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Official The TCF 2nd Anniversary Shindig Submission Thread

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Pixel Pirate
So i have played Terraria since 1.1 (and longer than that) where i would play with my father and little brother on a server we had where our houses would get torn apart from all the bloodmoon clowns and their bombs and all other shenanigans.

How i slowly got better at better at making creative buildings instead of the regular box buildings. i must have made like a total of 50 worlds where i have completed around 10 playthroughs (several in 1.2 and many i "finished" in 1.3)

So here you have a "complete" (for some reason i deleted my oldest world at some point in 1.3 i dont know why though D: + i have deleted many other worlds )


Well done to you all! Best of luck!

And wow Izzabelle! :D
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Dungeon Spirit
I wrote a story of sorts.
I decided to humor the theme and write about a spirit. Enjoy~
The amount of spellbooks on the shelves seemed to be increasing by the quarter-moon.

My peers were very talented, I learned. After fleeing from the solar outbreak years ago, we had taken refuge underground. Here, we had built a city with our own hands, away from the dangers of the surface. Then we had all the time in the world to peacefully practice our spells.

In my study, I stared carefully at the Moonglow that sat in a clay pot on my desk, my hand resting under my chin. It was glowing faintly, illuminating my room with a soft blue light and releasing a few specs of luminous pollen into the air. I liked this plant; sadly, the rest of my kind wanted it nowhere near them.

I noticed the Moonglow’s muddy soil break very slowly, as two light-blue seeds emerged. I gazed at these seeds with amazement; Moonglows produce seeds while they give off light. This fact has always interested me.

Glancing at my second pot, I frowned. There was once a Daybloom there, but it had long since wilted. At first I had asked myself how this could be; but it dawned on me that Dayblooms need raw sunlight to live, judging from how many healthy ones I had encountered on the surface. Strange, I thought. If light is required for such life, why is it seen as evil to my people? I wanted to find this out.

After all, I was still shocked by my legion’s reaction to when I created a potion that allowed me to give off an aura of light. I was scolded heavily and sent away into my chamber until the effect wore off. I was seen as some sort of insane criminal.

I looked at the empty stained bottle I had drunk the potion out of, then stood up and put my robe on.

I made my way down to the central square. Our entire city was very dark, only dimly lit by small weak flames of different colors. The dark-colored, sturdy bricks that made up our city didn’t help much either. But it was not a hindrance, for our race had adapted to see best without the light.

My acquaintances stood in the center of this area, creating various bolts of water with their spellbooks. Water was a common element in our society, because it was denser than air, and therefore had a smaller capacity of light.

“Zenith,” a Caster called out to me, “Finally taking a break from your study?”

“Not quite,” I replied, “I came here to observe some more.”

“Interesting how you’re always willing to learn, but never put this knowledge into practice. I want to see a spell of your own soon, or else I might just make you the next host for our guardian.” He chuckled jokingly.

“That’s ridiculous. The current host hasn’t even reached the end of his life force.”

“Looks like you’ve learned well indeed,” the Caster said. “Besides, I’m just pulling your leg.”

I nodded with a smile and said to him, “Show me your spectre skills once more, please.”

Heeding my request, the Caster moved his hands in a peculiar pattern, creating a small white bolt that resembled a wisp. The bolt flew around according to the Caster’s hands, eating up every trace of light nearby. The Caster then called it back and the bolt disappeared.

“I’m puzzled,” I said to the Caster. “You would expect a white spell to give off light. Instead, it consumes light and produces darkness. How does it work?”

“Still wondering about the forbidden element of light?” the Caster said with worry, retreating his arms into his red coat. “Dark magic is what keeps us healthy and whole. There’s a reason we couldn’t stay on the surface, Zenith.”

The Caster wasn’t being clear enough for my liking. Pressing for more information, I inquired, “And what is that reason? Light brings life, you know.”

“And with life, comes death.” The Caster glared at me with a hint of fear in his eyes. “We don’t know if there’s life after death. Where our dead have gone, none have returned. What if death only brings endless suffering to those who have passed? Or a perpetual blankness without the ability to feel? Surely they would want to start living again.”

“What are you on about, then?” I asked.

“With dark magic, you can gain the arcane knowledge required to live forever; you can harness the power of your own spirit to make yourself eternally fearless and healthy. This way, there would be no more fear, only peace. That is why we are settled in this very colony. Sheltered within the shadows, we can practice all forms of spells so that we may unlock the secret to immortality. And the key element for the best results, is darkness.”

