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    After reviewing all of the fantastic entries that were submitted, it is with cubed delight (delight³) that we get to announce the Winners and Runner-Ups of The TCF Relation of Three Contest!

    The ideas, thoughts, and concepts that went into all of the entries was incredible to see. There were so many additional ‘rules of three’ associations that were brought to the table than we expected, and it was terrific to realize all the efforts that went into each submission. Take a look back at the amazing entries here in The TCF Relation of Three Contest Submission Thread.



    Grand Prize Winner (2 for each category) will receive:
    • For the winners inside the USA, a choice between either a $50 Steam Wallet Code/$50 Playstation Network gift code/$50 Xbox gift code/$50 Nintendo-E Shop Code! (Winners will receive PMs from the Staff asking which among the choices here they'd like)
    • NOTE: The prizes listed above are all in digital form. They will be sent digitally to the account that you choose that can hold the corresponding gift cards.
    • Members outside of the USA will receive the $50 Steam Card. This is because of the policies of Microsoft/Sony/Nintendo that do not allow us to distribute the gift cards to members outside of the USA.
    • A special Contest Winner's trophy and title
      • King Slime: Lord Of All Things Slimy - The master ninja inside of us all is gel-ated just thinking of your wondrous creation. It simply oozed with excellence. (Winner of TCF Relation of Three Contest)
    Runner-Ups (3 for each category) will receive:
    • A special Contest Winner's trophy and title
      • King Slime: Lord Of All Things Slimy - The master ninja inside of us all is gel-ated just thinking of your wondrous creation. It simply oozed with excellence. (Winner of TCF Relation of Three Contest)
    Additionally, ALL participants including the winners/runner-up's will receive:
    • A special Contest Participation trophy and title
      • Slime Collector: On A Gelatin World Tour - Your imaginative entry has collected notice from all. Thanks three times over for your submission. (Participated in TCF Relation of Three Contest)


    In-Game Creations

    [​IMG] Grand Prize Winner: CheesyPaninie
    @CheesyPaninie showed us the houses of the first three NPCs that normally join you in your Terraria adventure. With the Merchant’s medieval shop, the modern library for the Guide, and a futuristic hospital for the Nurse, we were blown away by all the details, refinement, and sophistication of these builds. A must see.

    [​IMG] Grand Prize Winner: Parsnip
    Showing off three of the major biomes, @Parsnip weaved together a landscape that went from crystal sparkles, to natural beauty, to dark and ominous. Each of the three biomes were highlighted with incredible detail and creativity. Looking through the zoomed in version, you can spot something new each time.

    Runner-Up: shobiwan77
    The amount of relation of threes in this wonderful entry, and the technique shown really stood out. The formation of three mech bosses made into a triangle, each of them created into a number three while still being able to distinguish the separate entities garnered high marks and earned @shobiwan77 one of the runner-up spots for In-Game Creations.

    Runner-Up: Wilson
    A massive undertaking, @Wilson illustrated in block form, the contributions of the three major updates that Terraria has received. The 1.1 addition of the Hallow, the 1.2 update offering the players an alternate world evil of Crimson, and the 1.3 update bringing the Lunar Events are all depicted here in a huge, yet concise entry.

    Runner-Up: PieOfCthulhu
    A seemingly simple idea was brought to brilliant execution with @PieOfCthulhu's In-Game Creation that showed off the three aspects of Terraria. With enormous representations of Dig, Fight, Build, and with each flanked by bordered weapon racks containing in-game items, this straightforward and imaginative entry resonated with all Terrarians.



    [​IMG] Grand Prize Winner: Daimera
    Noticing that the Moon Lord’s color scheme greatly matches Vortex, @Daimera created an astounding rendition of the Moon Lord as interpreted in the other three pillar themes: a Solar Moon Lord, a Stardust Moon Lord, and a Nebula Moon Lord. Beyond the incredible craftsmanship of the piece, the idea of three other themes of the Moon Lord is quite original.

    [​IMG] Grand Prize Winner: ppowersteef
    @ppowersteef's superb submission presenting in full detail the three aspects of Dig, Fight, Build illustrates players spelunking and digging into the underground terrain, fighting off maniacal bosses using three types of class warfare, and enjoying the building aspects of the game creating beautiful creations. There are a ton of delightful elements in this art piece.

    Runner-Up: Dragonith
    Delving into the contest, @Dragonith presented a most unique relation of three, that of the ‘monster girls’ of Terraria: the Harpies, Lamia, and Nymph. The entry is showered with fierce and blood-lusting depictions of the female monsters. What an original and fanciful way to bring those three enemies together.

