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tModLoader The Thorium Mod

Discussion in 'Released' started by DivermanSam, Feb 21, 2016.

  1. Drarky

    Drarky Terrarian

    Did you update the Mod from the Browser in Terraria? If the answer is yes, then that's probably the reason.
    Sometimes the download itself goes wrong, and the game's data becomes crazy. Delete the mod and re-download it, preferably the manual version.

    It has happened to me a lot of times, but it's not really that much of an echoe.
  2. AaroSA

    AaroSA Cultist

    How rare is thorium ore? I've played for a couple of hours and found none.
  3. General Milky

    General Milky Terrarian

    It's very common deep down. You won't find hardly until you get to the lower regions of the underground before water starts becoming lava.

    And even then, once you beat Eye of Cthulhu, it'll start dropping globally from enemies. It's hard NOT to have a surplus of the stuff unless you rush.
  4. Alucard-sama

    Alucard-sama Terrarian

    can we have a list of changes of what have been added/fixed/overhauled on the latest patches, since you don't update the main page plz?

    thx for the hard work man.
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  5. DivermanSam

    DivermanSam Golem

    You can check the "Changes and New Content" section on the front page now, I've updated it. I think I got most of the important aspects for the patch.
  6. Shirako

    Shirako Terrarian

    When playing in multiplayer (expert mode) some of the mod monsters dissapear.. any way to fix this?
  7. Celris

    Celris Plantera

    I answered this question in the 168th page.
    There are MANY bugs in multiplayer, so don t play it until they're fixed.
    When? I dont know.
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  8. General Milky

    General Milky Terrarian

    One thing I like, but simultaniously hate, is the VARIETY in this mod.

    I'm playing through this world sooooo slowly. Trying to collect everything and really take my time, and yet I STILL can't use everything and give them a good run because there's just so much stuff all over. Flesh set is almost completely useless to me right now, but I couldn't help it, I just used Valadium for a while and before I knew it it's almost time to upgrade to hallowed tier. Maybe I'll just sit around and soul farm for no reason using all these sets I passed up.

    Certainly a lot of toys in this toybox. Too many!
  9. SilverBird

    SilverBird Skeletron Prime

    it'd be nice if the moon charm was crafted with carnivore tails, an emblem, and/or souls of night (moon charm is such an annoying item to find, ive farmed at least 3 full moons in this run and got none)

    I like that there are bosses for early hardmode and post-mech/pre-plantera, but I think that some of the regular weapon drops from the litch (wither staff) are a too weak to call it a "post-mech boss"

    im currently on an expert mode magic run: im using demon blood armor(because i haven't made any good armor in a long time) the hallow spawned in the jungle so getting harbinger is gonna take a while. Ive defeated the golem and am mostly using the spectre/demon blood weapons and inferno fork. So far magic has been interesting and very different from regular terraria (its weird to not be using spectre for spam heals).
  10. Celris

    Celris Plantera

    The summoning item isn't even made of materials acquired from post-mech bosses.
    But again, the Lich revamp is coming up next update, so we'll see if its better.
  11. ModBru

    ModBru Terrarian

    If your Modifications aren't working, simply find a USB drive and move all of your Terraria folders. This only works in windows, though.
  12. tankedup13

    tankedup13 Golem

    so you are doing a magic playthrough eh? then use the titanium staff, is unbelievably powerful, to the point where i was using it up to the nebula pillar, and this was on expert mode.
  13. Mini Albert

    Mini Albert Eye of Cthulhu

    Alright, how does the Ocean set work? And what is "non-lethal damage"
  14. Celris

    Celris Plantera

    I think "lethal damage" is damage enough to kill you (or more than enough.)
    Never made the Ocean set.
  15. Mini Albert

    Mini Albert Eye of Cthulhu

    Oh. Do you happen to know a boss that damages over 16k health for each hit?
  16. Celris

    Celris Plantera

    So...a black recluse just happened to drop a Frozen Key while I was farming souls of night.
    thanks rng but this is a melee run
    Did I mention I didn't beat any mech boss yet?
  17. Tamamo

    Tamamo Terrarian

    So I noticed when reading through current content that there no sections for corruption, crimson, or hollow?
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  19. Chime

    Chime Skeletron Prime

    I don't think any new mobs were added but there are some new weapons added that involved them. Namely some staffs and bows.
  20. DivermanSam

    DivermanSam Golem

    There are some enemies in there, I just haven't bothered to make a picture for them yet.