The tower!


The Destroyer
Floor 5893 contains a bustling replica of the same SugarCube Corner from Equestria, with Ponies, humans, and other creatures gathering up at the reception counter to buy some sweets, seeming as a checkpoint/break area in the Tower.


Eater of Worlds
Floor 5894 is a small bunker where Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, Joseph Stalin, Vladimir Lenin, Che Guevara, and Mao Zedong are all taking part in a game show hosted by the members of Monty Python.


Skeletron Prime
Floor 5895 is full of amnestic injections and sleeping pills so you can either live with the thought of the last floor or wake up clueless again.


Eater of Worlds
Floor 5896 contains a perfect replica of the USS Kitty Hawk, with it being in the exact condition the last person to enter the room wants it in. Such as complete with a crew and aircraft, or sitting as a museum ship.
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