Single Thread RP The Ultimate FNaF Theme Park

What direction should we take this RP?

  • Make it more serious, it's too lighthearted as it is.

  • Make it more dramatic, it's unexciting to spectate or even RP in.

  • Make is more comical, I get depressed when spectating or RP-ing in this thread.

  • Make it scarier, this doesn't give off enough FNaF vibes.

  • Make it less scary, I get terrified when spectating or RP-ing in this thread.

  • Make it less dramatic, everyone in the thread is a huge drama queen.

  • Give it more action, everyone seems to be lazing around in the RP all the time.

  • I want less action, the characters can never seem to catch a break.

  • I want more romance, I love my FNaF ships.

  • Less mushy romance, it grosses me out.

  • It's just fine as it is.

  • Other (for whatever reason the other options aren't what direction you feel this RP should go).

Results are only viewable after voting.


Torch God
"Me too, but mostly so I can yell at him for not taking care of you 100%."
The Mechanic pulls his phone from his pocket, and begins to dial a number, not the one likely on the paper tho.


Eater of Worlds
<<Do you think I'm a portable- never mind, just I know I don't have that equipment with me, I'll have to call someone else to test it. But what death machine did you find the blood in anyway?>>


Torch God
"A relatively new one. I believe that they're called Zephyr. And they are supposed to double as a completely safe suit, but the blood is definitely a problem if It didnt originate from an outside source."
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