    Runner-Up: MarshMallow
    With each glance a new relation of three could be seen in @MarshMallow's captivating and fresh art style. The three invasions of Goblins, Pirates, and Martians intermingling seamlessly with the three main platforms and three major updates is just a start as you get lost in this enchanting creation.

    Runner-Up: RileyTNT
    With a delightful and appealing rendition of a melee, ranged, and magic character taking on the three mech bosses all at once, @RileyTNT has created a sensational atmosphere here. And we didn’t miss the cobalt, mythril, and adamantite armors the characters are wearing, another nod to the relation of three in this wonderful drawing.


    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Other Creative Expressions

    [​IMG] Grand Prize Winner: Darthkitten
    What could be better than reading a visual novel about the three original Terraria bosses - Eye of Cthulhu, Eater of Worlds, and Skeletron? Why, dating them of course! In @Darthkitten's completely unique entry the two are combined and the results are extraordinary! By far the most creative of entries, this whimsical presentation was pure fun.

    [​IMG] Grand Prize Winner: ComixTheNoob
    Engaging, enjoyable, and entertaining. @ComixTheNoob's short video showed off the colors of the three main biomes, the three consoles getting the 1.3 update, the three classes dressed in biome gear, the three mech bosses, and the three platforms Terraria can be played on, all presented in a lively and energetic package.

    Runner-Up: WilliamD
    Daybloom, sunflower, water leaf
    Wash away you pain, strife, and grief
    Moonglow, fireblossom, shiverthorn
    Brighten up the way as you move forward while shielding from the world's scorn

    Remember the time we traveled across this reality
    It felt so real despite it really being a fantasy
    Pitted against Corruption, Crimson, Hallow, Corruption, Crimson, Hallow
    With you by my side, I never felt hollow
    As we fought hand in hand
    We transversed across this strange land

    But then it happened so fast
    Even though we fought against goblins, pirates, martians from first to last
    Something struck you from behind
    You dropped to the floor as my world began to unwind
    It seemed to have chortled before it left us be
    As I held you close to me

    Beautiful leaves and flower petals scatter in the wind as if to say goodbye
    Seemingly synchronizing with your very last sigh
    Wet and steaming droplets slid down my face
    All the while you began to erase
    The color started to drain
    My efforts to save you were all in vain
    As I listen to your still pulsation
    I vow to take retribution
    The touch of your skin still feels as if you were there
    Even if you already with the air
    Gleaming lights float alongside your essence
    And gently become one with the clouds of brilliance

    Now it's been three long years since you left this world
    My perception of hope has been whirled and twirled
    Three long years and now I feel like I need something that I lack
    Even as I wait I know you won't come back
    So instead i'll do my part
    And finish it all for you with my heart

    Without your by my side, nothing went well
    How long must I endure this, only time will tell
    Every day and every night I was always thinking about you
    I know you knew if I haven't had a clue
    Even through this endless suffering
    For you, I will always keep pushing

    Reminds us of the scarcity and eternity of time that we fail to heed
    Blinkroot, cactus, thorn
    Represent the quickness of life no matter what's sworn

    I kept moving on
    Just keep moving on, keep moving on
    Restore this broken fulfillment
    I know you are watching over me despite being absent
    No matter how alone I feel at the moment
    With your blessing, I can face my opponent

    Fight after fight, I grew stronger
    Until the point I couldn't advance any longer
    Now it's all going to begin soon
    The final battle against the very moon
    Crystallized skies turn an ugly dark
    As a bright light appeared in a vehement spark
    A horrid three-eyed monstrosity came out the blue
    The time for the fight is now due

    Look now
    I'm finally here now, finally here now
    After using the trinket and feeling that something was amiss
    I'm finally matched against the lunar one who started all of this
    I begin to try to breathe
    As I pulls out your sword from its sheathe
    Here I go I yell
    To face against this empty shell

    Wind blows peacefully and fluently
    Before the calm is no longer something you can see
    As I fought against the true cause of your loss
    The one responsible for this chaos
    I remember the three years we've been together, we've been together, we've been together
    Fighting against our enemies forever
    Even if you aren't here, I can still feel your graceful presence
    Giving me a feeling of reminiscence

    Blow after blow I delivered from my sword of lux
    Until I saw its exposed crux
    I gripped my gleaming and holy sword
    With one mighty scream and you pushing me forward
    The core shattered and green and gray substance scattered
    However that wasn't what mattered
    I finally avenged you, my love
    I have pierced the darkness and went above
    May our souls intertwine when I at last die
    And may we be one with the serene sky
    A beautiful and moving chronicle of continuing on after losing a loved one. @WilliamD artfully weaved together Terraria notes using references of in-game items, and of gaining retribution against the enemy at fault for the loss. All the while the lyrics were peppered with references of three bringing everything together.