The Caster took a breath as he finished his lecture. He was starting to look tired and withered, something I would expect from someone with overexposure to dark magic.

“I believe that you’re wrong,” I said confidently. “I’ve seen light do wondrous things. Who’s to say that it can’t do the same for us? We naturally fear the unknown, and I think you’re not giving it a chance.”

“And what exactly makes you so sure of this?”

“To die is to live a fulfilled life; the existence of death gives us a reason to go out there and accomplish anything in our power, with no regrets. Only when you pass should you consider your life complete, then you can be truly satisfied, regardless of what comes next. If you curse yourself with immortality, you will never be satisfied. Your soul will never properly leave your body and you will grow tired and in pain. You will wander these chambers endlessly with nothing but eternal misery and suffering. I don’t want that, and neither do you, I’m sure.”

“Curse? For someone who spends all his time researching, you’re awfully dense,” said the Caster. With a tone of frustration, he added “We have high expectations of you, and I suggest you live up to them if you wish to prove your worth.”

“Prove my worth?” I questioned, not expecting an answer. A few citizens noticed our dispute and began to watch. I had to show my people what I mean; I can preach all I want, but it won’t get anywhere unless I put my thoughts into action, my teachings into practice.

With that, I pulled out my own spellbook from my inner coat pocket. As I opened it, I flipped through the notes, stopping at one of my spells. I traced the symbols with my fingers, hesitant if this was a good idea. The Diabolists may play with fire, but this was something on a whole other level. Regardless, I had to prove that I’m right; prove my worth.

I raised one arm up as a large orb of light rose up from the ground, brightly cloaking all it could reach with a harsh cyan light. Everyone in the square shouted and turned away, unable to handle the intense flash. I, however, stood staring at the orb, my eyes wide, my gray skin almost appearing white. The light blew a strong wind, causing the banners on the ceilings to strongly flow.

A Necromancer stood up straight and yelled over the crowd, “Zenith, enough!” as he shot a purple shadow beam through my orb, breaking it into pieces and causing the light to fizzle out and vanish.

“What is the meaning of this?” said the Caster as he removed his hands from his face, trying to adjust to the rapid changes in luminosity.

“You all don’t understand,” I explained. “We are too afraid, too sheltered from outside elements to realize there’s a lot more to life than what we’re told. We must cease following a set path, and instead go where there is no path and leave our own trail behind. I only seek to be your guiding light.”

“Guiding light?” A Diabolist shouted with anger, “A heretic is what you are!”

A heavily armored guard tightly gripped the back of my robe and began pulling me away. I tried to struggle free, but I lacked the strength. Becoming fearful of and for my own people, I boldly stated, “Can we truly see in the dark? Or are you all blinded by ignorance?”

The mob hissed with disagreement.

I was dragged into a small room with many spikes lining the walls; the execution room.

The guard sat me down on a small black chair and tied me up with blue chains, with a blue weight at the end of the chain, holding my feet down so I couldn’t get up. Try as I might, there was no way I could break free. I began to panic, but tried to keep a straight face.

The Caster entered the chamber with us. “Zenith, I had a lot of faith in you. But you have proven to be a threat, a danger to our society. That light might have seriously harmed us. We cannot have someone like you within our secure walls.”

“What happened to a fair trial?” I asked, shaking.

“This is an extreme case,” the Caster answered. “You just showed us that you’re willing to spread chaos and heresy. This is unacceptable. Besides, I’ve wanted to test my newest sealing spell on someone for a while.”

I was beginning to regret what I had done. These people were out of their minds, having been hidden away from the life-sustaining sunlight for so long. Perhaps in the end, I was just a fool to them.

The Caster's assistant, a blue-armored executioner entered soon after, holding a cursed blue sword. He firmly shut the heavy door behind him, further telling me that my fate is sealed. Despite seeing my face in tears, he held no sympathy in his sinking black eyes.

“What a shame you won’t get to see how you would’ve turned out in a thousand years,” said the Caster. “You're still becoming immortal like the rest of us; but instead you’ll be trapped within the ‘eternal suffering’ you worried about so much, while the rest of us will get to live happy lives forever.”

“I wish you would understand. I only wanted the best for us,” I told him.

The Caster didn’t listen. “You wanted to become a light? Then your wish shall be granted.”

