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PC The Terra Games

Should I make a trailer for the Terra Games?

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Elemental Δ

The Destroyer
Hello, fellow Terrarians! I had an idea for a Hunger Games-like event to happen annually, I hope. The basic concept is simple: 12 players with brand new Hardcore characters are thrown in to a fresh normal mode large world to fight to the death. Last one standing is the victor, and may claim a rare, hard to get, or late to endgame item of their choice to take to whatever world or character they want. However, people on the Forums who aren't part of the world can choose a player to 'sponsor,' and can provide helpful items based on that player's progression. For instance, a player that hasn't done much could get up to standard healing potions, while a stronger player might get super healing potions. Sponsor gifts would be on a cooldown, so as to prevent players from loading up on health items or buff potions and becoming practically unstoppable.

Any and all suggestions are welcome!
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