    Runner-Up: Star_Destroyer9
    @Star_Destroyer9 created an original piece of music for the contest covering the Overworld, Underground, and Hell areas, and wow is it outstanding! Cheerful and also foreboding, all in the right spots. Giving it a listen you can tell which distinct area is being highlighted during the song.

    Runner-Up: Artie
    The four of them sat in the living room. Little Tibia played with her blocks, George was reading a new fantasy novel, Lillie and Gerald sat in their favorite rocking chairs.
    "Dad, I just realized you've never told us how you and mom met" George's voice pierced the comfortable silence.
    "Really?" Gerard glanced at his son quizzically.
    "I'm sure we've told you at some point. Still, I guess there's no harm in repeating the story" He looked at Lillie lovingly.
    "It all begun..." but before he could say anymore his expression changed suddenly, and he slumped back in his chair.
    "Dad!" the children screamed.
    "It's okay" said Lillie slowly
    "It looks like he's just lost in his memo-"
    "Sure, it's 1-833-21-" the woman suddenly started vomiting blood all over her pretty jacket.
    "Oh, :red:" Gerard swore, and quickly pulled out his phone to call an ambulance. He was soon sitting in a doctor's office in the hospital.

    "I'm sorry sir, I'm afraid there's nothing we can do." the doctor said.
    "The vomiting and the subsequent coma seem to have been inflicted by a rare disease called deasiesius raris; unless a miracle happens, she'll be dead in a week.

    "Is there no cure to this illness?"

    "Unfortunately, there have only been a few documented cases of it, and no cure discovered. Though on a second thought, I remember one potion rumoured to have worked in one patient's case."

    "How would one go about brewing that potion?"

    "I could brew it myself, but the ingredients required include vile mushrooms, pixie dust and vertebrae; they are exceedingly rare and only obtainable in the three dangerous biomes. The expeditions to these parts have been canceled ever since a large group of tourists was massacred on one such trip. I'm sorry. Now please, follow me; we'd like to have you examined. You carried the lady to the ambulance, and any contact with the ill might have terrible effects.

    But Gerard ignored him; without another word, he turned around and run out of the building.


    A plane soon landed in Saint Francis, a small town right on the border with the inhospitable land of Corruption. Gerard came here prepared - he was dressed in camouflage clothing, and had a .700 Nitro Express rifle folded safely inside his military backpack. There was no time to spare; he moved out the very next day. Ever since the tourist massacre it was impossible to find a guide, so Gerard was on his own.

    The first few miles were surprisingly safe and easy to get through, yet they quickly got more dangerous. He had to hack the spiky, rotting vines hanging from the trees with his machete to find an opening, but even then they tore through his clothes. The real danger, though, came from the giant flying beasts known as corruptors. Gerard was glad he'd taken that large caliber rifle with him.

    Suddenly, he spotted the vile mushrooms growing under a big tree near a poisoned water spring. The air here was especially sickly; the mushrooms emitted an odor that made Gerrard want to vomit. He snatched a few. He was just putting them in his backpack when he heard a creature roar behind him – he turned around, and saw two of the corruptors.

    ":red:" he swore yet again.


    The next stop was the Hallow. Gerard sat uneasily in the plane, looking at his injured arm bandaged hastily the night before. He barely managed to fight off these creatures, and the next two biomes were said to be even more dangerous.

    Once again, he marched off into the wilderness, alone. Hollow seemed a lot more bright and cheerful, yet he knew it was just an illusion. He heard tales of people getting torn to shreds after disregarding a 'cute' unicorn.

    Hours passed, yet he still could not find any pixies. Then, he suddenly saw the very woman he was trying to save sitting on a giant rock in the middle of the fairy-tale like forest.

    "Huh?" He exclaimed, surprised. "What are you doing here? Has someone else brought you the ingredients needed for your antidote?"

    Then he noticed something strange; there seemed to be wings sprouting out of her back. He took out his machete, hacked her head right off and went to collect the pixie dust she dissolved into.


    Crimson; the most dangerous of the three. What's worse, the ingredient needed from this biome was vertebrae from a face monster; a giant cyclop feeding on the corpses of the unwary and unprepared. The excess pixie dust sold for a high price; this time Gerard came equipped with a high-grade tactical shotgun.The sky here was permanently red. He had to hide from the Crawlers roaming the land during the day, but at night even scarier monsters woke.

    He spent three days without seeing a single face monster. Each day he ventured out a bit further into this inhospitable land; after all, each day the girl was closer to dying. Finally, on the fourth day, he found his pray. The giant was drinking water from a little spring – the perfect moment to strike. He got closer, took out his shotgun, aimed-

    and felt a searing pain in his chest. The monster was quicker than Gerard had expected. He fired shot after shot and even killed his enemy, but to no avail; the poison from the creature's fangs soon made him faint.