He snapped his bony fingers, creating a black wisp that imbued the sword with an unknown spell. With that, the executioner jabbed the blade through my body, engulfing me in many blue sparks, and transforming me into a small, glowing cyan wisp. The Caster took me in his hand and sealed me within a glass bottle. I wanted to reach my hand out and hit the glass, but as I saw my reflection in the bottle, I realized I had no hands. I was only a skull-shaped spirit. I knocked on the glass with my skull, but I was too weak to cause any friction; a small light like me didn’t have such power.

A light blue flame cloaked my new body, which burned and stung me as if a bright light had been shined in my eyes. I realized that my soulfire would be burning for as long as I lived, which may very well be forever. If I had a heart, it would’ve sunk. Is this really the fate I’m destined for?

The Caster looked at me and grinned as if he had just caught an annoying bug. He brought my bottle out into the central square, placing it on display beside the many spellbooks on the brass shelf. I had no hope of escaping this prison, and I felt nothing but misery and despair well up inside me.

The Caster turned and said to the populace, “Let this be a lesson to you all. Light is a heavily dangerous thing; it has corrupted one of our brilliant minds, and he now serves as an example of how dangerous mortality is. As long as we stay together as one and channel our abilities into a physical form, death will never plague us again. And Zenith gets to watch it all happen as we predicted.”

I had lost the ability to properly form words as long as I was trapped in here. I wanted to tell them all how wrong they were, how they were doomed to become souls of unrest. In the end though, I knew I would have the last laugh. Judging from the decaying looks on everyone’s faces, it was only matter of time before they succumbed to the fate that I once foretold. Without an afterlife, our purpose and life goals become meaningless.

None of my peers would even approach me. I wanted them to stop these foolish acts that were clearly rotting them away. But a closed mind is only bolted from the inside, I suppose. All I wanted was to show people a path that they had been missing all this time; I can’t say I didn’t warn them.

At the very least, in time I can learn to be satisfied that I became a small luminous wisp in a bottle, with my own comforting light to keep me company for the immeasurable amount of time I’ll stay trapped in here.

My people can’t be saved at this point; they've gone mad and I’ll never be able to serve as a light for them. I wonder if someone from the outside world will ever come by. Though, as long as our guardian stands, that won’t be happening any time soon. In the meantime, all I have left to myself is this bottle, my thoughts, and a view of the square falling into disarray.

Perhaps one day, I’ll be allowed to light someone’s way.
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Jon Smitten


Where the spirit and community of Terraria is involved, what better feeling is there than to return to base after a long day of mining dirt and slaying monsters and see all your homies again?
Some funny, some cute, lots of exciting, and a *little* bit screwed up... just like Terraria :redspin:
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Staff member
Wow, here we are, almost at the deadline already.

I had big plans for this, but sadly life got the better of me.
My original idea was a huge collage of different screenshots of Terraria, spanning the entire game, including bosses, builds etc. In essence, an attempt to capture the entirety Terraria. This would have been a huge undertaking, and I haven't made enough progress with it to feel confident enough to share it here.
I couldn't miss out on that exclusive limited edition entry title however, so instead I will submit a screenshot from one of my recent playthroughs, which I feel has an aesthetically pleasing base.

Capture 2016-08-16 18_30_27.png

Thank you for organizing this competition! Good luck to all who've entered.


I have always enjoyed bullet-hell-styled battles in which the enemies use attacks that require good reflexes and memorization to dodge (for example, the Mario and Luigi series), where it is easy to improve your skills the more you fight. I also enjoy when fighting requires more strategy than just blindly spamming attacks. So of course, I just had to mod these kinds of boss fights into Terraria. The following is the most recent boss fight I've programmed, designed to be insanely difficult while still being enjoyable.

You get 3 lives throughout the entire fight for this boss fight. If you die while you still have an extra life remaining, you immediately revive with full health and consume an extra life. There are also 3 phases to this fight.

Phase 1: This part of the fight is a more traditional Terraria-style boss fight, albeit with more devastating but memorize-able and dodge-able attacks. Just dodge the attacks while attacking back. Note: When the screen turns black and a white sphere appears around the boss, you must stay inside the white sphere to dodge the upcoming attack.

Phase 2: In this part of the fight, arms will sprout from the boss, and the main body will become immune to all your attacks. However, you can push the arms by attacking them. The arms will be pushed directly away from the player. To damage the boss, push the arms so that the lasers hit the main body. This will require closely studying the attack patterns in order to determine when the laser gets fired and which arm fires the laser, as well as strategizing your position to push the arm in the correct direction while avoiding the attacks. Ten laser hits are required to win.

