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me too..I've been looking forward to 1.4 for longlonglonglonglong time
Although I've never played Thorium..
You really should (You could switch to tmod 1.3 if you don't want to wait), it's a really good mod. I haven't reached hardmode yet because my run is waiting for the port, but so far it's been a ton of fun playing.


I'm quite new to modding so please have patience. Im struggling to find the version of tModLoader that Thorium works on, can anybody explain this or if not, does anybody have a link to the tmodloader download?


Hey everyone, I know I haven't been frequenting the forums for a long time now, but just wanted to let everyone know is out! Find new donator items, tweaks, music, and bug fixes within! We're continuing to work on our 1.4 port, so stay tuned!

Changelog - Official Thorium Mod Wiki
I really like the Thorium module and really wonder when this will work for version 1.4。(Sorry, my English isn‘t very good,but i am still waiting for your updates ,on the other side of the earth )
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