! Behold... Something new~

    20161007_223858.jpg SoloTurn.jpg BothTurn.jpg MiniCompare.jpg
    So, uh, here is my submission. I am sure everyone was expecting a short story, and at the start that was even my intent (when I had time and inspiration). Then, as I was messing with these tiny blocks, I thought... "Mini Bunniken would be AWESOME." And hey, there is a contest going on. Why not? Not much to say on the actual making of them, I just had fun.

    Now, right up until submission, I thought that this wasn't very... In theme. It was just a thing I made, because it was cool. But then I thought about what it was:

    I had written entire stories about this game, and have built up this adorable little character out of the love of playing Terraria. And the first thing I thought of for a submission was that character who I literally poured 9 months of writing into. So, yeah... Here is my Terraria spirit.

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