Phase 3: This mostly exists to calm you down after an intense fight. Defeat the boss in time, or it will unleash a barrage of ultimate attacks (harder versions of the white sphere attack from the previous phases). Other than that, the only thing it does is release orbs that reduce your damage by 25% by 5 seconds. This effect stacks! The boss takes twice as much damage as normal in this phase in order to help you win.

(PS: Sorry for the bad quality, my computer cannot handle screen-recording very well.)


I'm apparently late to the party, damn you Internet !
Anyway, here is my entry, Hearthstone-Style !
Taunt : Enemies must attack this minion before anything else ;
Charge : Can attack immediately (minions usually wait 1 turn before attacking, not those ones) ;
Divine Shield : Can ignore damage once ;
Windfury : Can attack twice during this turn ;
Battlecry : Does something when summoned from the hand of the player ;
Deathrattle : Does something when any minion with it dies ;
Discover : Choose between 3 options/cards ;
Enrage : When this minion is injured, has additional stats or bonuses ;
Poisonous (X,Y) : Deal X damage during Y turns ;
(*) : Any minion who has their name put before this "keyword" has special abilities, usually too long to explain into one card ;
Hard-removal : Abilities that can destroy (kill) a minion without dealing actual damage ;
Morph : Transforming a minion into another minion.
King Slime (Blue Slime):

The leader of a slimy army. Has trouble being one with himself.

One of the King Slime's Pawns. Good thing they are here to pull him together.

Eye of Cthulhu :

An ancient watcher that came from the skies... But where is the other one ?

Eater of Worlds (And servants) :

A great beast living in the Corruption. Or great beasts ? It's quite difficult to tell...


Being smaller isn't a problem. it even allows for more precise tasks like teeth brushing.

Looks like the Smaller Eaters were not enough... they must have a pretty bad dental condition.

Brain of Cthulhu (Creeper) :

A flying monster ruling over the Crimson. Being the Brain of the Cthulhu family doesn't mean she is their Mother.

So that's how she watches over us all...

Skeletron (& Co) :

Skeletons don't bleed. They drink ketchup. And give bad times.

Curse of the Hands:

The remains of two great creators of a lost universe.

Curse of the Man :

"The lady killer greets you. Do not mind the Blazing Wheels and Spike Balls around here, they won't bother you for too long..."

Curse of the Guardian :

That's why you ALWAYS ask for permission to enter a dungeon !
Queen Bee (Larva) :

She might be a little overprotective when it comes to her son. After all, it was just a flesh wound.

"My Mom always told me to avoid playing with strangers."--Giant Larva, before a game of "Catch the knife".

Wall of Flesh (& Co) :

Someone's got a bad breath. And an overwhelming desire to destroy you.

Hungries. It has to be Hungries.

Not to be confused with a Lich, who has complicated parental relationships.

The Destroyer (Probe) :

I didn't know their dental condition would worsen to the point they even had to replace their soul.

This one were not made by aliens but it is still able to probe you.

The Twins :

So you're saying one more of you is missing ? I will keep an eye out for them.

Skeletron Prime (& Arms) :

"So expensive and yet so weak..."

"...That may have been the worst misjudgement I ever made."
Plantera (& Tentacle) :
Plants like music, especially Plantera. With The Axe, she rocks like a Pantera when she's not busy devouring reckless Terrarians.

No tentacle jokes allowed here. Seriously.

Golem (& Hands) :

You barged into his home, killed his worshippers and awoke him from his sleep. How else could he have reacted ?

Duke Fishron (& Tornado) :

-"It's a fish !"
-"It's a dragon !"
-"No, it's Duke Fishron !"


Must be quite the experience for the Sharknados that come out of it... alive.

Lunatic Cultist (& Co) :

I wonder what he was doing before we killed his men. Maybe he was trying his assassin cosplay ?

It would be a Neverending story to tell you how him and the Cultist met.

It seems to bear a close resemblance to the Cultist's lost friend...

Moon Lord (True Eyes) :

"All your land are belong to me ! Look on my pillars, ye Mighty, and Despair !"