    When he opened his eyes again he was lying in a hospital bed back in his hometown. The doors opened and he saw the doctor enter.

    "Who brought me here? I thought I would die back there!" Gerard shouted. But another person entered the room, and somehow muted out the answer. She came closer, and said: "As I was saying, my phone number is 1-833-215-9623”.
    We set out on an adventure as Gerard, the main character in @Artie's short story, goes hunting for vile mushrooms, pixie dust and vertebrae - the three ingredients for the only known cure to save his future wife. Taking on the Corruption, Hallow, and Crimson, we rooted for Gerard as he fought terrible beasts all to save his love.


    We want to thank everyone who entered the TCF Relation of Three Contest, as your entries brought the game that we all love to the forefront. Gave all of us a chance to smile and enjoy your wonderful renditions and interpretations of Terraria as we poured over your builds, art, and other creations. There were so many fabulous submissions and we hope that everyone had a fun time with this contest to celebrate the oh-so-many wonderful 'threes' of Terraria. :) :merchantsmile: :nursewink:
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    All very well deserved! Good job to everyone!
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    Please be patient and give us time to get the special titles handed out to everyone, and give us time to contact the grand prize winners via private message to get their prize to them. Thanks everyone for a great contest!
  4. PieOfCthulhu

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    I was in complete awe of both the grand prize winners and the runner-ups for in-game creations. And then I saw my name among them and went completely crazy with excitement.

    Some fantastic entries this year, including the ones that didn't make it in. My personal favourite would have to be @ComixTheNoob's entry. I remember seeing it in the submission thread and thinking "that needs to win".
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    Certainly a fast delivery! I congratulate all of the winners. Well done!
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    Congratulations to the winners!
  8. TriforceShard

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    That was quick! I'm glad I was able to enter, and be a part of this community. Everyone did a great job, and the winners certainly deserve the win! I cant wait to see what this next year brings! (I should probably learn how to draw before entering the contest next year, though...)
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  9. Joost8910

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    I never got around to doing my entry, unfortunately. It was going to be about the three platforms, the mobile player drowning in all his exclusives, the PC player showing off some loot from the Lunar Event and the Old One's Army, and the console player frantically trying to chase his soon-to-be gone console exclusives.
  10. ReusableLime20

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    Congrats winners! Watch out I'm going to steal your souls and money. I'll have to practice more for next time.
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    The console player sounds hilarious.
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    Congratulations to the winners, you put a lot of time and effort into your creations and I and many others were in awe to witness your personal creative imaginations given form.
  13. ppowersteef

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    I was really exited to see the results, I've seen some great entries out there that I would have loved to have nominated at least.
    It's amazing to see that I managed it myself too. Thank you all!

    And congratulations to all the winners and runner-ups! :D
  14. ComixTheNoob

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    The winners were announced quick. Congrats to everyone that won and the runner-ups! And GG to everyone that entered.
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  15. With @Daimera's submission, wouldn't the 'Solar Moon Lord' be the 'Sun Lord'? :p

    That said, PRAISE IT! [​IMG]
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    Congrats on the winners! They did wonderfully!
    I'm glad I entered my first TCF contest, I was surprised with myself, but these people deserve what they got! :D
    I am very encouraged to use the new blocks and features 1.3 has to offer! :joy:
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    I am very glad to have been able to help organize and judge for this Contest. It was a pleasure to view everyone's entries and to see how creative our Community can be with their creations.

    Thank you to everyone who participated!
  18. LavaGamer

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    I was working on a grand-scale entry, but due to the fact that I was a mobile user the lack of some sort of "creative mode"(TEdit), I couldn't get motivated enough to finish it :(
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    Congratulations to all the grand winners/runner-ups of this contest !
    I enjoyed trying something that I was not good at, (that is, drawing).
    Next time I think I'll just stick to making Hearthstone cards.
    That's it, got nothing more to say...
    Alright, fine, I feel sad not having won the contest this year.
  20. Daimera

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    Well, I suppose that's one way to have one's spirits lifted after being crushed by working retail on Black Friday, hahahaha. I'm still technically on hiatus from the forums, but a notice tunneled its way to me in my hole on Tumblr that this happened, so I figured I'd drop by to say a big congratulations to the other winners, and the runners-up!

    Also, I'm actually pretty surprised I placed. No, really, I am; since 'talent' was explicitly stated to not be the intended crux of the judging, I felt that the win could swing in any direction. I banked more on the originality of a core idea that just happened to involve three components, rather than an emphasis on creatively driving home the raw theme of threes in a broader and more inclusive sense, which I was pretty sure would be my entry's downfall compared to other entries... Not that I'm complaining! Thank you so much!