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tModLoader The Thorium Mod


The mod does have its own gauntlet and stones but as they dont seem to be fully implemented you need a mod like cheat sheet to access it


Anyone else having issues with getting the Bard Emblem to drop? I'm at 20 kills now, and not sure if there is something wrong, or if RNG just hates me.

Edit: Well over 20 kills, but finally got it. RNG just hated me, lol
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So apparently corrupt slimes duplicate infinitely right now because they split into 3 more corrupt slimes instead of slimelings.
Doesn't sound like a Thorium issue, lol. What's your mod list bud? :lslime:

Edit: Sike, seems you took it to Discord. Yeah, very strange bug going on there...

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Any way to get rid of the annoying mud? It's really lame and well.. annoying.
It was made to annoy you and... You can just put it into the trash slot where it belongs to unless you use it as another inventory slot like me.
Then just switch the items places and put it into the trash again
[doublepost=1560104893,1560104409][/doublepost]Also the gauntlet is proably gonna be obtainable if it has crafting recipe.`;)
Through it got it's own article only 1 day ago, surprised nobody made it for such a long time.



The Grand Thunderbird despawned on me - it had 11 health left, and I wasn't jumping so it was still desert. Is this a glitch or am I not seeing something obvious?

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Help me It's stuck on my conputer please help I can't disable it it tmodloader I can't get it of via the files PLEASE HELP
Well, this is kinda off-topic but here's how to disable mods on tModLoader:
1. Press "Disable" button on mod that you want to disable
2. Press "Reload Mods"
3. Wait for mods reloading
4. PROFIT!!!



Hey, I know this is probably already asked, but I didn't really want to dig through 500+ pages of comments to see if this has been answered, but has there ever been any plans to make an alternate Hallow with this mod? I know it would probably be a lot to work on, I'm simply curious. It's already so well made and fits in so well with base Terraria that I think it'd work out nicely.

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ok so im pretty new to this whole modding stuff but what the heck am i doing wrong in here?
To install a mod, you need a tModBrowser.
Put the mod in the folder "My documents > My games > Terraria > ModLoader > Mods".
Then open terraria and everything should be ok.
You also can install the mods from Mod Browser.
Hey thorium I thought of an idea for an update work together with calamity to expand on the bard class and thrower class and maybe the healer class. Make it to where the user will have to install calamity if he/she wants post raknarok bard/healer/thrower weapons
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