Third eye's the charm, I suppose...
-The Hearthcards Team, because I wouldn't have been able to transform these bosses into Hearthstone card. Here is where you can find them ;
-Blizzard, for creating Hearthstone ;
-The TCF Staff, for maintaining the Forums into a healthy state (and allowing us to express our creativity through the contest :)), and who allowed me to keep this entry on the condition I modified my entry because of artists copyrights ;
-The Re-logic Team, for creating Terraria ;
[email protected], for the King Slime, Brain of Cthulhu, Dungeon Guardian, Twins, Golem, Lunatic Cultist and Moon Lord paintings. Here is where you can find his work ;
-dw628, for the Eye of Cthulhu and Wall of Flesh drawings. Here is where you can find their work ;
[email protected], for The Destroyer's drawing. Here is where you can find their work ;
-Elisey7, for the Skeletron Prime's drawing. Here is where you can find their work ;
-HallowAngel, for Plantera's (Actually not) painting. Here is where you can find their work ;
-manman96's brother, for the Eater of Worlds' drawing. Here is where you can find manman96 (didn't find the brother...)
-Torrie Smiley, for the tornado Painting. Here is his website if you want to check out his other paintings ;
-People I'd like to give proper credits for their work :
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Whyyyyyyy Hello! I have 0 aptitude for art, so i wont even try! Instead, I will slap in my ideas for the game!
The jungle has all the fun! The crimson and corruption have got one as well, but I would LOVE to see 4 new bosses added, An ice, desert, hallowed and sky boss. Just for some ideas, maybe a super huge harpy for the sky, Some sorta fairy like boss who rather than attack the player herself casts debuffs and heals her minions who fight for her, a Pharaoh to go with the vanity, and maybe some kind frost giant, like a boss mode ice golem.

-Balanced game speed.
The game takes SOOOO long to start out with on a new character, especially in prehardmode, but takes off in hardmode. To me, prehardmode was harder than hardmode! Once you hit hardmode, a skilled player can take on (For us mobile players, Duke Fishron) within a couple weeks of hard play (Partially because spectral hood nerfs haven't hit us yet :D)

-Gonna slap it in, I want more than 5 hotbar spots. (Yes, i realize iPads get 8)


Unless youre saving him for terraria 2 ;)

-Mobile players who care about appearance of their character a LOT would love to be able to hide accesories:nursepassionate:

-Finally, if you folks enjoyed this, please add a spear named "Dork Spork" with the item description, "Some kid asked for it" ( i know, waaaaay to much to ask for!)

Thank you SOOO much for reading, great job on the game and forum!


Duke Fishron
Ok, here goes... This was probably the biggest thing I've ever done on my computer that wasn't school-related, and it took me quite some time to finish. It was also my first shot at actual video-editing (my previous vids have been nothing but raw recordings) and I was using Windows Movie Maker, I had terrible sound quality on the clips, and I didn't want to spend money on music, so that's why there is virtually no sound. I hope the video gets the message across, though, because I'm quite proud of this creation. :)

Anyway, here it is...
Yes, I went the exact same direction as I went last year, but I can assure you that this project took WAY more effort than last year's did. Hope you enjoy it.
I hope to push out a video actually explaining all this stuff in detail soon. If I have a chance to do it by tomorrow before the deadline, I'll add it to this post and make it a dual-part entry; otherwise, what I have here is my entry, and that's it.


Skeletron Prime
OMG! I managed to make my entry! Yeah! :)

A year and a half I was doing only different sprites for weapons, armor, and other things. But now not about it. A large amount of music on the forum inspired me to write the music, not anything else. It's never too late to try to write your own track.
"One day on the TCF"

I am very glad that I managed to make this track in one month.
And I hope that this job was done properly.

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The Destroyer
Okay, well, while I won't pretend to be as good as some of the artists on here, I do think I did okay on this one. To clarify, I believe this would still remain Terraria-related due to the fact that both the headless horseman and werewolves are in Terraria, though this is a semi-realism drawing.
Enhanced image.jpg
Just on thing about it: it's hand drawn (I thought that was fairly obvious) but I thought that I should clarify that also.
I've always taken to making builds where i try to make something out of "normal" terraria, and since its a rather large part of the game once you've finished fighting bosses and what not, it seems most appropriate for these competitions, so this one is as far in space as possible (upper left corner, hence the cutoff) and was originally intended to be a space ship, but isn't yet finished.
Capture 2016-10-26 17_38_55.png
This is only part of the full thing as I didn't manage enough time from when I first saw the thread.
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