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tModLoader The Thorium Mod

I gotta say, I just detest mudmen. The jungle is challenging enough as it is without dealing with that mud. I'd rather they just poofed... there's some redundant content in the mod, but they're the only thing I can think of that could just plain go.


Duke Fishron
Dude the rason why the druid spawns isn't because of that bag anymore. It was removed. Thorium players now know a miniboss is what triggers Druid these days.
Oh wait I said that wrong. The mudmen drop the bag WHICH is used to craft the magic seed bags once you buy zed seeds from the Druid. Does that make sense now?


The Destroyer
@General Milky, please don't mock other members by making fun of their misspellings. There's no reason to do that besides being mean spirited and petty, neither of which align with the forum's rules and culture of mutual respect.
Ermm, unless I'm missing something, it looks like he was making fun of his own spelling.

Edit: So apparently he was making fun of his spelling. Still seems unwarrented and harsh, as it was harmless
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Anyways, yes, you kill Corpse Bloom to spawn the Druid, and the Durid sells the Magical Jungle and Mushroom Bags once Wall of Flesh has been killed. The mudmen are completely unnecessary. I'd like to just see them go away, or at least lose the Annoying Mud.


Skeletron Prime
>Someone makes fun of their own spelling
>Mod- How dare you do that to yourself!!!!???
>Me - I 100% recommend you to take cases. (not)
>mod - probably gonna go after me
>Me- rip

Anyways apologies for the offtopic post. Question tho. HOW DO ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO BEAT THE DEPTHS BOSS!
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